E20 may insist on ‘Spurs navy’ surround at stadium

West Ham could find themselves playing inside their own stadium with a surround in the navy colour of Spurs if the owners E20 get their way!
Despite the Hammers winning every point at an expert determination on the issues over which the two sides have been at war for months the owners seem set on denying the club a Claret surround preferring Spurs navy.
And a Hammers insider claimed they want £170k extra rent per year from the Hammers to lay a claret surround.
E20 are also looking for sponsorship of the surround but that is believed to clash with Premier League regulations and CandH is currently checking the position out.
A West Ham insider alleged: “If they go ahead with their plan the pitch will 90 per cent Spurs Blue with them paying for it when WHUFC would have paid for it  if it was claret . However, E20 want £170k a year rent  for that.”
ClaretandHugh wrote to E20 posing questions covering the issue and the health and safety risks of the situation after Phil Jones and Cheik Kouyate had tripped over the carpet last season.
Here’s their response: “We are complying with all of the decisions made through the expert determination process, including supplying a pitch surround in a contrasting colour, and continue to discuss the solutions with West Ham United. We have begun the procurement process for the new pitch surround which will be in place within the next few weeks.
We are not going to comment on private negotiations, however, we wish to  protect our commercial rights which involve securing the best deal for all our assets such as the sponsorship potential of the pitch surround.
The safety and security of fans, players, officials and staff at the London Stadium is our priority and the stadium operator, LS185, will ensure that both the pitch-side run-off strip and the pitch surround are safely secured for all matches.”
The Hammers insider added: “They are being unreasonable in our view and to go with navy blue rather than allow us to pay for a claret surround is insensitive in the extreme given they are the Spurs colours.

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5 comments on “E20 may insist on ‘Spurs navy’ surround at stadium

  1. Mick Jones?
    Not sure The Clash have played the OS as they disbanded some time ago.
    Phil Jones of Manure however DID trip.

  2. E20 appear to be putting profits (& I use the term E20 & profits loosely) before H&S?
    To insult the West Ham by wanting a surround in Spuds colours and allegedly implying that a Claret surround would cost the club an extra £170,000 seems like a bit of bad loser spite,(especially when West Ham offered to pay for the whole lot)?
    I would have thought the way E20 have conducted themselves throughout since they took over must be somewhat of a joke in the City. As for wanting to protect their commercial rights? West Ham Utd are a Global brand. The London Stadium is shown across the World every time we play there. You would have thought, E20 would want to be on good terms with their tenant who gives them a window on the World. That’s how you protect your commercial rights!!
    The board having to fight the Landlord at every turn in my opinion shows E20 management are not up to the job. The sooner the Stadium is sold to West Ham the better for all concerned.
    When the Birmingham referbished athletics stadium comes online for the Commonwealth games I think we will see a change in attitude from the Mayor and E20.

  3. I think the stadium operators are foolish not to have taken our money for the surround, but as the Spuds are known as the “lillywhites” navy blue is no worse than most colours and better than red.

  4. Why instead of claret don’t they offer to make it white, might not look quite as clean as a darker colour but would seem a decent compromise ?

  5. For gods sake it’s like kids in the school playground arguing over what colour it should be. Just pay the 170k a year which is peanuts to a premier league club like us and then we can have a nice claret surround or even a nice blue one (West Ham blue)

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