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End OS secrecy call provokes big reaction

The London Assembly has called for the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) to publish its rental agreement for the Olympic Stadium with West Ham in full.
London Assembly Members agreed a unanimous motion noting the considerable public interest in the details of the agreement between the LLDC and West Ham United FC.
The never ending probe into West Ham’s deal, the slurs, innuendo and jealousy goes on and on and now ClaretandHugh’s Facebook members at https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ have given their reaction.
Trev Allix
Trev Allix West Ham are only tenants of the stadium paying a rent agreed by both parties.If the LLDC thought the rent wasn’t good enough they could have asked for more or turned round and walked away from the deal, and I think we only have use of the stadium for a certain amount of days per year,something like 26,i’m sure someone will correct me if i’m wrong.

Roy Wales
Roy Wales Yep , your spot on trev . The rest of the year it is going to be used for athletics ,cricket ,concerts ,motor racing and American football amongst other things , but let’s ignore the fact and focus on bashing West Ham . Never let facts get in the way of a good story as they say .

Niall McDonald
Niall McDonald Yes you’re correct Trev, the rental covers a number of days and I believe we have to pay extra to host additional games if (unlikely!) we got through to the latter stages of both cups, or (even more unlikely) the Champions League!!

it’s a fantastic deal struck by Brady – saving us millions against the original proposal to buy the stadium that collapsed. When they re-bid we knew we were the only game in town and ultimately I believe the LLDC knew it too and agreed the rental deal.

What you never see reported is that we’re paying rent to lease the stadium for an amount of matches, same as UK Athletics have an amount of track days, and the concert promoters have a window for events – instead it’s we’re being ‘gifted a free stadium’.

As a taxpayer, I have to challenge the amount of money being poured into the stadium compared to the costs of other, more impressive venues – £120m for the Millenium Stadium, £390m for the Emirates – mistakes were made, but at the end of the day, better it’s used and remains the corner stone of the Straford site than end up an empty ruin.

Nigel 父 Kahn
Nigel 父 Kahn West ham actually will use part of the stadium 365 days of the year as offices will be housed there. this is not about knocking west ham, its about a tax payer funded quango revealing what money it receives, the LLDC is not a private company so it should not keep this private.

How many times has the OS been used since 2012..?? Quite a few times this year including World Cup Rugby, Athletics & More recently Motor Sport. So how can anyone say that West Ham been given a £700m+ state of the art stadium free of charge?? Doesn’t the events this summer show that the stadium is a multi-use venue?
There are a number of stadiums around the country that are not/weren’t owned by the clubs that use them to play ‘home’ fixtures.. Man City & Coventry as examples. Why has everyone & their dog been jumping up & down screaming ‘State Aid, not fair…’ etc for West Ham???
if we had paid for the redevelopment of the stadium would we then be able to take a % of any rental agreement with any other use??

I take it then that if the LLDC lose revenue as a result of full disclosure those organisation calling for it will feel obliged to cover the shortfall.


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