Di Canio Rejects Offer

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West Ham legend Paolo Di Canio has reportedly snubbed a chance to return to football, despite the offer’s lucrative nature.

We all remember Di Canio’s iconic West Ham career,  his 118 appearances, status as a former club record goalscorer (since surpassed by Michail Antonio), and overall cult hero status amongst fans.

Di Canio’s playing career was as flamboyant as his personality. Our jaws dropped at his exceptional skills, infamous referee shove, iconic Old Trafford winner, substitution demand, and his stunning Premier League volley – all moments etched in West Ham folklore.

Following retirement, Di Canio’s passionate and headline-grabbing approach translated into management roles at Swindon Town and Sunderland. His fiery demeanor and desire for victory were trademarks on the touchline.

Despite a 10-year hiatus from the managerial scene, rumours of potential returns, including to West Ham, have persisted. However, none have materialised.

He has reportedly  turned down a lucrative offer to work as assistant coach to former Manchester City and Italy manager Roberto Mancini.

Di Canio himself is quoted, explaining that rejecting “oil money” wasn’t the sole reason. He emphasised the importance of an environment focused on growth and development, aligning with his own ambitions. He valued Mancini’s belief in his ideas and coaching methods, but a purely ceremonial role just didn’t interest him

Typical Di Canio !

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  • Morty says:

    The “referee shove” was whilst he was at Sheffield Wednesday and he has never been anywhere near our record goal scorer, but a major talent and legend ⚒️⚒️😊

    • Andy Ammer says:

      Hello. He was our record goalscorer in the Premiership, rather than in our entire history (i think that is what is meant in the article) but has since been overtaken by Antonio. Cheers

  • Dave says:

    He is waiting for West Ham offer 😀

  • Morty says:

    Thanks Andy, I forgot football was only invented in 1992 😊

  • Jennifer Lewis says:

    He has said many times that he wants to manage West Ham. Why not grab him while we can.

    • John Hughes says:

      Because the memories of him are magical
      Should he manage us and fail I fear it could ruin the special link between him and the fans and club

  • Billboy says:

    Di Canio made the Bolyn rock, always left with a smile on my face. Brought a bit of style to the team.

  • rollercoaster hammer says:

    great player, dodgy bloke and crap manager 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Very happy days says:

    Gotta been one of best signings ever
    loved the club and we loved him ..wore his heart on his sleeve ..if you can’t remember what he did then you are too young ..i am talking about Di canio

  • Tony hanson says:

    Bat**** crazy but that just showed his passion always gave 100% he loved the club the fans loved him we love a psycho at west ham just look back at past players that that the fans loved bonds,dicks,cross martin allen to name a few

  • normal bloke says:

    One of the best players ever at WHU, good manager????????????????

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