Defoe: COYI it’s time to forgive

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It’s not normal to hate somebody for ten years or more,  particularly when we don’t know the person concerned and who may not have been sufficiently mature to take charge of his own actions.

Who hasn’t made a massive error of judgement at 22 years old on a career which is just starting?  Jermain Defoe’s decision to slap in a transfer request so soon after relegation all those years ago was utterly awful and he admits it.

Thankfully Jermain  is at the centre of all the right headlines again after returning to the England fold and walking onto the pitch with the tiny fatally ill youngster and the lad he describes as his best mate – five year old Bradley Lowery.

As the strength of his possible return to West Ham grows by the day it’s worth revisiting his words of 2013 where he explains what happened back then

He said: “It was a massive mistake. I didn’t really want to do it.

“We’re talking about leaving the club I was in love with at the time because I came through the youth system with my friends, the fans loved me there. They were brilliant – every game they sang my name.

“The person who represented me at the time said, ‘You need to hand in a transfer request and get in early because all the lads are going to leave.’

“To this day I can imagine West Ham fans look at me and think, “Who does he think he is? How can you do that? You’re a Judas”. And it’s quite sad really because I can honestly say I still love that club.’

The new Defoe 12 years on – the razor sharp striking ability as he scored on his international return and the emotional bond with young Bradley shows this man as a class individual.

Let’s forgive and perhaps show the same sort of attitude as he is showing to that stricken youngster.




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11 comments on “Defoe: COYI it’s time to forgive

  1. He had the razor sharp striking ability even back then, he never failed to make the keeper work something we have been missing a long time now.

  2. Never really took much time deliberating over the manner of his exit and was good to see a West Ham youngster do well.
    Seems to be awful lot of talk about him now wanting to come back though, funny how its only really when we’re the best option on the table for him, didn’t hear it so much back when he was in his prime and at Tottenham (twice)…
    Would definitely take him back for a season but don’t think he’s the answer to our problems

  3. You know what, young Bradley puts it all in perspective doesn’t he? The young lad will die soon, and I’m sure he knows it, his brave parents certainly do, but look at his happy smiling face, look at him behaving just like the football loving kid that he really is. Look at the dignity his parents show at the England match and look at Bradley’s “best friend forever” Jermaine Defoe, holding back his emotion when talking about him after the match. A guy we have abused for nigh on 12 years because he dared to have ambition. Paul Ince was on TV after the match saying how touched he was by Joe Hart and Defoe and of course Bradley. Paul Ince our original hate figure. Look at those who have nothing better to do than turn up on a blog all day and name call and abusing our owners for not spending the money they think they should spend and insulting and abusing Baroness Brady for daring to be a successful woman, and a Tory woman at that, and for doing her best for our club. And finally look at me defending them and sinking to their level as if any rational or reason that I state will make a blind bit of difference to their hateful rhetoric.

    The more I read the blogs the sadder I become, why can’t people debate, or argue, their point of view without lies, name calling and hatred directed towards our club? Hugh and Iain Dale should make a new statement of respect towards our owners and board. That’s not to say do not criticise them just to do it respectfully or they are banned without notice. I won’t hold my breath as traffic would decrease by 50%. I shall take a break however so hate all you like.

    • Brilliantly said mate.

      Bradley and his parents all trying to get everything out of their limited remaining time together really does sum it up perfectly. Certainly puts our football based outrage in to context

    • Very moved by that John – thanks a million. I am using it as a website piece. Perhaps you can let me know if I can use you full name.

      I’ll speak with Iain as we have always by and large supported the board unless it is an issue like telephone line costs which we petitioned against because football costs enough as things stand.

      • Nice one John old son.

        I am p#ssed off of reading the constant dogs abuse heaped on our club and team by a minority..Their reasoning being that if they say nothing on blogs the club dont know.

        Bullsh#t i say… it is the same old drivel flowing from their gobs every day.It isnt a case of putting a point across it is quite simply grumps being grumps…

  4. John, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Great post. I too am regularly disappointed by the actions of supposedly grown, mature men who just can’t help themselves but add negativity into any situation. Pathetic. If they could hold themselves with the same dignity and maturity as Defoe, or even Bradley for that matter, our club would be a much nicer place to be around. As it is, I, like you, won’t hold my breath. It’s football FFS and these idiots need to get a grip or jog on.

  5. Whats to forgive unless you are some dinosaur living in the past with the IQ of a stick insect.

  6. I was very disappointed with him years ago, it’s not like we had the same option to transfer to another club but I’ve always looked at it as a mistake of youth and would be happy to see him back to make amends, he’s no Paul Ince after all, never was I’m his league except as a player

  7. John that was a powerful piece With you all the way

  8. I was gutted and p*ssed of when Defoe left,i admit i thought he was a little shyte but it lasted a matter of weeks once the new season started.He had gone end of story.
    I cant be bothered with this ex player hating for whatever reason they left.
    Look at Frank Jr it just spurred him on to hurt us for Chelski and he did nearly every bloody time 😁
    So some fans wouldnt take him back because he is a Judas,ok then lets have another Zaza instead 😂

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