DG kills off Sam contract talks tweet

davidgoldsummerDavid Gold has killed off “speculation and rumour-mongering” that Sam Allardyce and the board are in negotiations over a new contract for the manager.

Twitter had been alive this morning as a tweet emerged from a well known Irons figure claiming: “The managerial situation at West Ham may have taken another twist. I’m hearing rumours Big Sam has opened negotiations over a new deal.”

For a while our offices were inundated with requests for more information and it has only been in the last few minutes we have caught up with DG.

The co chairman categorically denied the story making it clear for Β “for theumpteenth time” nothing will happen until the end of the season.

He told ClaretandHugh exclusively: “Can you put the record straight please. That is simply not true.We have made it clear over and over again what we are doing and the situation remains precisely the same.

“Anything else is just speculation and rumour-mongering. The decisions that need making will be made at the end of the season.

“I seem to be saying this for the umpteenth time. I would ask all fans to wait until the end of the season. After all, there’s not long to go.”



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78 comments on “DG kills off Sam contract talks tweet

  1. As we said earlier,Moose talking sh*t just for a change πŸ˜‰

  2. I don’t change my opinion: new contract of 2 years for Allardyce.
    Actions speak louder than words.

  3. dont tust them

  4. Is there no way of creating a petition to remove the fat man by electronic mail?

    There must be some way we can persuade the owners.

  5. He is staying, I think we all know that.

    If he was going then they would have to do it now and try and get the new manager in as quick as possible so he can start assessing his squad and deciding who he wants to move on and who he needs to bring in. Bringing in the new guy before the season has even ended would/should reunite all the fans again and start spreading the positivity around.

    Keeping Sam now only to get rid at the end of the season will be harming our chances for next season, more so if we are going to be in the early qualification stages of the Europa League.

    Therefore I feel the owners and Sam have already agreed a deal and his contract extension will be announced just after the Season Ticket renewal deadline has passed.

    Sneaky and underhand tactics from our owners but not something that would shock us all.

    If I am right and oh boy! do I hope and prey I am wrong then next season will be my last as a Season Ticket holder. After that I wont be paying a penny towards anything West Ham related until the fat one has gone. If that means staying away for 2,3,4 years or whatever it takes then so be it.

  6. As I said last week Matte what can we do,I am not in the position to be at the ground using anything or not take up my seat or carry a banner and I never ask others to what I cant myself,
    As you say no petition can be developed for the Internet,we can not take the war to the masses on forums any more than we do,
    So we are left with trusting DS and DG and I now think the answer will be.
    A desicion has been made that after approaching every other manager on our wanted list and being turned down we have given BFS a two year contract
    Sorry all but that’s what it feels like.

    • Yes, I know bubs. As you write above, as Boleyn writes and as I wrote today, I’m sure the decision has already been taken by the owners. And it’s not what we dream.

      This is the end of football we love, I feel sorry for all true fans (not Sam Lovers)

      • So matte, only if you want SA out are you a “true fan”??

        What about if you’re not bothered either way, if he goes, he goes and lets hope they get a top name in (very doubtful). If he stays get behind the team and hope that we see more football like the start of the season.

        No disrespect but who exactly made you judge and jury on what a “true fan” is, just curious that’s all?

        • Lmao,you are a troll from wetpants arent you? One of the guys on there that called people from this site trolls when they comment on whtid & ignorant pigs on a site run by muppets?.Sure i was on there when you were involved in that sort of conversation.Just an observation.

          • Why don’t you focus on the topic in hand, Matte here thinks he holds the key to what a WHU fan should be based on opinions. Not trolling I come on here every now and then (is that okay with you?) and I would question anyone on anysite when they come out with stuff luke Matte has, its really that simple.

            Each site has its own views and preferences sam in or sam out, dislike the owners or like them. ….that’s natural, but for a user to question people’s support based on whether they want the manager gone, is ridiculous.

          • You bore me with your opinionated dross,you could start an arguement in an empty telephone box.I dont really need to read the Gospel according to 647580.What sort of plank still wants to keep this arguement going with matte from 24hrs ago.Grow up for god sake,you are boring.

        • WHU647580 please back into you site where you are an hero and please don’t interact with me: we belong to two different species, there is no way we understand each other. I don’t want to waste my time with you, you perfectly know what I think about this situation. Thanks

          • Why don’t you try answering the question Matte? (I have no idea what all the other stuff you mention)

            I believe I can comment on this site, as long as I stay within the house rules.

