Dicks breaks silence on coaching role


DicksIan Abrahams aka the Moose from TalkSport radio interviewed Julian Dicks at the London Stadium on Saturday LIVE on air.

Moose: “There has been suggestions this week that the defensive coaching could change, maybe more or different defensive coaching could come in, you coach with the team. Are you involved in any of that. How does it work with the coaching on Monday to Friday?”

Dicks replied “One, I don’t do defensive coaching, I am responsible for shooting drills and crossing drills so for me we can’t keep on conceding goals from set plays”

Speaking about the pressure that Slav and his backroom staff are feeling Julian answered “Listen, I have been in this many times with West Ham and it takes guts to get us out of this. Listen I will do everything I can, so does the manager, so does the other coaches. When the players go out there it’s up to them and as I have said I have been in this many times as a player, as a player you can do something about it, as a coach as soon as they cross that line it is down to them”

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  • Top totty says:


  • FUGMASTER says:

    Since when was Dicksy an expert defending shooting and crossing? I think his obvious talent at chasing, harassing and all round in an attackers face’ism , is being wasted here (not to mention his motivational skills???).

  • PopRobson says:

    Well that didn’t give me any comfort at all, just seemed to confirm a few worries.

  • cas_blue says:

    That is worrying. Firstly, I would suggest defending set pieces and crosses fall into the defensive coaches remit.
    Secondly, our defending at set pieces has been awful this year.
    Is it a coincidence that Cresswell has had a terrible season?

  • claret says:

    I am afraid the questions that should have been asked are who is responsible for the defensive coaching & what do you think needs to change to stop us conceding all those goals. His answer to the one question seems very evasive as though he does not want to get involved. So all in all he interview was a waste of time. I think the David’s Need to shake the whole system up Slav’s set up seems too cosy we need someone to intensify the training & get the players challenging the opposition for the ball not standing by once they have lost it. They have had plenty of chances to change the system over the last two seasons but whatever they have tried it is not working so a change in personnel is needed

  • FUGMASTER says:

    I’d agree with all of that, Claret

  • mywhufc says:

    I think people are getting hung up on defensive coaching attacking coaching etc etc.
    As a team they should defend and attack as a team, so coaching should be across the board whoever is doing it.
    The only specialist coaching required is goalkeeping, everything else should be teachable jointly by coaching team

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