Early Business Would Set West Ham And Lopetegui On The Right Track

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West Ham have already been linked with multiple players this summer, a couple from Brazil specifically, and it’s reassuring because doing business early is a good thing, especially when there’s a new manager in position. Julen Lopetegui officially took over from David Moyes recently, and it’s in his interests that recruitment is already underway.

It’s always seen as beneficial when a club is making moves in the transfer market early, both in and out of the club. It shows that they’re prepared and have a strategy in place. West Ham finished ninth in the Premier League last season and want to better next. By bringing in more quality and adding depth this will dramatically improve their chances, and this will be confirmed by all reputable online football betting markets with the odds they offer up on The Hammers.

The above may seem obvious; you add more quality, and you do it early, you increase squad depth and competition for places, and then you’ll naturally be in a better position than you were last season. But it’s fair to say that there’s slightly more to it than that, especially where West Ham are concerned. For example, Technical Director Tim Steidten is currently out in Brazil and trying to lock in deals for Brazilian talents such as Luis Guilherme. West Ham’s interest has brought others to the table, but the fact they were first in and trying to do business early could pay dividends and allow them to get the youngster signed.

And, the fact that West Ham are trying to complete business early also means that if deals fall through, such as the one Steidten lined up for centre-back Fabricio Bruno, they still have plenty of time to react and look elsewhere. This wouldn’t be the case if they were leaving it late to try and sign players, and it could also result in their desperation being capitalised on by selling clubs. Striking early means you are more likely to face less competition, and the financials are less likely to be inflated.

Moyes leaving and Lopetegui arriving is also going to be another reason why work must be underway and hopefully completed as soon as possible. The Spaniard does things differently from his predecessor; his players need to get to know him, and he also needs to get his ideas and philosophy over to them so they’re on the right track when the new Premier League season commences. Players arriving late will likely still need time to adjust, which could have a negative impact initially.

The fact that West Ham are already pressing on and trying to do business is a positive, and it’s not smoke and mirrors based on the reports that are coming out from different sources and areas of the globe. It should be music to the ears of West Ham fans and to Lopetegui and the board, with the music getting louder when deals are confirmed in the coming weeks.

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