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Dimitri Payet: ‘Why I left West Ham’

SlavandpayetSpeaking to the French magazine So Foot Dimitri Payet says that Bilic managed him like a father but the real reason why he left was West Ham’s objective differed from the previous season and he feared for his career.

Payet said: “He managed me like a father. We spoke every day. He quickly understood how I worked. You saw that straight away in how quickly I adapted. He’s a cranky guy. He’s from Croatia… He can shout, but he’s good at man management”.

On leaving Marseille for West Ham he said: “I left Marseille feeling unsatisfied. Playing in Marseille during the Euros brought all that back, and I saw the fans were still behind me despite me changing clubs. I told myself when I left that I would return to OM. Leaving was never in my plans, anyway. No one ever forces me to do anything, but leaving the club was done out of love. I knew there was a need for money, and the most expensive players would be sold. I could have said I didn’t want to leave, but when you love OM, you can’t even think about leaving it in the sh*t.”

On leaving West Ham he added: “I left for many reasons, but the main one was about football: West Ham’s objectives weren’t the same as the last season, and I felt in danger for my football and my chances with the national team. I had a choice to make”.

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9 comments on “Dimitri Payet: ‘Why I left West Ham’

  1. It’s a fair comment, I hate the way he did it but if the owners lie to him and the manager about building a team for the top four then the people who are lied too are going to vote with their feet, the best players in the world want to play with the best, our owner bought a load of squad players with potential even if they did try hard to get Bacca and Lacazette. It’s impossible to say whether what he says is true or just convenient my gut feeling is probably a bit of both, if I was lied to by the owners I would feel pretty miffed I certainly wouldn’t have taken a loyalty bonus though before engineering a move. The owners appear to think that they can make up these lies and because they are paying more money than they have previously to players the players should suck it up, that is not reality and I wish the owners would realise that talking the talk only gets you so far.

  2. Smoke and mirrors; the bloke’s a *****, and content to look after No.1 at the expense of everything else. Good riddance

  3. He is a liar, because he already wanted out in the summer when PSG came in for him. He was tapped up during the Euros early in the summer.
    To pretend it was because of some change of plan is hideous..

  4. Im sure he has some redeeming features but wasnt it originally all about his private life why he had too leave.Hmmm now its about the lack of ambition and footballing reasons.
    The fella makes it up as he goes along and unfortunately some will swallow it.

  5. Hmmm so our board not only lie to the fans about ambition and team building, they bulls**t the players as well. The things that annoy me most about our board is the way they mouth off about buying players but won’t meet asking price, they use a boy as club spokesperson and they shaft the manger blaming him for there lack of investment in playing staff. The manager identifies players he wants and the dwarf decides the manager really needs a couple of loan deals instead. Seems they will tell any big money story just to sell season tickets. With all the money going into the club via Sky, sponsorship, saved running costs etc our debts have not reduced at all just changed ownership. And of course who is that’s creaming the 6% interest off them. Then they claim they could get 10 elsewhere but prefer to loan to WHU. What a absolute load of brown stuff, these 3 are in business to make money and thats exactlly what they are doing making money out of the club at the expense of adding proper long term playing staff, loan deals are nothing more than a cheap short term option to disguise there lack of investment and trust in managers judgement.

    How did we had a great transfer window, we signed a end of career freebie as fullback who dont have legs to play as wing back, we signed a loan deal for average keeper, and we at last after 2 years of waiting actually signed a striker, shame he is no longer at his prime and don’t fit the managers preferred formation of lone striker hence the 4-4-2 will are deploying this season. Sullivan should stick to the managers transfer script not ablib when getting players , he is far from qualified to pick the playing staff.

    After the close of the last transfer window, I wouldn’t blame Slav for walking out as they are treating him the same as the fans, mugs and muppets.

  6. Lol yep lets all believe the word of Le Sulk.Im indifferent to Goldfinger & Nick Nack but i think i would take Donald Trump at his word before Payet 😁

    • Agree, he wasn’t playing withworld beaters at OM and made his rep with us which made France give him another go.
      Too many think because of our owner’s (agreed ) faults that any criticism is true , whether from Sporting Lisbon, the truly dismal Snodgrass or. Payet.

  7. He had a track record for pulling his stunts so it really shouldn’t have been a surprise – the guy had a dodgy character and West Ham knew that – it was always going to end in tears!

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