            I’m just curious to see your defintion of a true fan that’s all.

        • All football is about opinion but sometimes if it differs from yours it seems that you have to justify it. Well my opinion won’t change whatever site I use, BFS was brought in to a job of stabilising so job done allegedly so time to go. But wait a minute he’s the great saviour he never gets relegated does he?? Well sorry BFS I wouldn’t class not giving young players an opportunity as job done, I wouldn’t say completely blanking certain players because they don’t tow the line as job done.For your wage I would expect a manager to take it on the chin when things go wrong,admit your mistakes,see that your captain and show pony striker have had no influence at all for a combined wage of Β£150,000 pw. Have the ability of motivating,tactical nous ,understanding that fans want to see some entertainment for the money paid…..But most of all have the ability of picking a team without using misguided loyalty towards individuals and think of the clubs agenda not your own….The Geordies didn’t stand for your non descript football and no disrespect but we are a bigger club with a true history so why the hell should we??

          • Some.good points there GW. Nobody wanted him but he did what he was asked. Interesting you mention NUFC, they are a bigger club but that is because there are only three in that area plus some.of the scots latch on to them due to there northerly location. Problem is they got rid of SA part we through his tenure….so players he had there weren’t good enough long run, Keegan sussed Ashley out and all hell breaks loose, they go down and the fans lose.

  7. Isn’t it slightly hypocritical by the board to say on the on the one hand they’ll be sitting down with Appardyce at the end of the season to disucc his future while on the other hand expecting the season ticket holders to committ their money much earlier ?
    Why can’t the season ticket holders decide when they know exactly what they can expect in terms of keeping the old manager or getting a new one ?
    I keep coming back to the issue of this being our final season in the Boleyn coming up.
    It should be a reason for the fans to be united again, to enjoy it and have fun, not more constant bickering and arguing between and among our fans.
    We apparently are a club on the up, full of ambition and money available for a decent transfer kitty. How does Allardyce fit in there ?
    And how about Tony Henry (our director of football and chef scout who has apparently been given the cold shoulder by Allardyce) and his five year contract ?
    You need everybody in the club pulling in the same direction.
    If Allardyce really was to stay by default, I would check our results on the internet or on teletext, but won’t be wtaching any games or higlights on the telly or in person unless the man is gone.

    • It’s extremely hypocritical HH, but unfortunately they run this like a business and want some of your hard earned up front now, even though you could lose that deposit when you find out he’s staying and you decide to walk away and watch down the pub. The worst things about SA is the fact he’s divided the fans like no other – that we can tell – and in an online world where everyone has an opinion that can be seen. Unlike the old days, where you didn’t know unless you spoke to a lot of people or drummed up protests which were few and far between.

      I personally won’t let any individual stop me from watching the club I’ve loved for about 40 years, nobody is bigger, it’s that simple.

  8. Well said Hambug as you know I am not very articulate but that is exactly what I was trying to say,
    Like me you live to far away to take the fight to the ground but I will always stay on this site and talk to other great fans but as for buying tickets,shirts and other produce they will not get a penny of mine or my family’s,
    Let’s hope they see the light this why yesterday I said that I did not care if we win in fact hope they don’t if that put pressure on them to sack BFS,
    What terrible way to support your club when you are being held to ransom by 2 millionaires

  9. Thing is Bubs. I feel maybe our board are a bit afraid to actually grow the club. It’s understandable to a degree as others have tried before and faield for various reasons.
    That’s why Allardyce may still appeal to them as what they may perceive as an anchor of stability, even if it brings division among the fans and boring football on the pitch.
    I can understand them to a degree.
    But as a fans I wanna see them match our ambition with the OS move with an inspiring choice of a manager. Don’t tell me money/wages is an issue there.
    I hope the other manager targets (if there even were as many as rumoured in the media and on the internet) were not cheesed off by Sullivan or his way he’s been running the club in the past.
    It surely cannot be easy to work under him and I reckon the really good managers might have their problems if Sullivan insisted on keeping this hands on approach of his.

