Emotional Ogbonna: “OS better for the Hammers”

ogbAngelo Ogbonna may have been playing for the best team in Italy  admitting: ““I am very emotional and excited to be playing at the new Stadium.

I know the story and everything around it but  I am also sorry that it will be the final season at the Boleyn Ground.

The former Juve star said:  “When I played for Juventus we were the best team and I am very sorry to leave Italy but I am very happy to come to England because this is an opportunity that I want.”

He told the official site: “Moving to the new Stadium is better for West Ham and the mentality will change. It is better to move to another stadium and everyone knows that something is changing and there is a lot to look forward to.

“I know the club is back in Europe but we need to take it step by step. We cannot look too far ahead and need to take it game by game. But it will improve everyone in the squad and help us move forward.

“I like everything at West Ham and I have the opportunity to move forward.”



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  1. Good lad,you have said all that the PR department wanted you to say,now you can get down to training & playing 😉

  2. Credit must go to Angelo being articulate enough and for being as excited as we all should be. It’s easy to be cynical, but well done Angelo!

  3. Bloody hell,some of you take things so seriously.Im sure that Sting was only joking,wow,this place is getting hardcore serious recently.

  4. Not really hardcore serious, but I guess West Ham running through my veins is better than Bob Monkhouse’s book of jokes,

  5. Ofc i wasnt being serious,lol,or cynical or nasty to the guy.Just being lighthearted,seems that is something that is rapidly a thing of the past on here.Cant be arsed with this place anymore to be honest.Too many serious folk about who think supporting The Irons should be a major serious commitment,boring!

  6. That statement about a teams colours running through people veins i always find really w*nk.Dont know why, it is just so over the top in my opinion.My kids & family run through my veins,not a football club,that comes after 😉

  7. Sheesh,this place is becoming more like wetpants every day,lol,no humour pls,no banter,only comment on the article in a very serious manner,thankyou.Oh & Bob Monkhouse Joke Books for your kharsi at home only thanks.No interaction between eachother either,cheers 😉

  8. We all have a love of the boys in claret and blue but you have to have a sense of humour to maintain your love,we wouldn’t have got through the last four years and other dark times without it. Some on here are serious,some jokey and some mix it up but it doesn’t mean anyone loves the club more than anyone else. Having said that Bob Monkhouse did have a very big joke book lol

  9. Ok ok!
    Just heard slav’s been sacked after yesterdays draw. After an apology by the owners Big Sam said he will take up the reigns once more…more news to follow!

    Sorry boys, couldn’t find words or phrases that have never been used before 😉

  10. I like what Umbongo says,will have a big part to play this season!

  11. I won’t believe that owl, till I read it on Jack Sullivans twitter!!!

  12. Touch of potty mouth Si? Who invited you then?
    Your class and breeding shines through!

  13. Potty Mouth?? im sorry,did i swear? Was anything i wrote blocked by the filter?Did i say anything derogatory about you? What the hell you on about!

  14. There has suddenly been a flood of new posters on here which is good, what made this site differen’t was that everything was taken light hearted. Go too serious & it will be just the same as all the others. Nothing wrong if thats what you want but this site wasn’t it.
    If everyone wants to gets personal when they disagree then go for it..
    this keeps up & i’ll follow the few that made this site fun & disappear. Being ignored on wetpants is more fun at the mo…

  15. Si “Oh & Bob Monkhouse Joke Books for your kharsi at home only thanks!”
    Goldfish memory?
    I’d love to entertain you but prior engagements won’t allow me to.

    ….and all I did was to congratulate our new player (Post: Subject matter) on his enthusiasm on his start for us, and I was met by some randoms. I can have a laugh with the best of them, but nobody needs this!

  16. I come on here to have some banter a bit of a laugh and take the **** out of the so called know alls at the fountain of knowledge. For 42 years I’ve followed the club through good and bad through thick and thin, being a Iron means you have a sense of humour, you have some banter you rip the **** and remember the club were around before the premier league… If your upset easily because people don’t agree I’d say man up grow some balls and don’t take yourself so seriously, if you can’t well as Spoonie would say stop being a opinioted ****er and grow the **** up

  17. Yep ok OWL,have fun on your site.I dont come on forums to turn supporting the irons into a serious duty.I cant be bothered with this,if making some comment about bob monkhouse & the kharsi constitutes being a potty mouth then you must have lead a very insular life.I wont forget i said this even though im a goldfish apparently.Good luck with your politically correct way of supporting West Ham.I really dont need this rubbish!

