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Dour Scot Moyes has charisma problem

David Moyes‘ personality as a dour Scot may be a secondary reason why Hammers fans can’t rally around him in his time of trouble. If that sounds harsh let me explain. Personality, charm and charisma are vital elements in the fans attitude towards individuals and bosses.

Dour Scot Moyes has charisma problem: Redknapp

Few would argue that Moysie is a dour Scot from whom few funny lines and general chit chat flow. He tends to make rather a lot of excuses and uses the same script after games dependent on victory or defeat. He has never made me laugh or even smile and were he too I might very well feel differently about whether I wanted him to battle through his current circumstances.

Dour Scot Moyes has charisma problem

First and foremost OF COURSE it is about results but were he similar in approach to Johnny Lyall,. Harry Redknapp or Slaven Bilic, all of whom had their tough times at the club, I’m sure many of us would be moved to support him more than is currently being seen.

Dour Scot Moyes has charism problem: Lyall

John led us to relegation but had a personality we all adored, Harry battled against tough times it and Slaven was loved until the day he was fired with everybody wanting him to make it .

Harry was always a manager who worked with the fans and in the end lost his job because of it explaining at the time: “The chairman Terry Brown had offered me a new four-year contract. What I did was talk to a fanzine, made some comments, and sometimes I should be a bit more careful.

I sat down with these guys from the fanzine and they started asking me questions and I spoke to them in the way I’d talk to someone in a pub. I said a few things I shouldn’t have said. He read it and got very upset. I walked into his office expecting to sign the contract and walked out without a job!”

Dour Scot Moyes has charism problem: Bilic

Both John and Slaven were also very much fans’ managers always giving the impression they were among the first thought on their minds.

I feel for Moyes in many ways what as we all are what we are but sadly he will now find it very difficult to win us over given all the circumstances.

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One comment on “Dour Scot Moyes has charisma problem

  1. It’s not about his dourness, it’s his defeatish mindset. If he showed some bullishness, and had a more aggressive mindset that then he’d be easier to rally behind….but his position is essentially the General in an army unit…and few would be inspired to go run in front of the enemy with him in charge.

    Having said that if he was more bullish, was more aggressive and domineering, then I doubt he’d be prepared to put a side out with such a meek approach and set of tactics.

    I don’t think anyone is that bothered about tippy-tappy football…we’re all generally happen with a direct approach, but it’s just too meek and passive.

    Liverpool are the way I believe our fans want to see the game played….aggressive pressing, attacking at pace and a high line getting the ball into the attackers quickly and directly.

    Moyes simply is a relic of an earlier time, and he was depressingly defensive even then. Once the players stop backing his methods he’s done for….and it’s hard to see how they can want to be a part of the way he plays the game.

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