Desperate Chelsea Make Hammers Offer

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Chelsea are looking to transfer Trevor Chalobah to West Ham United to generate funds for acquiring Nottingham Forest’s Brazilian centre-back, Murillo.

Murillo, who joined Nottingham Forest from Corinthians last summer, has caught Chelsea’s attention with his standout performances in his debut season in England. Chelsea’s interest in Murillo, valued at £70 million, has led them to offer Chalobah to Forest as part of a swap deal.

However, reports indicate that Forest have declined the swap deal, showing no interest in such an arrangement. Consequently, Chelsea are attempting to sell Chalobah to West Ham, who are in the market for one or two central defenders.

Chalobah, versatile in playing both centre-back and right-back, is up for sale. The sale of Chalobah, an academy product, would be beneficial for Chelsea concerning the Premier League’s profitability and sustainability regulations, as proceeds from academy players are considered pure profit. The accounting deadline for these transactions is Sunday.

West Ham would appear to have little or no interest in Chalobah with Max Kilman still firmly on the radar.

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  • Joseph says:

    Not interested? strange considering we do need a couple of CB’s but if we are pricing Aguered out of the market is that the strategy to keep him for at least another year?

    And on another note about our budget if it is as small as rumoured after 3 seasons in Europe the sale of Rice etc i would like to know how other clubs say Spurs for instance could outbid us on players as they must be in a worse financial state with new stadium no European football until this season so how exactly is this working? Newcastle one season in champs league but in trouble yet seemingly not worried Citeh under investigation STILL along with Chelski so how come we are supposedly skint and touting Kudus about on the sly.

    • John Ayris says:

      Clubs can find money to spend isn’t their problem. Their problem is balancing the books so as not to incur FFP penalties.

      There are FFP tables that list the clubs 1 to 20 in how they stand with regards to FFP.

      Just look at a table to see what FFP situation a club is in.

  • Matt says:

    He is better than any CB we currently have. Made Chelsea look more solid at the back end of last season. He is homegrown which we need. Can play RB which we need cover for and IMO is better than Kilman, although Max is a left footed CB and Trevor is right footed.

    If anyone is desperate I’d say it’s us not Chelsea!

  • Pongo says:

    All this ffp lark is just bull**** according to finance experts we are in the top top bracket of earners in the Premier league, we have a, strict wages policy yet all we here is this unbelievable bull**** about how much money we have available for transfer funds. I will tell you why because sullivan has only one ambition and that is to cream off as much money as he can from the club. If you don’t believe this tell me why we have only signed a, kid with potential in an absolutely vital transfer window whereby we are supposedly getting all our business done early. Haha don’t make me laugh if any club wants a player like say man city they just go and get them, whereas we spout names about who we are interested in but somehow never sign. And ps re ffp I’m hearing there is going to be a huge cover up by the top brass to make sure man city get away with it even though they are 100% guilty.

    • Dave says:

      Things won’t move much, it’s all paper talk etc.
      Players are either playing in competitions or on holiday, nothing much moves for another month.
      Let’s not forget all the gems we have coming through the academy….

    • NorfolkHammer says:

      thats funny 😁 cos Chelsea have offered him to Forest in a swap deal

  • J-Lo says:

    Hola amigos

  • Ian says:

    Which reports?

  • Ray T says:


  • Ray T says:

    Good just what we need

  • Hammeroo says:

    What’s Chalobah’s value according to Chelsea? And what’s the latest price set by Wolves for Kilman?

    • Hammeroo says:

      I found Chelsea’s asking price on It’s £25mill, although it was suggested we (Sullivan) could possibly get him cheaper if Chelsea are now desperate to sell to further their own chance of possible signings.

  • Tinotenda says:

    Thats really bullsh*t you can’t sell chalobah to buy murillo

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