Embarrassing and clueless as Sam chews gum

Sam-Allardyce-edited1_2519771Every single reason why Sam Allardyce must be replaced was on display here!

To rephrase an old expression  – the manager drunk coffee and chewed gum whilst the Hammers burned – embarrassing doesn’t even get close.

This was a team without any spirit or guts, left to go through the motions by a manager who does however have a talent for sucking on Wrigleys and looking hard.

Even when all was lost his answer was to throw on a couple of second half “game changers” – Matt Jarvis and the inevitable Kevin Nolan

WrigleysThe first half was 45 minutes of total Manchester City domination – the second wasn’t much better but we did put our attacking game together for a whole five minutes or so towards the end.

And to ensure there’s a bit of perspective involved let’s please remember we were playing a team that in recent weeks has been beaten by Burnley and Crystal Palace.

There was never a better time to play them but we were so bad it was cringeworthy.

A Collins own goal set City on their way when he  sliced an attempted clearance over Adrian and saw it hit the underside of the bar and in.

They added the second with a quick break from a sloppy Downing pass when he would have better employed letting the ball run into touch.

Aguero played in Navas who returned the compliment before the prolific hitman took a touch before slotting through the legs of Adrian.

It was all too easy for Pellegrini’s mob as they showed ball skills and energetic running and skill, the irons could only dream about.

We gave them too much space, allowed them to play their football at will and then watched in predictable resignation as Nolan and Jarvis trooped on for the not very good Carlton Cole and Alex Song.

No Nene, no Amalfitano, no flair, no skill, no creativity – just Wrigley wrappers in the dug out and the regular bullish scowl as he and the team he has been able to inspire since Christmas disappeared down the tunnel.

My heart went out to our travelling fans who gave a thin rendering of Bubbles towards the end. Those fellas are brilliant – they and the rest of us deserve far far more than this.

We could and should have had a go. There was no reason not to. What was there to lose? Absolutely nothing. But that’s not Sam Allardyce’s way is it.

It’s now widely accepted that he is on his way – there can be no way back for the man. This may have been our worst display of the season.

Change at the top has never been more desperately needed! This was embarrassing and clueless and that’s being kind.



About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

29 comments on “Embarrassing and clueless as Sam chews gum

  1. Is this football? Is this a team? Is this a manager?
    There’s only one ward to describe this match: EMBARRASSING. That’s enough of this sh*t, IT’S A SHAME!
    To me it looked like a match between a PL team and a 3rd Division team; players are demotivated, I don’t evenknow them anymore.
    why Nolan (30 minutes of show) and Jarvis again?? Why not Nene and Amalfitano??
    And the Fatman’s attitude? Lying on the bench chewing gum… he’s not even professional.
    Last thing: City has not even played well, it’s even worse.

    Ehi Sam lovers, push the button for your genius, the poll is still open… come on!


  2. Again the starting line up and substitutions tell you all you need to know. BFS epitomizing Einstein’s definition of insanity.

    Cole starting.
    Nolan and Jarvis on with Morgan and Nene on the bench.

    It is insulting. Still playing for the point when we really have nothing to play for. We have gone from being highly admired at the start of the season to the laughing stock of the league. The owners should put him on garden leave and embarrass him the same way he is causing embarrassment to our fans every week.

  3. I feel so sorry for Amalifitano & Nene,just totally overlooked game after game.I have nothing to say about Sam.It would all be filtered by the swear gadget!!!!

  4. Btw,Alan Smith was actually taking the p*ss on commentary about us,rightly so.How bad does it have to get???????

  5. Watched it in Mexico and got Kevin Kilbane doing much the same – taking the P out of our performance.
    Only positive in that it’s got to be another nail in his managerial Coffin at WH.
    Commentary said the Song didn’t shake Jarvis’s or Macs hand as he came off so all the signs of a happy camp as well.
    Add to that it Looks like another season in the PL without a positive goal difference.
    Roll on June.
    Oh and I forgot – £55 for QPR next week! And another game we will lose as Sam rolls out the ” they’re fighting for Their lives and didn’t play last week, blah,bla,blah “

  6. Lol,he will bang out the usual load of s*it.I couldnt believe when we went 1-0 down he was just slumped in his seat chewing gum.It looked like his bottom half was slowly melting the lower he got.What an embarressment.3m a year we pay for him to do that when we go behind.

  7. That b*astard did himself no favours.The whole world watching & all they see on screen is that useless tw*t slumped like a drunk tramp in his seat when we went behind.I said before,i hope D&G see that image,just to show them what a disintersted money grabbing sloth we have as a manager.As for ‘Sam brings us stability moving to the OS’ believers,you are headcases,pure & simple.

    • ‘”…slumped like a drunk tramp in his seat when we went behind.I said before,i hope D&G see that image,just to show them what a disinterested money grabbing sloth we have as a manager.”

      Finely stated sir.

  8. Embarrassing, the only positive thing I can think of is that it is another nail in BFS’s coffin.

    We played too deep, gave the ball away and invited City on – clueless, moronic and other negative words I can’t be bothered to write.

    Why have I renewed my Season Ticket?

