DG: “Sad day but welcome win”

spt_ai_cardiff_whu_09.jpgDavid Gold was relieved with a victory over Burnley but declared: “The passing of Rio Ferdinand’s wife Rebecca puts a whole different perspective on everything doesn’t it?”

He told ClaretandHugh excsuively: “That was such a sad way to start the day. Rio was one of our own and everybody’s heart goes out to him, the three children and the family.

“Club affiliations are put aside at a time like this and from everybody at West Ham I want to say: “All of us are with you Rio. We are thinking about you at this terrible time. It’s awful. Rebecca was too young.”

RioOn the match this afternoon the co-chairman said: “It was a relief to get three points and it cheered things a little given that tragedy.

“However, we were nowhere near our best were we? A win is always welcome given the circumstances we have been in and I was pleased to see Nene get a run-out even though it was only for 15 minutes or so. I thought he did well. Amalfitano has pace and guile too.

“But as I say we weren’t at our best and haven’t been for some time now.”



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10 comments on “DG: “Sad day but welcome win”

  1. I love DG talked about Nene and Amalfitano… The two ghost players the Genius forgot on the bench all the season… Understood Sam? His words are you…lol


  2. Spot on DG,far more important things in life than football,sad news for rio & his family.Yes totally agree about the game,far,far from our best.Having said that i really aint sure what ‘our best’ is anymore.Was good to see Amalifitano given a game & Nene some time too.Guess it will be back sat on the bench for 90mins next game for them though.Nothing has changed today for me.We beat a bottom placed team with 10 men & made it a real struggle at times.Forget the stupid stats,29 attempts,that is so deceptive,most blocks & shots high & wide.This win does nothing to change Hippos position,he is still history at the end of season,that aint changing!! 😉

  3. Matte it did not make pretty reading so I am glad I was not watching it,
    DG had it spot on about the problems why does he not pass that on to BFS or does he not answer his calls ?
    Terrible for Rio and the children so young,

  4. Hi bubs and rads, I like to joke but yes, I feel sorry fo Ferdinand and his childs… Sad day.

    Moving on… tonight great boxing match:Pacquiao vs Mayweather… Pac-man rules 😉

    Good evening to you 😉

  5. I would like to see pac-man win but if it goes to points the judges will give it to Mayweather
    That’s where the money is

  6. I Know bubs… I don’t think pac-man can win by ko… But if it Goes to points I don’t Know… Pacquiao has to attack all the time… I think it’s the only way he has to win this match… He should call Sam, the King of the attacking style… Lol

  7. when sams gone things will be better between owners and fans hes not a good manager we can all see,ona sad note our thoughts are with rio and his children

    • But why in sanity’s sake do the owner’s persist with Allardyce the spent force.The damage to the club brand they are reinforcing by keeping fatso in a job.It beggars belief.If it wasn’t for the run before Christmas we would be relegation fodder.That run was more good fortune than good management.I’m going on gardening leave until Allardyce is gone.

  8. Matte boxing was a let down but just switched the box on and teletext has Moyes going to be manager next year,
    Could be good news even if I wanted another but I will accept Moyes over BFS any day.

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