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Dyche availability could give Hammers plan B


There is an unwritten rule in the Premier League that no manager can suffer six straight defeats in a row and survive. With three straight defeats in the Premier League against  Arsenal, Wolves, Spurs Moyes has Chelsea, Newcastle and Burnley to stop the rot.

The board desperately want Moyes to turn things around and get vital points on the board but there will be limits and six straight defeats would most likely cross that line.

Insiders have indicated that they would stick by Moyes even if relegated but strings would be attached to that continuation and six back to back defeats would leave his future in serious doubt.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Sean  Dyche could be available this summer after allegedly falling out with his Burnley chairman.

The board are known big admirers of Dyche with Karren Brady often praising him in her Sun column.

The Daily Mail claim Dyche is considering leaving Burnley at the end of the season due to the deterioration in his relationship with chairman Mike Garlick, which other senior figures at the club fear is fractured beyond repair.  The Burnley manager has been frustrated by the club’s failure to agree contract extensions for several senior players this summer,  and become further disillusioned in recent days after being told there will be little money for new signings when the transfer window opens next month.

Dyche has two years left on his contract – which if completed would see him spend almost 10 years at the club – but he could walk away prematurely the tabloid says.

While the board are currently backing Moyes 100%, Dyche could quickly become a plan B if Moyes fails to turn the hammers fortunes around.

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16 comments on “Dyche availability could give Hammers plan B

  1. Would take him in a heartbeat, grown a real local side there with pros who work hard

  2. Six defeats in, and we’ll effectively be relegated. Why would Sean Dyche 1) want to manage a club in the Championship, and 2) manage a club the Championship that’s run by GSB? Once relegated, the damage will have been done, and GSB may as well give Moyes the chance to rebuild.

  3. I dont share the enthusiasm for Dyche (although I cant really say why – questions are raised by his not being more outspoken about the racism in Burnley)

    If we have three more straight defeats then we are probably down anyway – I would give Halajko a go after the wonders that he has worked with the U23 squad

  4. I am not convinced moyes is the long term solution. You are inferring that Motes should be sacked in three more games. I cannot see how doing that would keep the team in the premiership. It is ridiculous to imagine any team can sack a manager at this stage.

    The truth about this team which Motyes inherited from Pellegrini, is that this team is as poor as the Sunderland team which was relegated under Moyes . if I had been Moyes I would never have accepted the job . . No other person would have taken on this shambles of a squad and seriously believed they are good o enough to stay up.

    Dyche should have been offered the job a long time ago , and he may still brr made an offer . Frankly , the idea of sacking Moyes now is absurd. I also feel the task of rebuilding the club over the next three years is a herculean task. and there wont be many takers unless Sullivan starts to delegate for the first time. The team will be in the championship or worse for some considerable time When Yarmolenko and Anderson are paid off. SO Dyche is going to need a lot of persuasion to come to the club i support. More likely we will get Chris Hughton because he is free and cheap.Based on previous form, Sullivan wont bother to interview a selection of candidates systematically . It will just be a quick decision because he will want his summer holiday and it will be cheap. I hope Dyche is on any shortlist in the future. Now is the time to ask David Moyes to leave . The team would be relegated regardless of who took over ,with the possible exception of Nigel Pearson

  5. Good manager, but I wonder if offered the job would he think, Am I jumping out of the frying pan into the fire?

  6. Then Plan B it is! 🙂

  7. Firstly would Dyche want to join a West Ham club that is in total disarray. Would Dyche want to join a Championship side (feasibly|). Would Dyche get on with 2 “its my club owners, who don’t know good advice if it hit them in the face. Finally would Dyche join a club that has no money, yet is 17th in the rich list. Obviously Moyes has to go and the thought of him still being there next season really doesn’t make me a happy hammer at all.

  8. Has done a fantastic job at Burnley on a fraction of the budget West Ham have given their managers.Would certainly sort out the grafters from the shirkers for starters.

  9. For all his attributes Dyche led Burnley are as dull to watch as a Sam Allardyce team !
    Time to stick with Moyes who will just about keep us in the Premier league and then bring in younger aspirational players plus give academy boys a better chance. After covid crisis there will be no money for all but the few at top so just trying to exist will be prime aim.

  10. Dyche is no different from any of those other big man up front merchants . I believe Moyes should be sacked should we fail to win the next game after Chelsea – that’s a write off on current form .
    But Dyche is not the answer at any stage .
    If by some miracle we stay up or indeed are relegated we need to appoint a young manager who will encourage youth and play on the ground .
    Who that is , I haven’t got a clue .
    But then again I’m not a football club chairman.

  11. If we go down, we should keep Moyes. His style of physical strong, dual-winning squads might not be the most exciting, but it is needed in Championship. We obviously do not have much physicality in the team, overall that is, and not much pace either so there is no clear identity in the way we play at the moment. Pellegrini tried to create an identity, but that unfortunately did not work as we know in heinsight. Moyes will do the same with a vastly different identity, but currently dont have a squad with the capabilities needed for this style of football. Moyes also has a nack for Championship players, so I’m sure he follows the league closesly which would be a big plus. Let’s hope we stay up , but if we dont then my opinion is Moyes will be less of a gamble in my view.

  12. I was not happy with the Moyes appointment but felt a little better after the three performances at Liverpool & Arsenal & home to Southampton in between though we lost the two away games but I thought momentum may have been building in the right direction. I don’t think the lockdown has done us any favours as we haven’t even looked like the team from the last three games prior to lockdown & I’m not sure Moyes can get them up for it. I think Moyes is showing in the restart that he can’t adapt to change very quickly which isn’t a good sign. I think Dyche could be a good appointment in the future but also like the way Eddie Howe has Bournemouth play though they’ve suffered a bit this year which may be down to injuries so I read. The only thing with I worry about with Howe is that he seems like a really nice bloke & can he be hard enough on underperforming prima donnas. Still very worried for the rest of the season especially when Moyes says it could well come down to our last game against Villa 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  13. four words
    Brentford boss Thomas Frank/

    has done wonders at Brentford but if automatice promotion won’t come to us.

    • He would be a fantastic choice if Brentford miss out on promotion simply for the style of play.I still think we have got just enough to finish above Villa and Bournemouth but only if Ogbonna and Haller are back and Wilshere surely deserves a run out as he owes the club big time and the perfect scenario could be him saving us from the drop.

  14. No thanks

  15. There isn’t a British manager fit to manage in the modern game, if the best we have to offer is Brendan Rodgers then it shows how weak they are. If we are going to go with younger players, pay Bielsa close to what we paid Pellegrini and back him, he improves players and clubs. Should have got him first time around, he doesn’t accept passengers like Anderson and Halle as well as others he is imho the answer.

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