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DG loses cool in new Twitter row

David-GoldDavid Gold has lost his legendary Twitter cool after telling a follower using the hashtag #joke club: “I am tired of this.”

The co chairman has found himself caught up more and more in the downside of Twitter over recent days after being criticised for comments about injuries not helping a dismal showing at QPR.

But this morning (Thurs) he snapped at a follower who decided to use the hashtag #jokeclub .

It had read: We’re gonna finish 12th, all because our depth in the squad and lack of good management @davidgold #joke club.

The co chairman responded: “I am tired of this. We are not a “joke club” we are a GREAT club going though a difficult time. dg

That opened the floodgates with a mass of responses pouring in – most claiming the problem laid with Sam Allardyce’s continuing management.

One said: “You’re ‘tired of all this’? Sack Allardyce tomorrow and you’d have the fans back inside instantly. Problem solved.

Other said: a weak manager makes our club a joke. We need a strong figurehead for when we get to OS – Sam is not our man

As an outsider if West ham had made a decision on Big sam +everyone new what was happening they would of been top 8

As an outsider if West ham had made a decision on Big sam +everyone new what was happening they would of been top 8

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even if we had messi,sam would still start cole ahead of him. We will never go forward with sam.get rid asap

if your tired of it, get rid of Sam, simple  11h11 hours ago 

keeping Allardyce next season will pretty much mean we have to have him at the OS, complete lack of ambition.

Later DG returned to the subject to declare in one tweet: “When 87% of the fans ask us to go, as they did at Birmingham and next time be careful what you wish for. dg

And his latest he adds: “I don’t get shirty when fans question my judgement but I do get upset when they say that our club is a “joke” dg



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33 comments on “DG loses cool in new Twitter row

  1. Mr Gold for taking the club forward into a new stadium we need new management & a clear out of deadwood BFS OUT

  2. I understand DG has to use diplomacy, he’s the owner, but the Solution is very simple and it’s perfectly summed up by the post of that fan” Are you tired of all this? Sack Allardyce Tomorrow and you’d have the fans back instantly. Problem solved”.
    West Ham is not a joke, but the Genius’ attitude inside and outside the field does play it for truth.


  3. Its not our club that is the joke,it is the manager.He doesnt deserve to still be in his job now let alone be worthy of a new contract.If the best we can do is pay 3m for that dinosaur then someone is a joke,not the club but the person who gives him the contract & hands him the pen to sign it.Even Allardyce himself about 3 games ago said if our form now had been at the start of the season he would have deserved to be sacked.Now we could be willing to give this fool a new contract.If he gets a new contract he will think he is untouchable no matter what results we get.You might as well give him the keys to UP & tell him to run the club exactly as he wants,its a f*cking joke!.

  4. The club is not a joke and we all need to respect the club and its owners whether we agree with their opinion or not. They are entitled to one as much as we are. I personally do not agree with them and believe the current troubles are the result of bad management and uncertainty. We’ve all made that clear time and time again and the Davids have certainly got the message. Problem is the club has made it clear nothing will be done until the end of the season. End of story.
    If Allardyce is given a new contract then all hell will break loose and rightly so. The owners will deserve whatever abuse they get. Meantime let’s have some faith in DS and DG and get behind the team otherwise we become the joke.

  5. Dont know why everyone is so hot under collar on twitter.Allardyce is history,just wait for his contract to run down & its goodbye.Have some faith in the board 😉

  6. ahaha… I’ve faith in your words Rads, I hope you’re right… I would not find you at the bottom of the Adriatic sea with Conker … lol 😉

  7. Haha,no chance Matte,Allerdici is history.Dont panic because of a few tweets 😉

  8. So we were 7% short of getting shot of BFS 80% is no good,
    Or is that only directors,
    I think after this week the other 7% will turn,
    Maybe we need a poll Hugh no other managers just BFS IN or OUT ,
    Then we will see what happens and if the directors would except the results,


    • A few weeks back we were given a list of potential bosses for next season. A Lard Arse only got 13% of the vote,hence 87% of votes registered were against him.

  9. Good idea bubs, so I’ll do stats again, I love stas… lol

  10. Haha,good man Matte,give us some stats,lol.I have the faith along with Rads,a few more matches & we will have seen the back of Hippohead once & for all 😉

  11. Matte your back,great news,we have nothing else to talk about so why not get down to it
    As long as someone controls the Cookie Monster,
    I will be the first to concede if the poll goes for BFS,
    That would be the end of it,

  12. Whats the point of a poll Bubs,you would just have wetpants come here to vote for Allardyce purely to throw it,even though many want him out themselves.Some proper petty people about 😀

  13. I can live with that Tyson because I trust the fans and believe the numbers will stack up
    I would love to see if we are so wrong or we are right,
    Have faith in your fellow fans

  14. ahahah… ok, here is the result of my sophisticated computer (remember, it never lies… lol), this my most important stat.

