Dicksie reveals England room mate Gazza’s craziness


Julian Dicks  failed to gain a senior England cap and reckons Paul Gascoigne may have been responsible as a result of his crazy antics while they were room partners.

The Terminator played more than 250 times for us and reveals in his new biography per Daily Mail that the Geordie’s biggest problem was that he never slept!

He explains: ‘And when he didn’t sleep, he also had to keep himself entertained. There was one day when I looked up to see him leaning out of the window in our room…holding a tube of toothpaste, squirting it at whoever was passing below.

‘Even if I did manage to fall asleep, with Gazza as a room-mate there were no guarantees I would be I would be allowed to remain dozing. One night when I was enjoying my kip, I didn’t know it but Gazza was busy preparing a little show for me.

‘The crazy Geordie had bought loads of firecrackers and had carefully lined them up around the rim of the toilet, before lighting them all.

‘You cannot imagine how loud the noise was that woke me up. I absolutely s*** myself, sprang out of bed, ran straight out of the room and into the hotel corridor, without a stitch of clothing on, with my hands covering my privates.

‘I was convinced a bomb had gone off, until I saw Gazza emerge from the room laughing his head off.’

He said within minutes the hallway was full of players and England management.

‘I was standing in the middle of the corridor, totally naked, with my hands protecting my modesty. What a sight that must have been. Once again, Gazza got away with it, as I ended up taking most of the blame for it.

‘I actually think there was a good chance that episode contributed to the dim view that was taken of me by the England management in years to come, helping to tarnish my reputation which meant I never received a full England cap, or call up.’

Despite his dim view of Gazza’s antics, Dicks describes him as ‘the most brilliant bloke, incredible fun to be with, always laughing… there is nothing he wouldn’t do for you.

‘Hammer Time’ by Julian Dicks, published by Headline

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