  10. I agree there and really have flogged this subject to bits but as a lover of football and feeling for the first time for years so excited when we 2 months into the season,
    It’s a bit like buying a new car driving it for 2 months feeling great then it’s stolen from you
    And for me that thief is BFS
    Now he has been caught and proven guilty so he needs putting away

  11. WHU647580 bored over on wetpants.com and think you can come on here and pit your wits against vastly more intelligent people or just following our German friend to intimidate,
    Matte has his opinion and has never forced it on anyone which is what you are trying to do,
    If you want to watch crap for another 40 years good on you but the majority on this site have had enough and its your minority on Wetpants.com that are splitting the fans,
    Go back to your friends and bully them into thinking you are a loyal fan of 40 years who old watch rubbish for the next 40 just to prove you are right ( or a moron )
    I pop over later and read how you came here and put us to shame
    Now I have to go and check my shoes because something smells

    • LOL….I go on several boards mate, pretty sure I don’t have to seek your permission first or is this come kind of closed shop? Interacted with HH a few times on his other preferred site, never really a problem from what I recall, so why are you trying to stir it up? Never ever intimated anyone or intended to, bullying?…..give it a rest.

      So now I’ve FORCED my opinion? Where? All I did was give it like everyone else. And you mention intelligence?

      Basically you see me as someone from another site with slightly different views, rather than engaging in discussion you label me intimidating and a bully when I’ve done nothing ofnthe sort to HH, so who really is the bully Bubs?

      Nice last line bybthe way, stay classy.

  12. Anyway thanks chicken and bubs πŸ˜‰

  13. No problem Matte that’s what he does not understand true fans stick together,
    You carry on tapping out your opinion I’m off for a beer speak later,

  14. Personally i think Judge Mattefumi el loco has a kind of good ring to it.Promotion from stats guru to judge & jury.A rapid climb to the top,congratulations Matte!.I wouldnt worry about that windbag,he would argue night is day if he could.Forums are riduled with his opinionated,self-righteous rubbish Matte.

    • ahahah, thanks Chicken, but now I’m the former stats-guru, I’m simply a West Ham fan. πŸ˜‰ I’m not worried, don’t worry πŸ˜‰ I’m just worried about West Ham’ future…

  15. As judge Matte you have got to be more positive where’s our man about town with his lady friend on his arm gone,don’t let BFS and the 2 Daves get to you,
    We will get through the this together
    Strength in numbers ( back to stats ) 80% can’t be wrong,
    We need a down to earth view from Tyson
    Matte all for one and one for all
    BFS OUT ( never say never Matte)

  16. Come on lads you can’t just have debate all one way on this site and if you welcome the German to this site because he agrees with your views surely you can accept the views from another poster from that site who has views that differ from yours. And we are all real fans, well most of us anyways, liking BFS or not doesn’t determine your fan status. In my view in any case.

  17. Hugh, I don’t believe the moose, I just hear Gold’s words and I don’t understand his silence. I simply don’t understand why he should wait till the end of the season while Allardyce is embarrassing our team every week. I’ve written a post in your last article where I explain what I think about this situation, but I’m not a Magician and I really hope to be wrong. πŸ˜‰

  18. Keep the faith lads,Allardyce is a dead man walking.Just because you see a tweet about injuries or negotiations means nothing.He will be consigned to west ham history in about a months time.The chairmen are not stupid,they know they invested well in the summer,some top signings came in & BFS has delivered little with them.They are all just playing the game,towing the party line,it should be expected until the end of the season.Then we will say goodbye to the stubborn egotistical fool.I am convinced of that.His results alone deserve the sack,why the hell would you offer a new contract to a man who has given us two league wins since xmas & no league away win since the start of december.The threat of relegation next season,though not realistic in my view,is just as possible under him than any new manager the way things are.We just need to be patient & Allardyce will reap what he sowed im sure πŸ˜‰

  19. WHu everyone is welcome but you enter a argument or debate with some sort of agenda or facts,not just trying bullying tactics,
    We liked Conkerpot for that reason but in the end he lost it because browbeating did not work,
    Are views differ all the time but facts are quite simple is the way we are playing football entertaining, adventurous,exciting or good
    Answer yes or no
    If you answer is yes your pass being helped and no nothing about football
    If your answer is no welcome to what we are fighting for
    And according to everyone that makes us BFS haters

    • Where have I bullied HH and take another look…..I’ve presented some facts.

      I think it bothers you that you have someone without the exact same opinion and how to deal with it.

