Euro Star Calafiori as Dawson’s Heir Apparent?

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West Ham United appear to have found a potential solution to their defensive woes in the form of rising Italian star Riccardo Calafiori, according to The Guardian.

Lets face it, we do need a strong, traditional centre-back, a role the excellent Craig Dawson previously filled admirably for West Ham. His absence has been felt in recent seasons, and the Hammers are determined to find a worthy successor.

While not a household name before Euro 2024, Calafiori has impressed on the big stage, showcasing his talent and potential. He’s considered a future star for Italy, a country with a rich history of world-class central defenders. But not the case against their recent game against Switzerland!

Calafiori played a key role in Bologna’s historic achievement of qualifying for the Champions League for the first time. His consistent performances throughout the season have not gone unnoticed.

The Guardian reports that West Ham are hesitant to meet Wolves’ asking price for Max Kilman. However, Calafiori could be available for a more manageable £35 million, making him a potentially more attractive option for the Hammers.

His young age, impressive resume, and affordable price tag make him a compelling target. Whether he can replicate his Euro 2024 form and become Dawson’s long-term successor remains to be seen, but he certainly seems to possess the qualities the Hammers are looking for.

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  • Anin says:

    Sullivan and part time Brady will muck this up

  • Deathblow says:

    35 million! Are you joking! Waaaaaay too much money.
    Shame our scouts can’t uncover players from non-league like Kilman instea of paying stupid money for players who can’t cope with English football.

  • Ian says:

    So as all of this is just gossip, I’ll add that the papers today have liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea also in for Calafiori. Still, I’m sure he’ll choose us! 🤣

  • Dave says:

    Have you ever watched football?

    Calafiori as Dawson’s heir?!?! That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Not only is he 10x the player Dawson was (& I loved what Dawson did at West Ham), is a totally different type of defender & is left sided unlike Dawson (maybe Oggy’s heir, although even that is a stretch). He’s also being linked with Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham & a host of top European sides so there is absolutely ZERO chance he’ll be coming to West Ham, even if we did pony up the £40m+ (which we wont or we’d just get Kilman as the manager asked).

  • Paul Taylor says:

    Pure speculation and fantasy, get a grip please report factual items that have a basis of truth so i don’t continually have to read such blatent nonsense. Yes, we need a CB, we are never going to pay more than £35m for Killman, Calaiori will be snapped up by Italian giants if he ever leaves Bologna at all, O’Brien most likely but untested and was’nt particularly impressive playing for the RoI but maybe unsure of those around him so lets wait and see and hope for some good, young and solid new signings.

  • Jeeps says:

    Reported JLo wanted both these players to play alongside each other.
    Shame, unlikely to get either at those transfer fees.
    Could have been a good pairing but will need to scale down his ambitions.
    To many other players needed plus sub bench reinforcements.

  • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:

    69 games over 4 years for 4 different clubs and 5 Senior Italy appearances doesn’t scream impressive resume to me, and £35 million is neither a Manageable or Attractive Option in my opinion. Yes he is young so will still need time to progress as a player but not for £35 mil.
    Simon stop copying and pasting and for once give us YOUR opinion, that was what made this website so good in the not so distant past. Time to put your Big Boy Pants on and take a leap of faith into the world of Sports Journalism.

    • Computer Says No says:

      I still think reports on here are copied and pasted by AI due to the amount of errors on so many stories. New names associated as the reporter popping up too regularly.

  • D says:

    Totally agree Ian and Dave. Whilst I would love to see this player joining us there is little to no chance of that happening. Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U are after him and that is not to mention many big Italian clubs that would go in for him. Why on earth would he want to come to us. You may as well report 2 players that could be a replacement for Antonio are Mbape and Bellingham,it is pointless so why not wait until we are in negotiations with teams before reporting this sort of rubbish

  • Claudio says:

    He didn’t play v Switzerland as he was suspended.

  • Nice try / no cigar says:

    Will sign for Juve now his old manager who put him on the map at Bologna is there.

  • Enter name here says:

    Anyone else think AI automatically picks up West Ham stories and then drops them on this site with an attributed name like Simon Leyland, Martin Treasure and any of the other names that pop up?

    • Martin Treasure says:

      Hello Matt, sorry to disappoint. Mine is far too stupid a name to invent let alone attribute to AI. You did make me laugh as I see you are posting here with two – oh just found another one – three different identities.

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