    My question was “Please which is the real percentage of possibilities Sam will be our manager next year?”.

    Its answer is “Please, don’t say bulls*it, I need an intelligent question”.

    I look forward to receiving N.A.S.A. confirmation as usual… lol

  15. Ahahah your stats cabinet as usual perks up so quick Matte,
    Just don’t touch it with sandpaper,

    N.A.S.A. Looking in the stars again

    Got lots of bull muck at the moment ( the bull runs have started )

    Now that is worth watching in our village at least 2 deaths every year,
    Entertaining not cruel to the Bulls beer,food, free no tickets required and anyone can have a
    Go if you are stupid,****xd or like a lot of the youngsters stoned,

  16. OT: Inzaghi, Milan manager, but before great player (2001-2012, 202 apps. – 73 goals), probably will be sacked after 9 months because he’s not doing well. About the possibility he could be saked he answers to a journalist “I will respect the owners’ decision, anyway I’ll always be a Milan fan and I just have to say “thank you””.
    Inzaghi, a legend, not Allardyce, Mr. Nobody… understood? 😉


  17. David Gold is not saying about 87% wanting Sam gone, he said when 87% want him and Sullivan gone. He has said they will walk away from West Ham if the fans don’t want them there. He has thrown his toys out of the pram. Personally I would not care one bit if Gold left the club, hopefully he will take Karen Brady with him.
    He needs to stay away from Twitter, of course he is going to keep getting abuse. That will remain the case while Sam is kept as manager.

    • Correct Boleyn he’s talking about the Brum days when they wanted them out. Now thw Brum fana even blame who they sold to and put that on them. Fact is they had it good and wanted to change it……now look where they are.

      They’re not going anywhere just yet and nor should they……they had a dream ofnthe OS and they’re going to realise it. Plus if they sell the club there are penalties to the LLDC, fact is they’re the best owners we’ve had since the cearns

  18. Matte,come back out of your bunker my little italian mate.Its safe,its all gone quiet,lol 😀

  19. hahahaah… who is safe Rads? ahahahha

  20. @BUBS: DG is saying 87 pc wanted HIM AN D DS OUT at Birmingham and they will never stay where they are not wanted.

    Allardyce is certain to be gone. Don’t obseess LOL

  21. ahahhaha…. I’m crying… lol There is a temporary truce… lol The armies are sleeping now… but the civil war is still long… ahahhaha lol

  22. You matte,its all gone quiet.Nobody is going to ask you what a true fan is,lol 😀

    • ahahahah… loooooooool… I’m the only true fan on the earth… now please kill me! lol

  23. Haha,that 647580 does my head in & hes quite welcome to come here now & reply to me.Some people need to learn when to let things go.At least 5.5k of folks killed in Nepal but wtf,that is trival,we all must know what Matte means by true fans,lol,yeah whatever 😉

  24. yeah, you’re right Rads,. That’s why I always try to be ironic about football… (but when I talk about BFS I lose my bearings lol)

  25. Haha,well as you know Matte i miss very few matches each season ,but it isnt all encompassing in my life & i certainly cant be bothered to get involved in stupid,trivial arguements about wtf a true fan is or not.Allardyce will be gone soon,thats all the matters,keep the faith Matte 😉

    • ahaha… don’t worry Rads, I keep the faith, I don’t want you on the bottom of the Adriatic sea…loool

  26. Yes lads and Hugh I know what he ment by his comments but he has given a bench mark
    of 87% for taking action,
    So is that only a bench mark for one thing or is that there tolerance level for all things,
    What harm would a vote be?
    Is it to hard to set up ?
    Would bring a big argument between the fans to a fall stop

  27. Bubs I would be ready for this poll… but you shoud trust in my stats… they never lie 😉

  28. Matte trust is everything but you know it’s getting near the weekend and your stats cabinet
    gets a bit twitchy with the ladies and alcohol,
    Plus there is the chance we could win a game and I have a feeling this is the week if I was Hugh I would put my tenner on Nolan getting his 100 goal( probably a own goal ) does that count ?

  29. ahahaah … lol 😉

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