      Just.my opinion though.

      I’m notn”fighting for” anything, I know the fans can’t and won’t control what the Dave’s do….if you’ve had an online poll and mass media about SA going last year and he still stayed then whether we like it or not they’ll make a business decison that’s all.

  20. Rads I hope you are right… Lol

    • I am Matte,keep the faith,keep the belief.He will be gone.All this hype today was based on a tweet from moose,who quite frankly struggles to get the day right let alone any real facts about whether Allardyce will get a new contract.The self-proclaimed Sophisticated One will be out the door.Your day of celebration will be soon,lol πŸ˜‰

      • Ahaha.. Rads I’m still a believer.. Lol… If sam goes I’ll fly to London with harem and we’ll have a great party…lol… everyone is invited (except wetpants.com) … Ahah;-)

  21. Rads, may your post turn out to be true in the end…by the way I feel slightly uncomfortable about just being called The German on here. That sounds like a crime novel with the German obviously being the shady bad guy. LOL

  22. What’s wrong Matte you are really down,

  23. Give us a handle you like Hamburg,
    I know how you feel I get called English daily ( I do come from England )
    We have nothing else to go by

  24. WhuG when I say “west ham true fan” I mean a fan who wants the good for his team: do you think Allardyce is the answer? Anyway I have never considered myself better than other people, I just can’t ignore what’s happening and I consider BFS our evil. Not for me, for the future of the club.

  25. Haha,i think you are paranoid Hamburg,you were called ‘our german friend’ i believe.Only the guy who appeared to tell the lads off called you the German,lol.But probably he doesnt know that the guy involved is just an antagonistic bore who could argue with his own shadow if it was the only thing available.But there again people on here are just ignorant pigs according to some on another site,so why no just act in a stereotypical way.We dont want to shatter their illusion of us πŸ˜‰

  26. Hamburg is the perfect handle as I do indeed love my hometown a lot as it is a great place.
    And yes, there’s a lot more to it than just the Reeperbahn and the stripclubs…LOL

  27. Btw i never welcomed any german to this site,ban him,block him,he’s a troll πŸ˜€

  28. I agree Rads,that Hamburg is just trouble.He comes here posting a comment & 10mins later all hell breaks loose,lol,Only joking Hamburg πŸ˜‰

  29. All fine lads. I wonder if I may bump into some of you guys unknowingly on Saturday as I presume some of you will be mingling around the Boleyn too.

  30. Yeah i will be there Hamburg.I dont mind suffering another afternoon of frustration & dismay,lol.I think we will win saturday actually,maybe even have more than 33% possession.So you should have a day to celebrate i believe πŸ˜‰

  31. Yes me too H,but im on a flying visit.I have a wedding to go to at midday,straight to the match,then straight back to the wedding reception.My missus isnt too happy but i will live with the consequences sunday πŸ˜‰

  32. Matte I would argue a true West Ham fan isn’t determined by what you say since Id suggest the 30,000 regulars at the BG are all true fans and they all have different ideas of what and who and how they want the club. I’d never argue you are not a true fan nor would I argue whu647580 isn’t a true fan.

    I see you want to label me? Well if they find me a better manager than BFS then I’ll have him, say Billic, if they don’t, say Moyes, then I’d keep BFS. Simple really! What’s that make me? A true fan!

  33. Ahaha… Hamburg I’ll not be there, but I ask you a pleasure. If you meet the Genius please ask him “May I have your autograph,please? It’s for my friend Matte, he’s your best fan” thanks… Lol πŸ˜‰

  34. Chickenrunner, I hope for your sake it ain’t your own wedding…LOL

  35. Lol,no just a workmate,so he understands perfectly that i should go to the football,it is my wife that is not so convinced πŸ˜€

  36. Bloody hell,whats going on here,has civil war broken out in my absence today πŸ™‚

  37. He tweeted again tonight didnt he.Some guy called the club a joke.He said we were not a joke club just a club going through difficult times.Atleast he acknowledged we are going through difficult times.Though you dont have to be a rocket scientist or stephen hawking to work that one out πŸ˜‰

  38. Sticking with the definition of “true fan” now anyone who says this is NOT a true fan;

    “If Allardyce really was to stay by default, I would check our results on the internet or on teletext, but won’t be wtaching any games or higlights on the telly or in person unless the man is gone”

    Herr Hamburg Hammer, I will give you a chance to post a reply that starts with “on reflection” …

    I defy any fan, never mind a true fan, not to watch their side on the goggle box when they’re on. Me? I will still trapse to the Church of the blessed Brooking every week. Maybe that makes me a super fan. Or a mug fan lol.

