Dozy Irons !

Dozy irons !



The dozy Irons may be about to pay the price for focusing entirely on the Declan Rice move to Arsenal.

Initially, after being seen as favourites to win the signature of the Leicester City midfielder – Harvey Barnes it now looks like that we are now in grave danger of losing him, as he appears to be going north to Newcastle accrding to many reports.

I thought the whole point of the likes of Tim Steidten and co was to do all the necessary wooing and groundwork to make potential transfers easier and more efficient so let’s hope teh various m,edia outlets have got it wrong?

Yes, I know that we will receive around £105m through the sale of Rice, and that the Irons will be offering European football next season.

This all was supposed to leave West Ham in our strongest position in years to take advantage of the summer transfer window.

The clock is ticking; it is now only four weeks or so before the start of the new campaign and we have yet to bring any players in.

It is not time to start panicking yet, but the last thing we need is a repeat of those non- thought out, last minute, knee- jerk transfers we inevitably end up doing…. Danny Ings anyone?


4 comments on “Dozy Irons !

  1. Still got to get ” Dithering Daves ” approval for new signings…………..Best of luck on that one !!!!!!!

  2. Would love to know who is responsible for this,. Whoever they are fir there is no good reason and waiting for Dec to go is no good reason, given the other monies they have had, should be shown the door.

  3. We’re too slow with transfers

  4. Doesn’t take a genius to realise Barnes will go to Newcastle who are in Champions league plus nice load of tainted Arab cash. Not a fan as he disappears in some games so not a worker!

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