DG: “I think we should take Euro chance”

gold_2446989bDavid Gold believes the club owes it to the fans to take part in the early Europa Cup  if they gain a spot via the Fair Play League.

Although there is no obligation to do so and and a club may refuse to take part. DG believes it’s an adventure the club needs to take.

The co-chairman told ClaretandHugh exclusively: “It has to be given great consideration for the sake of the fans. They want a taste of Europe and if we can provide it via the Fair Play League I think we will do so if we get the chance.”

“It does mean an early return, much travelling and there’s no real financial return involved early on but if we have a chance of reaching the later stages of the Europa League I think we will probably vote to take it. I think the fans would expect that.

“Obviously we will need to protect players like Andy Carroll who have been injured but I think we can put out teams capable of winning those early games.”

Co chairman David Sullivan is also in favour of taking part.

Three spots are given to federations that finish above a certain level in Uefa’s Fair Play table. The top three federations automatically receive a Fair Play entry if their rating is at least 8.0. The berth goes to the highest-placed team in the Fair Play table of that country’s top league that has not already qualified for Europe.

The Hammers are currently on top of the Premier league Fair Play Table with an average of 8.3.


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9 comments on “DG: “I think we should take Euro chance”

  1. Why have we got to protect Carroll if he can’t play a whole season which I for one doubt then sell him even if we loose money which is a guarantee now,
    It’s either just a couple of games in Europe brining more money or we go on a cup run and make loads of money and the fans have a trip around Europe,
    Just get us a manager with Euro experience and a few more reliable players,
    You go we will follow how bad can it be after Forest and Man City last year and BFS kept his job and we stuck with the team,
    Let’s have another vote Hugh who wants to go to Europe?

  2. i think we should buy more players so we can cope with Europe….

  3. We should do this and treat is as un up market pre season opportunity! No offence but much better than playing Southend again at Roots Hall ( and I’m also a Shrimper!).

  4. I say this as sport fan: I’m really happy if West Ham go to Europe, but I would have preferred the qualification on the field, trough the traditional way. Fair Play is a very important football’s aspect, but I like competition. This is just my personal opinion, I hope you understand what I mean. Said this, the Euro experience would fantastic, so let’s take advantage of this window.

  5. Just read BFS column in Eve standard not good reading,
    He intends a tighter style because of injury that probably mean 2 or more goalkeepers a back 7 including O,Brien and Demel Nolan as centre forward with Poyet as right winger Song as left winger Kouyate as defensive mid fielder,
    What a crock and the rest was a crock to injuries,fatigue eft ect
    Can’t wait till tomorrow for Mrs B column

  6. Yeah i read it earlier Bubs.Same sh*t,different day.If this hadnt happened,if he hadnt been injured,if,if,if,if.Matte wont have seen it though,too busy figa hunting again 😀

  7. Ahahaha… This evening I was invited to dinner with some friends… Quite boring…


  8. So people are getting excited today about Burnley picking up a red & numerous yellows which will effect their positioning in the fair play table just behind us.But surely if other teams start picking up loads of yellows & reds it will take England out of the top 3 leagues with the best records in europe wont it.Other teams picking up reds & yellows does us no favours at all i would have thought.

  9. I was thinking the same thing.I was talking to a couple of lads today about it.If other teams have disciplinary probs it will screw us up.Others are wondering the same thing.Im not too clear on it.But yeah i guess other teams getting players dismissed will make our league standing in the fair play table for european countries worse.

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