  39. Sam maybe would be worth a contract if you halve his income . rising only if he earns it.
    IF THATS POSSIBLE? dream on!

  40. Ffs,still banging on about this true fan crap,yawn,wake me up when the subject has changed,lol πŸ˜€

  41. WHuG no that does not make you anything but a true fan,stubborn and hopefull but we are not calling people true fans for that reason and you know it,
    Why do you have to go to the games watch them on TV or check the results to be a true fan,
    On reflection Herr Bubs loves football loves entertainment and does not watch rubbish buy rubbish eat and drink rubbish a don’t care what sort of fan you want to call me I will have my say and believe everyone else has that right,
    But if you want to keep BFS just because you think he can garentee you premiership
    Football at the cost of quality then carry on shopping at Β£1 shop just not for me

  42. Herr Bubbs! Lol

    All I’m saying is we are all true fans whether we go or don’t go but support from afar and I still say no who is in charge, if our beloved hammers are on the box then we will watch them. I mean can you moan if you don’t watch them either live or on the box?

  43. No matter who is in charge I meant to say

  44. Most on here watch from there seats or on the TV like me or radio or iPad,
    Keep up with events daily but just want a change and have had enough of being served up second hand rubbish,
    What we are having trouble understanding is the board have put there hand in their pockets which we are great full for and been snubbed by BFS but don’t want to do anything about it,
    If you brought a new T V and went to the ground to watch it and the old black and white one were still there Nolan And Cole,
    And your new TV sits on the sidelines in its box Nene and Alfitano,
    Would you
    A. Contact your contractor BFS and inquire what the fxck is going on
    B Sit back do nothing and tell everyone it’s ok
    On reflection you would get shot of your contractor

  45. WhuG, I respect you as fan and as ticket older, you can do what you want with your money; unfortunately I can’t go often to London for many reasons, the first one: money. I just tell you one thing, in my experience here in Italy, as season ticket holder for many years for AC Milan: some years ago I’ve decided to not renew my season ticket because I did not agree with several owners’ decisions. I’m just one of the fans, but others did the same thing. Ok, if the owners take their calculator and say “Well Matte did not renew his season ticket, Godzilla didn’t renew his season ticket, MR Bean didn’t renew his season ticket, etc, etc.” at the end they will say “ops, less money, there’s something wrong, probably fans are not happy, we need to change something”. I find this solution the best way one fan has to express his disappointment. Doing it you are a true fan and your passion for your team will always be the same. πŸ˜‰ Personal opinion.

  46. WHU647580, I’m trying to be kind with you; read what I’ve written here above and then please don’t interact with me again.
    I repeat, we belong to two different species, if you want you can talk with the others here. Thanks.
    Answer whatever you want, I’ll not reply.

  47. Jeez,is this dopey arguement about ‘true fans’ still going on.Give me a nudge when its over,im going for a nap πŸ˜‰

  48. That’s fine Matte……my only problem with you is your definition of a true fan, your opinions about the manager, team and owners are all as worthy as the next persons.

    Please done question or label other peoples support of this club


  49. Herr Rads it’s no more boring than the Sam debate! Here Matte and Herr Bubbs I’m not saying I’m a truer fan than you, I’m saying we are all fans, I am saying that no matter what happens next season we will all still watch our team on the TV. Unlike what herr Hamburg is threatening.

  50. Ffs,knock it on the head,we all support the same team dont we.This is more like coming to an open forum & West Ham fans arguing with Spuds fans.It does my head in,its pathetic!

  51. WhuG,when the hell did i become a german,no disrespect to them but i am certainly not a german,lol,what is this, a jolly boys outing from WHTID,lol πŸ˜€

  52. You are right Rads. Didn’t mean to insult you! And I don’t post on west/die – well not for a year or so anyhow

  53. Its fine,i was only joking WhuG πŸ˜‰

  54. Rads it good being German we get to win the World Cup more that once,
    Hamburg don’t even go there,
    It all over no more true fan talk
    bye bye WhuG speak soon to

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