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DG unapologetic over Twitter injuries claim

spt_ai_cardiff_whu_09.jpgDavid Gold remains firm in his view that the presence of three or four first team regular would have helped the team’s cause at the weekend.

The co chairman ran into a storm of protest on Twitter when claiming injuries were responsible for the level of performance and he indicated to ClaretandHugh that some were reading far too much into his words.

He’s aware that some fans will have taken his words as backing for the manager as he battles through a period which has led to much speculation over his job.

But speaking exclusively to ClaretandHugh he said: “There was absolutely nothing other in my mind than what I tweeted.

“If a team like ours is missing five top players – Sakho, Carroll, Tomkins, Reid and Song it would be surprising if it weren’t to have an effect.

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“Obviously I would assume that some have taken that as me trying to say more than than I did. And they are wrong to do so and they are making false assumptions.

“My only intention to say was what I said …that five injured players out are likely to affect the level of performance – nothing else.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “DG unapologetic over Twitter injuries claim

  1. Talks as much crap as Sam does.

    The injury excuse has worn very very thin. Gold has also claimed that fatigue has played a major part in our loss of form. All clubs have injuries to deal with, Ours are no better or worse than anyone else’s.

    Knocked out of the league cup first attempt, just 4 games in the FA Cup and no European football to deal with. We have in fact had it much easier than many other clubs.

  2. Why did he not say sticking to playing Nolan and Jarvis and playing the style of football we are playing has cost us but if we had a full squad things may have been different.
    That way he would have brought to our attention the injury problem but still have informed us he is not stupid and knows there ie a problem,
    That way he would not have so many tweets against him and would still been bull shutting us,
    Now really going for a beer

  3. I respect both Mr Sullivan & Mr Gold, but the latter at times especially on Twitter seems to write first and think later!

    Sam returned to his old ways simply to accommodate his two favourite boys Nolan & Carroll, the two most expensive players on the wage bill, but both not fully effective, Nolan is too slow now and Carroll, he is more interested having his face in the newspapers every other day, and pushing down supporters throats his many foreign holidays, constant spending and what a great time he is having. Unbelievable if only he had a brain, time to sell before his next injury!

    Mr Gold does not mention Sam playing players in wrong positions, bad substitutions. And his often stance Sat in the dugout looking uninterested with plastic cup of tea in his hand!

  4. West Ham has nothing left to lose, middle table, safe, no ambitions; well, why this deep secret? Why the owners should wait till the end of the season? I would understand if we were fighting for a place in Champions League or Europa league or we were fighting in the relegation zone… well in those cases motivations should be high.
    But we are in no-man’s -land, fans can’t wait this season ends, every week Allardyce is embarrassing fans with his interviews and his pathetic football.
    So why they should wait till the end of the season? In my opinon because they’ve already taken their decision, they want the fans renew their season tickets.
    Anyway, I’m not a magician, I just hear so many words but no actions.
    And that’s enough for me.

  5. Agree 100% Matte you have hit the nail on the head,
    All the majority will read into his words and come out with the same answer
    The minority if they have worked it out will be having a party ( 3% of the 20% )
    The other 17% will still be walking around wondering what’s going on as normal but being led by the idiots on Wetpants.com,
    Still waiting for a come back WHU and some numbers ( is that you prison number )
    Or you p45 number,or your caravan spot number,as we are all pikey,s,or your wife,s statistics,sorry not very new age maybe boy friends statistics,
    Sorry off subject again

  6. I think it’s quite simple Allardyce is here to stay so get on with it. The only sore point as far as I am concerned is that they couldn’t give a monkeys toss what the supporters think. It’s their club not ours

  7. So u reckon The Moose has got it right lol

  8. No it’s just trust Hugh,the longer this goes on the more you get nervous,
    I know in the past you have said its done and dusted and he has gone,
    But it’s like having wind you get rid of it and there’s relief go for a curry and the next day it’s back,
    The difference is I I like curry but BFS is like a bad one that just won’t move on,

  9. I reckon Moose rarely gets things right and just says the first thing that comes into his head. I reckon it is exactly as the board say it is. They will review the position at the end of the season. I reckon they have a plan a and a plan b. Or a stay or go senario and they will give it due consideration at that point. Just like they said they would and just like they always have done.

  10. It’s back only because of one garbage story he tweeted rather than put on his own site cos it was patently wrong and based according to him on a rumour from a new source. That would be the kazi cleaner then!

  11. Is Nolan cleaning the bogs now ( can’t beat a bit of freelance work )
    DG needs a boy like DS to help with the media ( ops he gets it wrong as well )

  12. The only thing that I question Gold over is why the hell does he tweet at all? No sane man in his position would have a tweeter account just to allow yourself to get abused. Of course those 5 players made a difference. Of course there other factors too.

  13. Moose is just a story sniffer,he looks for something out of nothing,it made his twitter feed active today though,so he is happy.I take no notice of what he says.

  14. Carroll’s been missing for months, Collins is our best Centre back, the boy Burke gave a competent performance and covered very well for Reid or Tomkins…….We were only really missing Sahko, and if Nene and Amalfitano had started in place of Nolan & Jarvis …. there were no real injury worries for me….. Sorry DG the writings on the wall for me. My interpretation of your tweet is; the Dinosaur still has his feet under the Directors table, and He will need some shifting.

  15. No depth in reserves?

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