“Doomed to Failure” | Newcastle Can’t Sign £100M Bowen

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Newcastle United intend to increase their transfer offer for West Ham winger and occasional striker Jarrod Bowen upon discovering there is no release clause in his Hammers’ contract. That’s the latest report from Football Insider, which claims the Magpies are ready to up their interest in the England man.

The Toon are known admirers of West Ham’s HOTY and were clearly hoping to get the player on the cheap. However, Eddie Howe’s team has now learned that West Ham values Bowen at over £100 million, yet somehow this has not dissuaded them from showing interest.

Quite simply, Bowen is settled and happy at West Ham, and reports suggest he has no desire to uproot his young family to the Northeast. Factor in that West Ham has no desire to sell the player, and Newcastle’s interest becomes completely redundant.

New Hammers head coach Julen Lopetegui is also understood to be keen to work with Bowen and is a huge admirer of the Hammers’ forward.

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  • Bish says:

    Anyone with half an interest in football could have told NFC they have no chance whatsoever of signing Bowen. He’ll very likely see his career out at the London Stadium – so Newcastle supporters should maybe be asking why their board (and presumably manager) seem willing to waste so much time pursuing a player they’re obviously not going to get. They might have newly acquired filthy lucre (which they can’t spend of course), but they really need to do some proper research on transfer targets before making their interest publicly known – otherwise it just becomes embarrassing.

  • Essexiron67 says:

    You’ll struggle to keep your own players Dave ,FFP stops you in your tracks ,lol

  • Matt says:

    Get real Dave!

    Just because you can’t afford him, that doesn’t mean he isn’t good enough for the Toon.

    Bowen walks in to your side as he is Prem proven and scores consistently. I rate Gordon highly and know we can’t afford him either.

    Both Gordon & Bowen are perfect for Liverpool, a title and top 4 contender every season. Bowen was Klopp’s favourite player not at Anfield.

    Take those black & white goggles off for a moment and come down from planet Toon to the real world 🌍

  • Joseph says:

    I’m happy we can keep this CRAP player and hopefully find some crappy other ones to go alongside him! Toon fans now seeing their project implode in front of there eyes lol…that will teach them to forget the murderous regime that owns them…..big club pfff in a one horse town maybe but Sunderland have more about them than the barcodes

  • Paul says:

    As a Toon fan for over 50 years I would love to have Bowen in our team and wanted him when he left Hull, but I don’t see any reason why he’d leave WHU if he’s happy there, or why you’d sell if you don’t have to. Also, I don’t see us paying £100m and don’t blame WHU for putting that price on him. Like most sites, Football Insider talk a lot of b*ll*cks, so we don’t know what offers have or haven’t been made.

  • Cockney boy78 says:

    Toon fans are a funny bunch go on like they’re a big team where are your trophies? 😂😂😂

    • Hammeroo says:

      I think you’ll find they have won a lot of trophies if you go back far enough, just not in recent times. I wouldn’t get too carried away with our Conference League trophy, after all it is a bit of a Mickey Mouse one. And it’s the first we have won for many years. Newcastle can still attract good players. Just not our Jarrod Bowen!

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