  9. That hammertime mikey on wetpantswhenidie is a total cock,lol,just because there are a load of fed up fans slagging someone who likes Sam he said it is all the C&H guys gone on there.What a ****,i dont even see any of the guys from here on there.Dickh*ed,pfffff,they just can give it a rest on there.

    • Ahahaha… That Mickey Mouse is the same Genius some days ago said about the poll ” People on c&h are not happy because Sam is taking the lead. Lol”. Well the poll in that moment was 80% against his guru… Ahaha


      • Haha,yeah that c*ck is always banging on about this place matte,he has a bad case of superioriy complex.Assumes everyone who uses this site never finished school & never had any form of education,lol,as we know,they are the West Ham Fans Illuminati,the chosen ones,lol 😀

  10. Has anyone read his post match comments? He has laid the entire blame at the foot of the players and actually said we did enough to get something from the game. His comments are once again a total disgrace.

    He has then made a point (which is a clear dig at us the fans and the owners) of saying how we must keep 5 clean sheets from the last games if we are to get anything. Not we must go all out to win, no we must not concede.

    How anyone still backs him I will never know. Him sitting slouched in his chair second half sipping his coffee has brought embarrassment on us, the whole footballing world would have seen that. Even the co-commentator called Sam out on it. Said he showed a total lack of professionalism.

    Oh and I am new here, nice to meet you all. Great site Hugh, thank you.


  11. Welcome fella,dont get me started on the slouching in the seat.It was pathetic.Worse thing was the fact that he was hiding behind his cup having a laugh about something with his staff.The guy is a joke,honestly,im so sick of him taking the p*ss out of us.

  12. Thanks Chickenrunner.

    Next season will be my 25th as a Season Ticket holder. I am heartbroken to be leaving the Boleyn, so more than anything I want the final season to be one of entertainment and one where our team shows passion, commitment, pride and to at least try and win every game.In otherwords what all West Ham fans ever ask for.

    £800 is a hell of a lot to fork at for a ST, even more if BFS is still in charge. The owners keep saying how much ambition they have, well prove it and get rid of Allardyce now and let West Ham fans have their club back.

  13. That was a shocker,look,the players were awful,played like it was a testimonal.But wtf was our motivational leader doing trying to sink between a crack in the seat? Your too fat Samuel,it aint going to happen!

  14. Ahaha.. Yah Rads, the Genius is an illuminated manager but also a motivational guru… Lol
    He has supernatural powers.


  15. I am so sick of him.Just dont get why people want him to stay.Can things be any worse than they are now with a new manager.2 wins in 16.So with this form we would win 5 matches all next season with this form.But people still want to keep him? Are they for real 😉

  16. 2 home wins against Hull & Sunderland.Sorry if it takes me a while to start jumping for joy about Sams management skills,f*ckadoddledoo;)

  17. The players have put their feet up and the manager doesn’t give a f***.
    Total disgrace and the players mentality is shameful by and large. I am no Sam fan ( understatement) but the constant debate about the manager doesn’t help does it. Why will the players play for a dead man walking? Presume they won’t sack him because of the compensation due…
    Total mess from the top to bottom.

  18. We all knew what the result was going to be but had hoped for a bit of spirit from the team and management,
    Tomorrow will be the same the 2 Daves will apologise to us for the poor display and tell us how we deserve much better,
    2 Daves show some backbone now and make a desicion that will keep our respect,at moment the fans anger is pointed at BFS but next it will be the players and then YOU
    And then we will be told we are bang out of order,
    This time we will not be bang out of order because you have seen this coming
    Do the right thing BFS OUT BEFORE MIDNIGHT

  19. The fat one’s only plan today was to try to concede the fewest goals.

    The deeper you defend, the further it is to the other end.

    Amalfitano and Nene must be wondering why they bothered to come to us.

    Such an embarrassment. Kudos to the fans who went.

  20. I am still so f*cking angry with that idiot,even 6hrs after.He is just taking the rise out of us all atm.What the hell are Amalfitano or Nene even doing on the bench.Why the hell put on Jarvis instead,he has spent most the season without even being on the subs bench,while Amalifitano has developed piles being stuck to it for so long.I will never hate a manager of a football club but this geezer gets me the closest to it as i have ever been.

  21. I can’t believe he even mentioned Demel when did he last earn his wages,
    We need to find a way to channel all our anger,
    Any ideas ?
    Hugh what’s the best way to make our point ?
    BFS away with the fairies

  22. Bisto are naming a new gravy after samasaraus there gone call it the laughing stock

  23. I can accept many things in football when it comes to The Irons,but when you have a co-commentator taking the p*ss out of our performance enough is enough.I couldnt even disagree with Alan Smith either,i would be making fun of our display if i supported another club.Cat believe i am this fed up now compared to six months ago.I knew we would slip down obviously,but this is just a nightmare,it ridiculous.What other manager wouldnt get the tin tack after 2 wins in 16.I agree with letting his contract run down not sacking him.But to think there are still fellow fans calling for him to get a new contract is totally beyond me.Are they crazy!!

  24. The title say,s it all, so go.clocks ticking⏰⌛⏳.

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