Double announcement due

1Jack+and+JoshWest Ham’s Chairman of the Youth Supporters Club Jack Sullivan has confirmed that West Ham plan to announce the appointment of their 15th manager within the next 48 hours.  He also added that the Hammers expect to announce a major player signing this week too.

Speculation was rife on social media earlier today that an announcement would  be made as early as this afternoon but Claret and Hugh were told this was ‘100% untrue’ by a senior source.

Speaking on his twitter account just after school finished 15 year old Jack wrote “Cheeky update -we expect to announce our new manager within 48 hrs or less, keep visiting official WHU web site, where it will be announced” he then added “we expect a major player signing this week, I’ll update you as soon as its done”




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13 comments on “Double announcement due

  1. after what the chairmen said the other day I’m suspicious that it might not be Bilic after all.
    He said they were looking for a manager with experience of one of the major leagues like Italy Spain Germany etc.
    Perhaps they talked to De Matteo after all. Is he available?
    If not, who else?

    • Bielsa is still in the running as he has not signed with Marsielle according to other reports in the media.The other media report says he wants to go head to head with Bilic for the position at West Ham.

  2. My old man is involved in football and the other day he was chatting to someone who said they were Bilic’s agent and his agent, if it was his agent said that it was a done deal and that Bilic would be the next manager. Lets hope the guy was genuine or if not lets hope Bilic is the manager anyway 😉

  3. ahah.. here’s the hottest weather report: we’re expecting heavy golden rains and floods until Wednesday all over wetpents.com. Since then hurricanes, storms and tornadoes; nappies and defibrillators are strongly recommended… lool 😀

  4. It must be Bilic. Here’s an interesting view on how Bilic did at Besitkas. I had no idea he had to play all his home games while in charge at a temporary stadium.
    I think the fact that the fans loved him is a great sign. I’m excited about this and I’m sure he will immediately unite us.

  5. Bilic done deal but who is the player,not sure I would call our lad from Sampadoria
    Would be called a major signing ?

  6. It can only be Bilic – I hope. I would like to see Ferdinand in the coaching set up some how think that would be a nice touch. Then we would have Dicks, Bilic, Ferdinand, and Potts all on the coaching books set up throughout the club – no excuses for poor defending! I’ve not seen any previous players saying anything negative for the man only positive. His previous fans seem to love him hopefully he comes and can be someone that brings passion back to the touchline.

    • sounds a good idea with Bilic pulling it together. Pity sheringham couldn’t stay to join them.
      Mind you Harry was wrong to suggest Rio as manager for his first solo post. I don’t like experiments at west ham.

  7. And, truth be told, we are still no nearer knowing who it is, in spite of all the claims about Bilic. Still no clue as to who these others who were interviewed really are.
    If Gold is to be believed they are all candidates with experience in a top league, leaving the large question unanswered, who are they?

  8. Good,lets get some of this stuff sorted.New manager,new player possibly.Wheels are turning.Good old Jack Sullivan,he makes me laugh with his tweets,lol.Unless youre a miserable wetpants member who have to get their pants in a twist by taking it too seriously by calling it unprofessional,embarressing as a club & a PR disaster,haha.Will they ever one day find something about the club not to rubbish.They think they are such amazing fans but spend all their time bashing the club.Pathetic!! 😉

  9. Do wetpants not understand young Jack is used to do just this,we have heard nothing from him for months and now this,
    I don’t care who tells me as long as it’s true when it comes out,
    All I am hearing is so positive at the moment,ex players coming back into the fold to form a new back room staff that understands what this club is and its methods,
    Let’s hope the transfers meet the expectations of us lot

  10. Where does Jack Sullivan stand in the son’s league table? Are we interested in letting any other sons tweeting? Could they have used a daughter? What does it all mean? Where’s my clean nappy? I’m soaking! Lol

  11. Lmao,Jack Sullivan has a following of 48k.Of which 25% probably dont even read his tweets.So he is a PR disaster around the world to a grand total of about 30k of people,lol.As i said on another post,he tweeted after it was on the Official Site anyway.So why are wetpants guys getting themselves all twisted up,they will end up dislocating a boll*ck 😉

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