“Done Deal” | West Ham have £40M Kilman Bid Accepted

Image for “Done Deal” | West Ham have £40M Kilman Bid Accepted

West Ham are understood to have had a £40m transfer bid for Wolverhampton Wanderers captain Max Kilman accepted.

A football transfer insider revealed the breaking news that the Hammers had made a bid, but subsequent outlets are now reporting that the fee has been accepted. As reported on C&H last week, West Ham were always likely to make a third and final offer of £40m to Wolves for their central defender, and it now seems that this is acceptable even though it’s £5m lower than Kilman’s valuation. The player is understood to have already agreed to join West Ham and personal terms have also been discussed as revealed by C&H last week.

Speaking on his social media, Romano stated: “West Ham are closing in on a deal to sign Max Kilman from Wolves! New bid worth £40m expected to be accepted soon, agreement almost done.

Kilman already agreed on personal terms as Julen Lopetegui wants him at all costs, as revealed weeks ago.

Here we go, soon.”

Sky Sports are also reporting that Wolves have accepted the offer for Kilman.

Kilman is expected to be immediately made West Ham captain by his former Wolves boss, Julen Lopetegui.

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  • Jimmy says:

    Well done West Ham, let’s see what the doom mongers say now!!

    • Gonzo says:

      Happy days Jimmy

    • S says:

      Probably still complaining about Moysie!

      Great pick up for the hammers. Now either go get Todibo or give Aguerd another shot and spend the money on a young striker!

    • Jez says:

      As long as you’ve got a top quality/experienced CB alongside him to coach him, he’ll be ok.

      As soon as Dawson got crocked, he was a bit lost.

      Way too quiet and understated to be a captain though.

      • Jeeps says:

        What JLo has wanted from outset.
        Not sure about price.
        If anything goes adrift now there will be no excuses.
        He will need a good pairing with other new c/bk
        Not sure about Jack Henry seems a bit low key (not sure where they find these players).
        What’s happened about Riccardo Calafori/Raoul Bellanova/Odilion Kossounou.
        Can hear it now, ‘Just be satisfied’, can’t afford 2 heavyweight signings.
        At least it’s one saga that’s out the way and we can move on with subsidiary needed players.
        Perhaps picture with other signing can be updated!!!!

  • ossie hammer says:

    great signing

  • Terry says:

    Good signing but too much money. He’s never worth 40 million. No watch every other club hike prices for anyone we show interest in.

  • Charlie Farley says:

    A decent player by all accounts, though I’ve not seen too much of him myself. In Julen and Tim, we trust……because we have to.
    In today’s market, you don’t get much for £25m when it comes to experienced Premier League players. If Kilman eventually costs us the full £40m, he will have proved his worth.

  • Eug1 says:

    His not worth no where near £40M His form last season fell of a cliff when Dawson got injured. We have paid wo Le class money for an OK CB Very disappointing. What happened to Pearl Diving? This is desperation

  • Eug1 says:

    World Class money for an O K Centre Back

    • Chris says:

      He was JLo’s number 1 choice for signing and captain, so I am happy to go with his experience and judgement. If he thinks he is the right choice to be our leader, that is good enough.

  • Joseph says:

    A lot of money but sometimes you just have to pay especially when a defender has two good knees!

  • Kip says:

    If true gonz..i said the other day that after all the back and forth and time wasting we will end up paying 40 mill with add ons and here we are….. ..we start of so low with bids that , straight away we alienate clubs to us, and in the end because of this , We fold to there demands…if they offered 35 straight awsy with performance related ad ons ..I bet they would of accepted and we would of saved 5 mil ….but that’s just me

    • D says:

      Why don’t you give the guy a chance rather c***ing him off. If I remember right most West Ham fans (including me) thought Dawson was one of our worse signings ever. How wrong were we? I dare say you thought he’d be brilliant from the get go.

      • Jez says:

        Not being bitter at all when I say that Dawson was the main man organising our defence last season, not Kilman.

        When Dawson got crocked, Kilman didn’t look half as good.

        He’s solid, but unspectacular I’d say – and a very quiet character to be a captain. Nice chap tho.

  • Deathblow says:

    We’ve had our pants well and truly pulled down on this one. He’s nowhere near worth that price.
    Nothing changes while we still have Sullivan pulling the strings. He’s not even the player Dawson was, and what a gem we got there for peanuts. Why we can’t find our own diamonds in the rough I do not know..
    Idiots still in charge at our club.

    • S says:

      You do know that it was Sullivan who owned the club when we signed Dawson, right? Or does not get credit for good signings?

  • Saul says:

    None of us are football managers but weirdly, our new manager IS. So, who do you trust?

  • Mick C says:

    Great signing this is just the start !

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