  18. Your correct Essex,it’s good to have new blood but not people that have run away from Wetpants because it’s **** poor all stats and serious bullocks,
    If you come on here lighten up,you missed the war and we one,
    Now we are looking forward to a good season some good banter and some good football chat,
    If you just want an argument and cause conflict FUKC OFF

  19. Si don’t be driven away by a geezer who doesn’t think that humour is for forums, the self opinioted ********s are a small breed, work in packs and really don’t understand that whether you agree or disagree your entitled to an opinion

  20. Blimey i wish i hadnt said anything now,i was only joking about how new signings always come out with the same mantra about being so glad to be at the club,blah,blah.Then i get some crap about cynasism,lol 😉

    • No humour allowed, only stats, formations, hearty welcomes ,we mustn’t upset those who will call us potty mouths and wash our mouths with soap and water should we dare to use a profanity… It just proves one thing Owls ain’t wise at all just big eyed birds that come out at night and annoy the **** out of you with there nauseating cooing….

  21. Lmao,you got put in your place Sting,just admit it,haha,know your place.Wet pants making accounts & coming on to be arguementative,been happening to often recently for it to just be coincidence.Stand on me lads 😉

  22. The war has started again Chicken,great lets get down to business,
    Might take a trip over there now to play after 2 months of staying away,
    Thought we were heading together as united fans but obviously they can’t except change
    Don’t like the players coming in don’t like winning games,don’t like youngsters getting the chance and don’t like criticism what a. Bunch of pillocks

  23. Lol,well im only guessing,but there has been alot of random appearances recently from guys who seem to want to be arguementative or intentionally controversial.Bring it on i say,love a good battle,sorry debate 😀

  24. If we could all get back to a serious matter raised on this page. Having consulted top experts on the subject it’s been confirmed that you can’t be potty mouthed if you mention the Kharzi as a potty is used by those who can’t get to the kharzi,a bit like a commode which ironically is the thing used by someone with such strange old fashioned ideas. A bit less PC and a bit more WC I say lol

  25. Mmm glad i’m not the only one who has noticed. Every blog seems to be ending with an arguement with the newbies. Lets get back to fun fun fun 😉

  26. Think it’s pretty obvious that the know alls have decided that it’s time to break the uneasy truce… Not surprised they’ve surfaced though, maybe there trying to prove there worth to the clique and the statistical guru’s who after one friendly have decided that players are crap, the youth arnt good enough and that Slav is only a 10th choice manager….

  27. GW, keep you’re click. If you’re the smartest &£@ help us all!
    Pigeons coo son! LOL

    • Apologies Owl obviously not a keen ornithologist like you and apologies for not being up to your high standards in the brain capacity department ,I thank you for turning up on C+H and pointing out the error of my ways I shall follow the master plan and have no opinion other than what you tell me… Again my sincere apologies

  28. Owls coo as well to attract pigeons to eat.Have you never seen any wildlife shows 😉

    • Haha nice knowledge,are you Billy Oddie lol

      • Lol,i wouldnt know an owl from a seagull.Thats why GW is the brains of the organization as Owl pointed out.Seriously though,dont see peoples problem on here.I have only been posting for about month but everyone has been fine with me & friendly.Dont know what this clique stuff is about.I have had no issue,even when disagreeing about stuff.Each to their own i guess.Im still sure Owls coo though,lol

      • I’m a few months longer and had no problems either,you leave your opinion have a laugh if you can and have a playful pop at Wetpants. If we all agreed there’d be no point having a comments section and those with a thin skin or who are ultra serious are better off away to the stattos,lawyers,MPs and financiers of the Wetpants world. Dunno about cooing but they twit or something like that lol

  29. We just have to remember to give Spoons his meds every morning & then everything is fine,lol 😀

  30. Spot on Chicken lol

  31. Yes Spoons is mad as a hatter,lol,sorry Spoons,only joking,haha

  32. Spoons lives on his own planet.For about two months all he ever said on every post was ‘Big S*** Claret & Blue Army’,lol.Nothing else,just that.Barking mad 😀

  33. The only thing I miss is the well worded comments on the silly fat hippo, anyone know where he,s gone, I miss his camel like gob, perhaps he,s gone back to feed on grass.,

    • No,he has vanished into the wilderness.Probably sat in some cool mud whole somewhere in Southern Africa 😉

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