Err Sam – the official “guessed” right

samallardyce-cropped_o5z7qav742vd1nm9ev6q0oyyrSam Allardyce has had a whinge at ‘the goal that never was’ from Enner Valencia during yesterday’s game at Villa Park.

With Villa leading, the Ecuadorian striker rose to head home which at – at first sight – appeared to be an okay goal.

However, replays clearly showed Enner to be offside by about a yard and the player greeted the decision from the referee’s assistant with a small smile.

The manager however, unsurprisingly, took a difference view and stormed afterwards: “The assistant was in no position to  give a decision – he guessed.

“He was four yards out of place and I find that difficult to take but beyond that our problem is we can’t score goals or finish chances.”

An odd response at best and just a small reminder – the referee’s assistant “guessed” right. Why you were apparently watching him rather than the build up to the ‘goal’ WE can only GUESS at!


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7 comments on “Err Sam – the official “guessed” right

  1. Why does everybody have it in for him? Poor Sam… he is just an unlucky man and a misunderstood Genius. He’s too advanced for the people, his sophisticated football is a futuristic dream, he’s a visionary…


  2. This last four months this idiot really has just highlighted what a limited,excuse making,mediocre manager he is.Thanks Sam for helping everyone to understand what a complete & utter waste of time you are!

  3. Why is NCS even talking to the press Miliband resigned,Clegg resigned,Farage resigned
    Because they led there teams to defeat
    That’s a clue what real leaders do,
    NCS resign be a man not a soft southerner like us deluded fans,

    • ‘NCS’ ?? Obviously the ‘S’ is Sam but can you put someone not in your ‘loop’ out of my misery?

      • No Cojones Sam-NCS.This is bubs new term for Sam,because he doesnt have the balls to take responsibility for anything,lol 😉

  4. NCS will be his R.I.P marker when the ground is demolished Miichael you know what cajones are ?
    That would be a good name for the homes that will be built on our beloved turf
    NCS towers ( nice ring to it ) just next to Little Kev Villas and Andy C clinic ( for those with a little itch to play football )

  5. Hippohead flapping his gums about nothing again.Any way out of admitting you are a useless prehistoric manager.One of the last of a dying breed thank god!!!

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