End this Allardyce misery NOW Daves

Sam Allardyce reactsNearly 24 hours on there remains gloom and uncertainty throughout the Irons fan base which quite frankly has taken enough and then some!

Here at ClaretandHugh we are great fans of our owners and make no apology to anybody for that but it has to be said: “They have got it wrong over the Sam Allardyce issue.”

Words such as “heartbreaking” don’t come easily off this keyboard but having read many remarks across our various forums and social media outlets, it really is the only one we can find this afternoon.

Yes, there has been a war going on between the pro and anti Sam lobbies for far too long but it’s gone much deeper of late with some claiming they have, or are close to, falling out of love with the club

Here are just three comments:

 I feel your pain. If he stays I won’t return. He (Sam Allardyce) has  killed it for me too.

O I’m sick of it. Just read some guy on another site digging out the fans for not staying to applaud the players on their lap of honour because the players deserved better treatment.I felt like going mad & commenting but gave it a swerve.

O My 15 year old is wondering why he bothers watching the games! It’s got to change or we will lose fans! We don’t want to become a club where we just look out for the results and cba anymore. I hope the Daves saw the lack of folk cheering on “our heroes” at the end – which was something of pride in the past. Not any more. Get out BFS we don’t want you or your nonsense anymore.

Others have spoken of a lack of interest and love in the club  which was once at the centre of their lives as a result of the manager’s tactics and attitudes over the past two years.

Once upon a time the last day of the season was an event …getting on the pitch and celebrating was one of the most looked-forward to events of the season but not yesterday – nobody could get away fast enough.

Wander around the Black Lion yesterday post-match and former pro- Allardyce and long time opponents were becoming increasingly united in the view that the managerial issue had ripped the heart out us.

The great good humour for which we have always been noted has been absent for months. Being a Hammer is no fun anymore and it’s down to Sam Allardyce. He has indeed  ripped the heart out of us.

The Davids can end this. They can reunite us now – we can start laughing again if only the magical words were to escape their  lips: “Sam Allardyce will no longer be manager of this club next season.”

Just say it Davids…just say it and let’s play our last game of the season at an entirely fitting venue – the place from which Allardyce was sacked just over seven years ago.

It would be a sweet IRON…ry.

My choice of photo is entirely deliberate. It’s how I will always remember what this man thinks of West Ham United’s mighty fans.



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47 comments on “End this Allardyce misery NOW Daves

  1. Nice piece Hugh.

    I read here yesterday someone said they could hardly be bothered to cheer when Downing scored. I’ve felt that way for a few weeks. I’d go further and say I’m almost glad in a way we’ve had such a poor run because if we’d turned things round and ended up on 50+ points I fear we would have been stuck with the dinosaur for another season.

    • I don’t think that many supporters can still want to retain Allardyce. Clearly the 2nd half the season has been awful and his attitude and seeming complete disregard for the fans is indeed grating putting it mildly. However, changing the manager is not without risk and all I hope and pray for now, is we make an experienced appointment quickly, give the new manager time in the pre-season and reasonable funds to get us off to a good start next season. COYI

  2. Well said Hugh and this picture is perfect.

  3. been supporting w ham for 65yrs now lost interest havent watched this season because sam torn the heart out of west ham,i blame the owners they gave him a new contract when we all new hes not good enough,even my grandchildren dont want to know.R.I.P W HAM.

  4. Well said Hugh,no dramatics just sadness and lethargy from the fans which I believe shows more than anger. I take great hope from the delusional egotist saying he doesn’t know if he wants to stay,I think he’s been tipped the wink and he’ll be off to bore another poor set of fans.
    In just over 169 hours we can be bored by his p#ss poor excuses one last time.
    Keep the faith

  5. Hi Hugh I agree on everything you say on Sam he has got to go I am bored watching this long ball crap with no plan B I’ve been S/T holder for 30yrs this is the worse football I have seen at Upton Park COYI

  6. As penn’s said it could have been worse. We could have won yesterday.
    That show far we have fallen. We are actually feeling glad we lost.

  7. I can’t find anymore words to say. Let’s hope the David’s read this site and do the decent thing and do the deed before renewal date.

  8. One great thing though is that I don’t think we have an Allardyce team to inherit for the next manager like at so many other clubs where he used to manage.
    Giys like Nolan and O’Brien will be shipped out. I believe the core of our team is more than capable to play much better and flexible football under a different manager.
    Maybe the players will actually relish the opportunity to play in a different, more open system again.
    I don’t see West Ham falling apart on the pitch just because the master tactician from Dudley is no longer in charge.

