Dreaded Sell-on Clause Strikes Again | Duran Deal Hitch

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West Ham United is edging closer to signing Colombian striker Jhon Duran from Aston Villa, but the deal could come with a hidden cost in the form of a hefty sell-on clause.

According to reports from 90min, Villa is willing to accept a lower fee than their initial £40 million asking price for the 20-year-old, as long as the Hammers agree to a significant sell-on percentage should they decide to sell Duran in the future. West Ham has reportedly tabled a £35 million bid, and personal terms with the player are believed to be already agreed upon.

While securing Duran for a lower fee is a clear win for West Ham in the short term, the potential sell-on clause poses a significant financial risk. If Duran flourishes at the London Stadium and West Ham eventually sells him for a much higher price, they would be obligated to pay a portion of that fee back to Villa.

Duran’s desire for regular first-team football seems to be the driving force behind this potential move. Despite Aston Villa’s qualification for the Champions League next season, Duran appears set on a new challenge where he can be the main striker. Chelsea’s previously strong interest in the player has also seemingly cooled down, leaving West Ham in a better position to secure his signature.

The 20-year-old Colombian has yet to make a significant impact at international level, playing just 14 minutes at the ongoing Copa America. However, his talent and potential are undeniable, making him an attractive proposition for West Ham.

The coming days will be crucial in finalising the transfer. West Ham must weigh the immediate benefit of signing a talented young player at a reduced fee against the potential long-term financial burden of a sell-on clause. One thing is certain: if the deal goes through, West Ham will be adding an exciting attacking prospect to their squad, but they must ensure they are not signing a future windfall for their Premier League rivals.

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  • B says:

    He cost Villa only £15mil. and has been a bust so far (8 goals in 37 apps – 3 in ECL)
    How the xxxx is he now £35mil. player?

    • B Nutcher says:

      “Has been a bust so far”. That’s a ridiculous statement. It indicates that you are looking at basic stats without any context (many sub appearances!) or without having seen him play much (if at all).

      He is a massive talent. If he gets his attitude right he could very quickly be one of the best strikers in Europe. He has it all… physicality, speed, a very powerful shot, killer instinct, desire.

      GBP 35 million is a bargain IF he drops his attitude.

      • NUGGETZ says:

        Yep, Villa fan and I want to keep Duran. His stats are actually very good and from the bench. Attitude stinks but his game is probably hinged on his self belief. Part of me wants to see him go to West Ham to see who is paying £100m for him a season down the line!!

    • Richard mooney says:

      That’s eight goals in the equivalent of 11 games. Not so dusty!

  • Kevlar says:

    B are you sully incognito? I agree we should get him in he’s young and has great potential! The only negative is his attitude but he’s only 20 so he hopefully will grow up and mature into a good player. COYI

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    Sure we’ve seen amazing talents at a young age before here at West Ham. Fortunately, we didn’t have to pay top dollar to secure Morrison, just to see him waste his talent in pursuit of the gansta life.

  • Jh says:

    Another typical, let’s put the negative spin on this transfer from c&h ..every single time …

  • John Ayris says:

    Transfer deals are far more complex than this. Payments are in instalments and so likely would be payments on profit made in the event of profit being made on a future sale. Then there’s add ons which can be more or less anything as agreed. There’s a whole range of flexible things that can be tweaked to make a deal acceptable to both sides.

  • Pongo says:

    Soory folks he may have exceptional talent, but as yet he has proved nothing and done nothing that warrants a 40 million fee, i can remember when Trevor Francis went for a million back in the day and people were shocked by it, but he at least had proved his worth, so dhuran may not have had the chances, but all that says is Watkins is better in villas eyes and he would fecth 40 to 50 million max,, so get off your horses and don’t overpay unless they have proved something, he is a 15million player with attitude at this moment in time and I seriously doubt that West ham will be able to get rid of the attitude problem or turn him into a top striker, our record with those sort of players isn’t very good at all.

    • B Nutcher says:

      That’s an absurd remark… “15 million player”.

      “As yet he has proved nothing”. Really? Nothing? He hasn’t proved that he is capable of scoring often in the PL and Europe relative to minutes played? Another ridiculous remark.

      Villa wouldn’t even politely respond to only 50 million for Watkins.

      The Trevor Francis comment also tells me that you’re stuck in the past.

  • Paul Taylor says:

    I would tend to agree with your comments and think of all the forwards repudiated to be on West Hams radar that he is potentially the best by far and would easily double his transfer value after a successful season. With the talent either side of him I’m pretty sure he’ll score 20 goals plus, he’s talented, aggressive and hard working from what I’ve seen and Lopetegui would have a striker and team worthy of a top 6 finish. Much better option than El Nesry, Broja, Abraham etc

  • Trebor says:

    All this moaning about he’s not worth this or that . Well he’s got a lot more experience than this so called Brazilian wonder kid that nobody had probably heard of untill last month .

    • My middle leg says:

      We’ve got a record with signing players with attitude, Payet, Arnautovic, Paolo for instance. It never affected their play on the field tho. 40m is a gamble for a 20 year old with minimal experience in the premier league but with all gambles you either win big or lose. He’s gonna get goals if he’s given the chance. I’d still prefer Jonathan David tho 🛠🛠

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