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Desperate Wolves Price £40M Kilman Too High

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Claret & Hugh were exclusively told last month by West Ham’s top source that two central defenders were the club’s transfer priority this summer.

This has proven to be correct, with the Hammers’ first bid of the transfer window being for recently capped Brazilian centre-back Fabrício Bruno. Whilst there has been some impasse regarding the player’s personal terms, it is believed that the club remains interested in the Flamengo CB.

The second defender is understood to be Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Max Kilman, who thrived under new boss Julen Lopetegui at Wolves. However, it is understood that the Midlands club is willing to sell Kilman but are demanding £40 million for the player.

Wolves need to sell this summer to comply with profit and sustainability regulations, which explains their high price tag. Unfortunately, £40 million is too high, and it’s unlikely that anyone other than West Ham would be prepared to pay that amount.

Therefore, it would be prudent to go no higher than £30 million for a player who, despite his undoubted talent and potential, did not have the best of seasons last term.

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  • Jay says:

    What a load of crap…
    May I suggest you do some research. before you go about spouting absolute garbage.
    Wolves have zero issues financially and do not need to sell anyone…. unless we wish to purchase – that we do, hence someone will be sold, and Kilman will not be one of them…. certainly at £30m.

  • Dek says:

    If WH downt want to pay look somewhere else Wolves set the price or is it WH think they can get him on the cheap.

  • Hammeroo says:

    Can we get Craig Dawson back?

  • The Wolf says:

    An article penned by someone who obviously knows absolutely zilch about Wolves and their financial situation.

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    Sites full of positivity ATM . Best players all being sold . On a daily basis . And cannot afford replacements . Obviously total nonsense. As one quick look at the whufc finances tells anyone with functioning brain cells . There’s very few clubs in a better position.

  • Jimbo says:

    Wolves are entitled to price any of their players as they see fit. If we think said price is too high then we move on to other targets. But describing another club as desperate isn’t helpful given you’d expect us to do the same if clubs came calling for Bowen or Kudos.

  • Dave Crawson says:

    Hi, Wolves do not need to sell this summer re profit and sustainability regulations. They do need to sell one of their better players if they want to bring in a player or two.

    Good luck with JL, especially when he is moody or puts everyone behind the ball, he’ll make David Moyes look like Pep

  • PeterWolf says:

    What a dreadful article.

    Wolves do not have to sell. £30m will not be accepted (Napoli bid rejected at this value last summer).

  • Dan says:

    Wolves *don’t need* to sell to comply with anything. That was last season.

  • Ben says:

    This article was written by the Kremlin.In other words,a load of bOllox.
    Good look west ham, with the stroppy one,he is nowhere near as good as Moyes.

  • James O says:

    It’s not too high, Wolves don’t have to sell anyone unless it’s to generate funds to buy different players. Wolves rejected a similar bid last year for Kilman.

  • Suttonwolf says:

    Why on earth would he want to go to you lot? We all know how loyal your new manager is – good luck with him next season!

  • Griff Griffiths says:

    Wolves don’t need to sell, that was last season. They want to keep players so hence the high prices. Any team will do the same.

  • Joe Bloggs says:

    You want him you pay the price for him

  • John Davies says:

    Why would Kilman leave for a much smaller club, he’s just signed a five year extension to his contract and is happy at the club, jeez you can’t even afford your own stadium relying on tax payers money.
    Oh you won some Mickley mouse cup in Europe how we can see the rest of the premiership jealous of you winning that 🤣🤣🤣 as for getting Dawson on the cheap we paid your asking price, I knew cockneys were thick but…..max Kilmans price is £40m put up or shut up cheapskates.

  • Hammeroo says:

    It seems that several Wolves fans are making a right bonzer bozo out of Gonzo! 😂

  • RC says:

    No Wolves don’t need to sell this summer, that’s why Kilman isn’t priced to sell!!!! If you want him you need to pony up. If not we’ll happily keep him. WE.ARE.NOT.IN.PSR.TROUBLE!!!!!

  • Brummie Rob Wolves says:

    I am sorry you do not dictate the price if you are poaching from another club.

  • Tony Dixon says:

    Neither are we in danger of financial fair play rules nor do we need to sell all our top players.Neto will probably go if the price is right as for Cuhna and Gomes or Killman we don’t have to sell however if the price is what wolves consider acceptable then we will.So Killman is 40m end of discussion.

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