  9. Think everything has been covered lads.But yes my enthusiasm has gone recently,well in truth for more than a season.I go because it is my club,my team,not Allardyces but the enjoyment has diminshed greatly in his era.Think the lash up before & after has been only hindered by watching his dross on the pitch sometimes,90 minutes of drinking time wasted,lol 😀

  10. That was that Coker said we fans didnt show the players respect by not staying,on W.P.Com..I would have thought the fact almost everyone cleared off pretty much showed the board the total lethargy & indifference we feel this season.Its nothing to do with disrespecting players,it to do with a total boredom with this seasons & the last 5 months.Last game of the season,win,lose or draw or relegated the lap round was always a thing watched by the majority of the crowd,it was a fun end to the season.Yesterday about 2 thousands stayed,i applaud them for staying,most just wanted to get away from the bloody place & start a fresh in August.

    • What is W.P.Com ???

      • Wet pants probably,thats where coker said all this stuff from what i read on there Hamburg.

        • Oh dear! Hopefully with a new manager the *****ing between the West Ham blogs will be over as well.

          • no chance.Sites will always ***** at eachother i think.But i agree with Ray.What he said was lame.32,000 fans left,showed how down heartened with the season & Allardyce they are.To say it was disrespectful to the players is insulting to the fans who left.If he wasnt so far up Sams backside he wouldnt have said it 😉

  11. Roeder , Grant and now the slug have destroyed the team i love . Home and away for 25 years . Now I can not get excited . I look at the team … Nolan , Noble , Cole etc etc . They wouldn’t get a kick in the teams I have followed .Mediocrity is the name of the game . The Porn twins want the accolades but will not support the investment . As soon as established at O.S. they will bale out and sit in their private cinemas watching the product that has made them rich . Sad, sad , sad

  12. Be careful what you wish for,Sam brings stability for the last season before the move to the OS!!!! How frigging stupid to those idiots look now,most are now pleading for him to **** off.Crying into their beers post match.Same ones who were ripping non Sam lovers to pieces for not loving our club or being disloyal now cant wait to see the back of him.Two faced sloths.

    • Sorry chum, What ever your stuck on;
      I do not comprehend your comments. If you are trying to say Allardyce brings stability….. and we should keep him next season, then I can only reply yes… to his bank balance ! and nothing else.

      • Wtf? It aint difficult.I said all those saying that crap about stability are now wanting him out.It aint in russian ffs 😉

  13. Im pretty down today.. I cant wait for the uplifting news of his departure

  14. Keep the faith lads,he will be history very soon & for anyone who wants to call all these names being thrown in the hat as our next manager as sideways steps or worse than Sam then you are just p*ssing in the wind.We may finish the season without an away win in almost 6 months or 3 wins in 21 matches.Personally i think anyone who settles for that or wants to keep a man who brings those results is on some sort of psychedelic drug or happy pills.Either that or in Hippos PR Team.Mind you i know one blogger who certainly is,he drinks far too much Cola 😉

  15. I’ve started marking off the days on the calender. Still want to send the geordie boys down though.

  16. I think someone on here earlier must have had too many skittles. Was it sam or kev?
    only read half of what he said before i thought what a #### (fill in ur own word).

  17. Fatty out & take 90% of your bloody Curtis boys with you.Give them a pay day at another club for doing virtually nothing.Demel,JJ,JOB,Nolan,Jarvis.Maybe then we can get on with improving the squad once you have taken YOUR boys with you.No wonder players follow you round clubs you guarantee your favourites a nice contract for doing **** all in most their cases.The club will be a better place without Allardyce & Curtis,bloody dodgy pair of muppets.

  18. It’s all been said before and now I’m sick of stating what for many of us has been the bloody obvious for so long. The blame lays fairly and squarely at the Davids door for letting us slip to these depths. I’m sick to my stomach and fed up with hearing what the Genius has to say. Hugh , please for all our sakes just blank anything he says from here on out. It’s rubbish and I think he is now saying things to wind us up before he departs. Don’t give him the satisfaction. Hopefully the owners will end this NOW because for me and many others the season has already ended.

  19. THE END

  20. Well said bubs,i agree.Short but sweet 😀

  21. Our owners are the real problem. They relegated us in their first season in charge and have given us two awful managers – Avram Grant and Sam Allardyce. They do not know how to run a football club and I feel they will leave West Ham in a mess in much the same way they did at Birmingham.

  22. Hope not,but they certainly need a good kick up the jacksie for this debacle.It is not even funny anymore,its farcical!

  23. A manager who repeatedly picks a side to keep a clean sheet and hoping to score says it all. A manager who persists in playing Cole says it all. Sam will go and let’s hope we get a manager who concentrates on attacking football which is what West Hams about.

  24. The two D’s did what was needed at the time. BFS prob was the right guy to get us back into the premier league & to keep us there. He should have left last season & let some one else take us on to a better place. He has held us back & turned the fans onto themselves, the club is feeling broken, beaten & us fans feeling empty.
    We should be feeling top of the world, we are going in to a world class stadium nxt year & have the best chance of becoming a ‘big’ club that we will ever have, but …….. i don’t feel we could feel any flatter if we had just lost a cup final or got relegated.

