DG: ‘Fans are buzzing and we are looking good’

Gold2David Gold is thrilled at the new atmosphere around Upton Park and ready for more signings.

He revealed earlier in the year that the club were hoping to bring in around eight new players and once again it looks as though the club will be true to its promises.

He said: “Slaven has told us his requirements and we are doing everything to meet them as ย we do with all our managers.

“You can’t build a club in five minutes. Year by year you bring in another marquee signing and finish up with a team of stars!

“You can feel the new atmosphere around the club. There’s a real feel good factor. There’s a lot of optimism and the fans are buzzing. It’s great to be part of it all.”

“Unlike many other clubs we don’t have directors and shareholders to pay. Karren Brady gets a salary of course and earns it but apart from that every penny ย goes back into the team and that’s how it will continue.”


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12 comments on “DG: ‘Fans are buzzing and we are looking good’

  1. Mention of a Lady B salary! Prepare for an imminent Rugbyirons salvo! Lol

  2. Lmao,yep wheres Rugby,salaries were mentioned,stand by your beds,incoming missile heading this way ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Here it comes…what the hell ….she earns it doing what? There are two relevant points here.one she brings no extra value to the club but is a hefty cost.if she didn’t turn up again no one would miss her, seriously. Secondly, to back up point one,the club has a MD and a FD, so what is it she actually does that costs the club.she is just the David’s pet and has no value. All she does is cost all you fans and you get nothing back.

  4. Haha,missile hit the target,good stuff.I cant really say either way about Brady because i dont know enough about what she does.I have never really paid much attention to her to be honest.

  5. Stingrays.that’s the whole point.She is taking money out of the club and we get nothing ,that’s nothing in return.sack her.

  6. I aint saying your right or wrong Rugby,but how can you be so sure she does nothing.I mean unless you are working with them what the hell do you know that they do or dont do.

  7. You maybe right Rugby but what about the 6.7 million a year the club are paying for a forward that never plays and a midfielder who has the leg speed of a lame camel… Brady might not justify her salary but I would say that these 2 are more pressing concerns

  8. Before the 2 dave’s & Brady turned up the club was going one way, now the club are back in profit & we have more commercial partners then ever before bringing in more income. I thought she was one of the main players in getting the OS. Saying that, I don’t really like her much. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Yep,they have been good to there word,
    But I think he is sort of telling us don’t expect to much more money to be spent on transfers
    So it’s probably freebies from now on,but that’s not all bad there are some good ones out there,
    On Brady,just don’t know what she does,but if the 2 Daves want her to make there life easier than so be it,
    Sorry Rugby

  10. Can’t do things overnight, look at qpr.. buy a new team every year & still relegated twice in 3 years..

  11. Nothing to not be postive about at the moment.Bring on the new season,cant wait for the prem to start.As for Brady,really couldnt give a damn what she does.If they are all working together & things are going in the right direction it aint my problem,im just a humble fan.Money men can pay her for her activity or lack of it,whichever the case may be.Some people are just bitter about others in life earning a good incoming.Really aint something i give a flying f*ck about ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Good old Steve/Rugby,mention of Bradys earnings & he goes off like a firework,nothing changes whichever forum it is on,lmao ๐Ÿ˜‰

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