Dicks backs Bilic

dicksWest Ham Legend Julian Dicks has backed Slaven Bilic to be the new West Ham manager. When asked whether Bilic would be a good choice for West Ham, Dicks replied “My opinion is that he’s a good choice” asked whether he would be prepared to work along side Bilic in his coaching staff he replied “Yes definitely” but admitted he had lost touch adding “I haven’t seen him for about 15 years”

When another  West Ham fan questioned about Bilic’s lack of Premier League management experience Dicks said “Why need premiership experience? Monk, Koeman didn’t and there are managers with vast experience who don’t do well” adding “All you want is 100% work rate and commitment.”

Dicks speaking from his twitter account was further asked if Bilic was the best man for the job “From a personal point of view, yes as he knows what the fans expect and knows what the clubs about”

Last year Bilic was asked by ITV Sport about tough player image at West Ham and he answered:

“I was in a team with Julian Dicks so I was not the hardest one in my team”

Over a week ago another West Ham legend also backed Bilic, Alvin Martin told Alan Brazil on Talksport Radio  “I wouldn’t rule Slaven out. He’s been round the game for a while now. He’s proved he could do it at international level and club level in difficult circumstances.I know him. He’s a highly intelligent and highly motivated individual. I think he would be absolutely perfect for us [West Ham]. Slaven is the outstanding candidate for me.”


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34 comments on “Dicks backs Bilic

  1. Well said Dicksy my boy.At least you aint in the ‘crap myself coz Sam is going’ camp 😉

  2. Good points Dicksy,too many people crapping their pants all because we are going to lose an average at best manager.A man whose has made his name on never being relegated,wow,lets keep him for another ten years to prevent the Sam lovers from having cardiac arrests next season so fearful of relegation because Bilic might be managing us,not the trophy laden Hippo.Ffs,if ever people exemplify stereotypical ‘English caution’ at its best it is these sam lovers.

  3. ooooh, finally someone with balls who is telling things the way they are… Well said Terminator.

    • Dickey certainly had balls sometimes his opponents on the end of his boot lol seriously he’s one of my all time favourites never got the credit he deserved and if he says SB is good enough that’ll do me

      • ahah.. yes, he’s one of the best, great attitude… I can’t decide between him and Nolan…lol

        • Ahh to be fair Nolan had a couple of good seasons and was a decent captain (not difficult after Upson) but he won’t be remembered fondly because the mastermind hippo stuck with him for too long

  4. What does Dicks know,i far prefer to believe the words of the Sammerettes.They have far more knowledge than Julian for sure 🙂

  5. Cottee has probably just texted Dicksy & said ‘ Be careful what you wish for Julian’ 😀

    • Ahaha… One of my favourite Sammerettes Commandments… Lol my religion…

  6. Lol,dont talk to me about cottee,this time last year he was banging on about Sam should give the fans what they want,decent football.He said it on a sky show.Now he is banging on about this careful what you wish for crap 😉

  7. “But if the fans are frustrated then you need to give them what they want – and they want to see good football.”
    TC speaking in may 2014 on Sky about hippo & the football on offer.Now he is a CWYWF pussy 😀

  8. The 10 Sam Lovers’ commandments

    1. I witness that there is no manager but Sam
    2. Be careful what you wish for
    3. If not a top top top, but really top manager… I’d go with Sam again
    4. Sam guarantees stability
    5. We were 4th before Xmas
    6. Sam took us back to PL (we should thank him forever)
    7. Sam did what the owners told him to do
    8. Sam needs time to show everybody who he really is (4 years are not enough)
    9. The owners can’t take a risk until we move to the OS
    10. After Sam, his teams knew the darkness

  9. TC earns money from the club for towing the party line. He was there on the first day of the OS STH selection last week. He didn’t make enough money from football

  10. Yep youre right Sean,it is pretty clear to see that TC is a company man so to speak.Everything he says these days points to that.It is a shame, because im sure deep down he cant be any happier than many with the style of football on offer.

  11. I am sure it pays the bills

  12. So Leyroy does it for nothing and he is honest and has his own opinion,
    Dickey treated everyone he played against the same and he is being honest now,how
    Refreshing he will make a great manager for the future let’s hope Bilic offers him a job like tackling coach but that will be the end of the fair play league

  13. TC has sold his soul 😀

  14. Don’t have to be a Sam lover for ‘be careful what you wish for’ to be a valid point. By tomorrow it looks like we will be managerless and still not a clue who will be the new one, so it’s always possible we could be choking over a name we never even thought of and one who could be another ‘also ran’.

  15. Love your positivity Canchaz,lol,always cheers me up.what expert fans have told us we are going to choke or have no one in place?.Im interested to know who it is has said we have no one in place.Who has officially said this? 😉

  16. You do know canchaz that managers rarely negotiate deals at new clubs when they are still under contract and the season is still on ? Now that that all the different leagues all over Europe finish we will know which managers will actually be free to look for new clubs, which may not be available because they have signed new deals at their clubs or are about to sign elsewhere and which we may actually approach.

    I reckon it is totally normal that we haven’t signed up a replacement at this point simply because the current manager is still in a job. But I’m sure there have been approaches already and there will be more.
    For me the question is not: Will we get a new manager ? But: Who of the many names in the hat is it going to be in the end ?

  17. Lol,no one knows do they,its a domino effect.Someone says something on a site,then another,then another.Next thing you have hysteria with people believing we are going to end up with Mike Bassett as our manager.Who the **** on sites knows what is really happening.Because they deciede it themselves or read a newspaper articule,lol,it is all just b*llocks mate 😉

  18. Be careful what you wish for,lol,wish i had a quid for everytime i have read that in the last few months 😀

  19. Chicken up to last week canchaz has said it twice a week without fail,
    Just has not got the guts to actually say I love BFS and want him to stay, he does not understand we will leave him with his opinion and not attack him like rabid dogs,
    They do not understand everyone died in the Alamo,
    Sometime it better to except change and live to fight another day,
    I am sure when we have a rough time under the new manager with injuries,fatigue only working 3 days a week,they will all attack like hungry hippos
    Never mind just a few more hours

  20. Sam,s not really a hippo potty must,but more like rhino ,that charges on blindly and does,nt give toss who it hurts.,

  21. Haha,wow,now Allardyce is a rhino as well as a hippo,dung beetle,panda,headless chicken & whatever other animals he has been compared to.I just prefer to call him a w*nker 😉

  22. Come on lets win today,then wait for the hippo to naff off.Happy days,unless youre a sam lover who enjoys dreary football,not winning away & rarely winning fullstop.Time to get Hippo & his cronie Curtis distanced from our club.Pair of crooks!! 😉

  23. Davy Crocket he is probably manager of the Bosnian team we are going to play in Europe,
    Mind you BFS thinks he is like John Wayne the only sheriff in town,

  24. Please anyone else but sam

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