  25. Never would have believed we would be like this now round about end of October.Having said that we are West Ham,should have expected things to go t*ts up 😉

  26. I watched Sunday Supplement today,all journos on it saying Sam had done all he can do.Time to move on,if clubs show no ambition eventually it crushes them.Interestingly they said another chairmen i think it was,was talking to one of these journos & was discussing summer spending.This chairmen or manager said all the normal teams will spend big & they are thinking or wondering whether we will as well.They are actually fearful about our intent if we go large this summer in the treansfer market..Sure we wont though.I heard 25m,but that is less than last year surely.Other cash from selling Cressie or someone i expect 😉

  27. Ahahaha -as matte would say! 😉 – I recognise my quote in that piece! For those of you that don’t know, I live in Swansea now and have tried to bring up my kids supporting the Hammers – very difficult when a team like Swansea are higher than us and a bit more consistent! But “fair play” to my boy, he wears his shirt with pride, enjoys the odd visit to Upton Park – I just hope we move onwards and upwards for his and all our sakes!


  28. Good to here he wears the colours with pride Jeff.Maybe when Hippo goes we cant get back above Swansea again.As Matte would say,ahahaha,GO NOW YOU PATHETIC FAT MAN WITH NO TROPHYS SAM,ahahaha 😀

    • Cheers mate, it’s a battle, but I think I may have got that claret and blue in his veins! Hard with all his Jack mates!

  29. Nothing much to add,its all been well & truly covered here.Now the board need to get our house in order.Get rid of the hippo & his deadwood he keeps under his broken wing.Time to move on asap,no farting about.Get Allardyce out & a new guy in.Lets try to forget this farce & crack onwards & upwards.I still believe 😀

  30. Ahaha… Yes Jeff, fair play to your boy… Yesterday I watched on tv a short documentary film about the Swansea fc history: really interesting and charming. It’s incredible, 12 years ago Swansea was bought for £1, until very recently the changing rooms were containers and now, thanks to a solid organization and a real project, Swansea has become one of the most interesting teams in PL: amusing football with ball always on the field, intelligent manager and youth Development. Fair play to Swansea. 🙂


  31. Hi guys i am a hammers fan in the land of the long white cloud (kiwi). I totally understand the animosity of BFS and can’t wait till we sign a new manager! But in saying that Sam is doing what he is paid to do, manage the team be it good or bad. The onus sits squarely with the owners. Their lack of action is what is causing this rift and should of been put to bed months ago. Perhaps (IMHO) alot of the vented anger should have been directed more to the owners in order to get the team back on track and get forward momentum going into the new season with a new manager. I also wait with baited breath for those heart felt words “Sam is no longer manager of this club”.


  32. Ahaha… It’s wonderful! Itchy, our Kiwi Ambassador! Your are lucky mate, Sea and sun all the year. Do you want Sam? He could be a good fisherman… Lol 🙂


  33. Agreed Itchy,they have made a real cock up of the whole situation.It has dragged on far too long.Personally i think this could have all been avoided by getting rid of him last summer.We all knew this season would be another of dire football & little improvement.Lets hope they address the situation in the very near future 😉

  34. Reading several newspaper columns about Sam and the fan’s discontent, I am amazed at their total lack of understanding about what really upsets us about him. They all go clacking on about the good job he’s done whilst we see a man who can’t change his rigid mindset and is completely incapable of thinking outside the box.

    • Bloody heck mate, haven’t you realized? Our opinions and feelings don’t count! Oh no. We are supposed to be grateful for all he’s done for the club. We are supposed to be grateful that we are still in the Prem and not relegated. That’s a sign off success for West Ham! The fans are all wrong and the pundits and journos who having nothing invested in the club are all right.

  35. Everybody waiting with bated breath for next week and the departure of Sam, but a note of caution. Don’t get this built up too much. I stick to my comments of last week that I wouldn’t bet the bank on the outcome being the one we would love to see.

  36. canchaz new quote what’s wrong with ( what you wish for ) only joking mate not trying to cause any more disrespectful between fans,
    It’s now we need the fans to pull together to get what we want,
    The minority is one about 5% reading between the lines,
    That magic number the 2 Daves use for action has come,
    You said it DG we want action and if you want BFS take him somewhere else,
    We will back you and this club if you act now.
    Bring this sorry mess to an END

  37. When I used to go to the chikenrun a long time before Sam. You saw a good entertaining game””(win or lose it did,nt really matter.
    I could easily write a book,for instance, chelsea5 west ham 5 at Stamford bridge,became home happy,cause we saw a good game, but not now!!

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