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Digital season tickets make no sense

Sean wrote in a blog earlier today that there is some concern over the possibility of West Ham deciding to go down the digital season ticket route next season.

Quite rightly he expressed confusion as to first why that would be considered necessary given the problems it could cause for less tech individuals and older people generally.

I intended to write my own piece on it after being notified by a ClaretandHugh FB follower of what was going on.

He renewed his season ticket yesterday and wrote to me explaining that he’d been told the same as Sean discovered later in the day.

When I asked how and where it would be delivered on the smart phone he said, talking of the guy he’s spoken to when renewing: “He wasn’t sure whether it was straight to your phone or in an email – some sort of Barcode or QR. I imagine there will be more to it to prevent you just ‘forwarding’ it to another person? 🤔

Another commented on our website forum: “How would a digital season ticket work in regards to my sons ticket? He’s to young to have a mobile phone?

Frankly, like Sean, I simply don’t get it as it is completely unnecessary given that all covid restrictions are planned to be off by the time next season around.

The card season ticket isn’t something that is handed from person to person so there’s no chance of it causing infection.

If there’s anybody at the club who can explain why this is even being considered it would be good to hear from them.

Thus far all they have told us by e-mail is: ‘Ticketing protocols are being finalised and we’re currently following the guidance issued to us by government, SGSA and the Premier League’

Ok but it makes little sense and will confuse many if that’s the way they decide to go.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Digital season tickets make no sense

  1. How would a digital season ticket work in regards to my sons ticket? He’s to young to have a mobile phone.

    • I’ll include that in story mate

      • My autistic son is proud of his Billy Bonds credit card looking season ticket and currently driving me mad over the change to smartphone system. He does not like the complicated operation (to him)of them.
        I agree it’s unnecessary and confusing for I suspect a majority of fans. Let the board have a referendum of season ticket holders to gauge feelings. A good way to show we are being properly consulted unlike the so called big 6

  2. Perhaps we’ll have to download it on our ‘world class’ wifi!!!

    In all seriousness, surely it just has more chance of delaying people into the stadium. 60000 people putting a card in a machine is simple. 60000 people getting out there phones and finding the email that has the QR code on (if it is going to go that way) is surely going to take longer?

    • Actually it’d be quicker, Graham, I don’t know about you but my phone easily accessed much more than a card. Also you can put the QR on your home page.

      • I don’t understand what people issue is with this! I am a fellow ST holder and I do like the nostalgia or a card or even back in the day a season book, but It will surely work like an airport boarding pass via an app or print at home alternatively for a very small majority (elderly, foreigners) whom don’t use digital media can print at ticket office.
        It was the same when boarding passes became digital everyone was up in arms about not having a ticket, it will work through the club site and an app I presume! However I will miss the card as I do the book.

      • Not a problem for me Russell but my autistic son likes to be independent and he can’t cope with the technology. Perhaps,a half way house is to offer season ticket holders the option of phone or card?

        • That would be the best option. Facial recognition is one for the future but too expensive atm but also not flawless.

  3. What happens if you lost your phone or forget it on the way to the game and I agree about children not having access to mobile phones stick with access cards

  4. What do you do when you cannot make the game and you let a friend have your ticket do you have to take your phone to get in .Every body wants there phone at hand
    I personally can’t see a easier way of getting in to any
    Or are they trying to stop the kids ticket fiddles

    • You can print off a bar code via your email address, to give to friends I think they may have to be members…

  5. What if you wanted to let someone else use your ST for a game you couldn’t attend? Giving them your mobile phone to take is not practicable!!

  6. Well my wife and I will likely be the annoying pensioners battling with uncharged phones, apps and stuff at the front of the queue. Sorry in advance!

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