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David Sullivan has as spoken frankly and exclusively to ClaretandHugh about the decision to allow Sam Allardyce to continue in his job.

Much rumour and speculation has done the rounds since it was announced the 59 year old boss was set to be sacked.

And Sullivan was happy to respond to our questions immediately after making the official announcement that the much criticised Allardyce will take the Hammers into the new season.

Here in question and answer form is his first interview since that announcement.

HS:  Some people will see the decision to keep the manager  waiting a week before announcing the decision to let him stay as a vote of no confidence from an anxious board. Is that a fair view?

DS: Not at all. Its was a very important decision and we wanted time to come to the right decision.

HS:  Were other managers approached during that period?

DS: Nobody at the club  spoke to any potential manager in the last 7 days.

HS: Some will wonder whether there is going to be a real tension and difficulties between Sam and the board regarding both future signings and the more hands on policy by yourself and colleagues. Is that fair?

DS: We do not think so.

 HS: Will Sam’s position come back under the microscope if there is not a real change in our style of football next season.

DS: We always review the manager’s position at the end of each season and we expect a dramatic improvement in the way we play and the results we achieve.

 HS: Is this he end of Ravel Morrison and WHUFC given all the unpleasant and controversial publicity surrounding his relationship with the manager.

DS: Not necessarily. We’ll do what’s best for Ravel and the Club.


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • jaybs says:

    Fat Sam has pulled off the Biggest Con of The Century, I will Change Governors! I Promise! the Dinosaur of Football, does not know how to change! The truth is David Sullivan well and truly bottled it! all the promises of we care for the Fans! Next question Sam will be asked the co-owners is What is the Academy? Attacking Coach, who can he get from Bolton, Kevin Davis or ask Kevin Nolan, Hey Kev do you want some extra money in your pocket? take you close to Andy Carroll’s wasted salary!

    I have supported the club since I was a youngster, but this next season it will be just selected games, no merchandise, the only way to get a message to Sullivan & Gold is to hit them in the pocket and that they well & truly will not like!

  • EastStandJack says:

    See Ya Rav, looking forward to seeing an empty Upton Park next season!

  • JMan43 says:

    So there were no other managers in the frame, so there was never going to be any other decision than keeping Sam, so still not clear on what the wait was for and this has not answered it in the slightest. Thought you could have pressed him a harder to justify the decision and how they now going to heal the rift between the club and a sizable proportion of the fans because I am hearing of more and more for whom this is enough. They made a decision but again the manner and way they went about it has been very poor. I see nothing but trouble and struggle ahead.

  • sparrow says:

    Interesting choice of words “Nobody at the club  spoke to any potential manager in the last 7 days”.
    That wasn’t the question asked, the question was “were other managers approached?” it is perfectly possible that manager(s) were approached by third parties on the club’s behalf. When someone uses such oblique language and carefully chosen words which don’t actually match the question asked, it makes you suspicious that the the truth is actually the opposite of the impression given.

  • eaststandandrew says:

    Very clever wording by Mr Sullivan to the has anyone been contacted question.

    He answered nobody at the club has spoken to anyone………this is correct nobody at the club has spoken to anyone directly however someone has spoken to 2 individuals re the managers job on the clubs behalf.

    This is often the case and it allows the club to distance themselves and trot out the ‘nobody at the club’ line when asked.

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