Do you want Sakho back? The fans respond

Diafra Sakho is back and training with the first team but do the fans want him after the troubles he has suffered over the past year or so.

Here  ClaretandHugh Facebook followers @https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ give their views on a striker who at his best is a real handful but has been unavailable for so long.

Is it time to quit on the Senegal striker?


O If Sakho is right in the head then we should give him a chance..its a no brainer.
The fella is a menace, although, will Slav play two up front to accommodate him? Don’t see it myself.

O The boy just wants to play,and lets face it on form he is nightmare for any defender.

O If he can keep some sort of consistent fitness then it’d be like having a new signing. Just a case of wait and see. Would save us a bit of cash if he does get back to his best.

O I’ll believe it when I see 20-25+ plus appearances in a single season…. not holding my breath.

O Remember that his primary injury was caused by careless medics on international duty! The guy has got an awful lot to give if treated with a little bit of care and on a personal note, should he only manage 20 to 25 games but score 10 plus goals in that time, I’d take it!

O I’d love a fully fit Sakho back!

O Sakho is a great option, off the bench…

O Is he a team player or a disruption?

O I’d see how he performs between the start of the season and the January window. If he stays fit, contributes and causes no problems, fine. If not, out him in January

O Personally think he has had too many chances. However no one will buy him this summer and his contract runs out at the end of the year so we might as well tell him to prove himself for a new deal. If he did he is a top goalscorer who could partner Hernandez well


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29 comments on “Do you want Sakho back? The fans respond

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  2. What about do we want poppodom back 😈 much more interesting IMO 🍻🍻

  3. I agree with whatever Dan says.

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  9. I don’t agree.

  10. I refuse on prinipal to agree with anyone called Dan, because i hate the Elton John song,what a load of slushy old shyt that is 😁
    Oh and last chance saloon for Sakho,if he plays up again then bin the loonie tune.But Poppodom must stay as i love him so much & dont want to upset his Pony Tail Ninjas who lurk in the background ready to pounce 😂

    • Ahhh the Ponytails ninja front have always been lurkers rads , brought up in the wrong background environment , its all the romans fault importing porcelain from China claiming its the best thing since gourds were invented, basxxxds. 😂😂 as long as the Sam don’t go to the same saloon as the doll he can be saved 🍻👅😂

  11. OMG.. the loonies are running the Asylum ……………………………………..help …..

  12. Unless Someone offers Good money which I doubt he would get half of what Fletcher even got. Might as well keep him this is make or break for him this season for his career. And cost us what £3m if he scores 5 goals or more I’ll be happy. He is only in I think £30k so year left and not like AC wages.

  13. On his day he is quality… a fully fit Sakho would get 15 goals in a season.
    We all know what he’s capable of.
    It’s just his injuries and his attitude that need tuning.
    Simple as that.
    If he plays up top with chicharito…
    Then my god… its goals galore.
    Especially with the prospect of Arnie, Antonio and lanzini creating for the pair.

  14. People’s front of Judia, Judian’s people’s front…sorry kind of lost it there, last chance saloon for saks i think.

  15. Is it true he only has one year left on his contract? If it is we are between a rock and a hard place aren’t we? If he hits form and stays fit between now and January then he will just run down his contract. We might offer him a new deal but I expect Sullivan will be reluctant after the past 2 seasons and besides I don’t honestly think he has any love for West Ham and his agent will convince him to run it down.

    So we are just putting him in the shop window for him to walk away next summer. That’s fine it is what it is but I can’t say I’m too mad about him or what he does. He’s a one year loan deal for me that’s all unless he says and does the right things early on.

    • He wants a pay rise John, he is on 27.5k a week I believe, if he wants to earn that it means he will have to earn a new contract or leave for another club, in reality what other club in the UK can offer him those wages and a chance at being a success he has been injured for most of two seasons, the likelyhood is his back will go again at some point this season so we can probably wait and see, if we get a season out of him and he goes like you I don’t think it will be the end of the world but if we can get him into a good place and he can stay fit and signs a new contract he is a great assett on the pitch, a nightmare for defenders and will probably score 10 – 15 goals.

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      • 😂😂 use the crystal ball john 😂😂😂 all good fun old boy , its the sisters that are frightening 😉😂

  17. Most reports suggest that Sakho is now fully fit, and very motivated to continue his career at West Ham..
    Slav would have to use a 2-striker formation to get the best out of Sakho (3-5-2 or 4-4-2).
    That said, he and Chicharito could really strike up a very venomous attacking pair.

  18. If it’s a race for fitness between Sakho & Caroll , then I would prefer Carroll . At least his mind seems fit . The Carroll / Martinez mix is better than the Carroll / Sakho mix .
    If we are deciding on China dolls , it’s Carroll for me .
    Oh , and Good Morning Vietnam .

  19. Never thought I’d see the words Race, Fitness and Carroll in the same sentence 😆😆 Now if you’d come up with the words P***, Kebab, Groin, Injured, On the, Seen eating a, with a knackered and still frigging, it would be much more believable Kev 😀

    • Kev,s mixing cocktails GW and confusing them with players 😂 he got the ingredients from his idol in the last chance saloon lol 😂 I worry about him sometimes 😉😇 luv him to bits 😍

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