East Stand to be renamed after West Ham legend

West Ham Vice-Chairman Karren Brady has told the London Assembly budget monitoring committee that she has reached an agreement with stadium owners London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) on a suite of disputes yesterday with CEO Lyn Garner before her appearance this afternoon at City Hall.

Brady says the LLDC has now agreed that West Ham can rename the London East Stand after a West Ham player thought to be Billy Bonds and there is also an agreement to install a statue at Champions place outside the stadium where the Champions Statue from Green Street was supposed to be moved.

She added that there is now an agreement on a new pitch surround which will be mainly claret with West ham crossed Hammers logos with a small London Stadium dark blue edge to it. The West Ham honours board will also be re-instated after the two sides came to an agreement.

Karren Brady’s full appearance in front of London Assembly member can be found below.



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6 comments on “East Stand to be renamed after West Ham legend

  1. I watched it all and was impressed with her. It’s great to hear that Lyn Garner is applying some common sense to what has been a farcical affair to date. I was pleased to witness seemingly unilateral support for West Ham from the committee members, who seemed to understand why we are so aggrieved, given our experience and multiple offers to help the LLDC and E20 run a tighter ship. No doubt egos have historically prevented that from happening, and I hope this committee is able to dig into the root causes of it when they quiz the operators – I do hope you’ll keep us informed as to when that meeting will occur, and hopefully we can watch that too.

  2. I watched it too buddy(retirement leaves you to much of a day to fill in) was pleased with the response of the committee who seamed a little shocked by some of the revalations by BB
    and now somebody may do a full audit on the 6 million + fixed cost i would start with the wages paid to E20 and LLDC .The commission paid to the raft of suites and white hats in charge of every thing from moveing the seats to changing a light bulb
    And thanks to BB for playing a blinder though the red tops and the Guardian along with the Charlton supporters group will see it different

  3. Watched this throughout and have to say Karen Brady was really impressive and convincing. Hopefully the campaign of misinformation by the Mayor and the others will stop and some commonsense applied. Sadly I can’t see that happening as it is much easier to blame West Ham for everything! Whatever happens in the press, it is to be hoped that the people responsible for the sheer waste of public money will be held to account, but again I’m not holding my breath on that either!.

  4. Just watched this in full and for any of the doubters that Karren Brady does not have the Hammers interest at heart, they should do the same. There is a reason why she is so successful and it comes down to commercial acumen. We are extremely lucky to have such a talented individual at our club. The London Assembly were almost willing her to take the LS off of the tax payers hands…..I think this will happen, when the deal is right for WHU COYI

  5. Most impressive. Obviously the Mayor took the chance
    , after the Burnley game, to grandstand and stick himself up front. Once everything died down and no further press opportunities were on offer, he lost all interest.
    I sincerely hope the next hearing is also televised. I can’t wait to hear our landlords answers to some very serious, probing questions. Bravo BKB

  6. Every fan should watch this, not only to get the facts but to see what a major assett we have in Karen Brady. By heck she was impressive! If someone doesn’t have the time to watch it all I would recommend the section from 1:15:40 where she lists West Ham’s contribution to the area – makes you proud. I hope when her image appears on the screens in future there’s a big cheer instead of the boos I heard last time I was there.

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