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Euro Super League? Kick top six out if possible

This may be what people really mean when they say “Be careful what you wish for!”

Six clubs have reportedly agreed to join an European Super League – a development which has been on the cards for several years.

And five of the six are of course owned by foreign outfits for whom money – above the game, players and fans – has always been the driver.

The big question for me is who has decided to stick billions into this disgusting development with £3.5 billion being set aside for each club to offset the effects of the pandemic.

Just a thought but it may have  be somebody who has remained unaffected by Covid and indeed might have even benefitted from it.

Gary Neville said all that needed to be said last night when slamming the hell out of his own club Manchester United for their decision to join, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs.

Every fan at every club wants success and to become part of what has been known as the top six but the only reason for that by and large – because it’s difficult to see Spurs in those terms.

The reason it has become so difficult to do so is solely on account of finance which is NEVER what this game was intended to be about and IN ITSELF responsible for creating the situation in the first place.

And it’s why many of us would prefer to be owned by British owners  with maybe more limited finances than shouting for foreign outfits who have demonstrated, via this latest move they they have no interest in us and the club we support.

TV was a big force in many people turning off from football given that it was all about money and nothing but money.

Now our supposed to five club  – with the addition of Spurs – have found  way of demonstrating this wonderful game is totally out of control.

Spurs have – at the same time – found a way of coming bottom of a league every year.

As far as I’m concerned if this goes ahead the six can be kicked out of our game if it’s possible , and other European competition their players banned from international football.

This is no longer the game we have all loved for so long – stuff ’em.

As a result of kicking them out we may start to get our game back!

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

14 comments on “Euro Super League? Kick top six out if possible

  1. Greedy, yes. Selfish yes. Disrespectful yes. But could you imagine a premier league without them . Maybe weekend glamour games like Brighton v Burnley or the big London derby between West Ham and Crystal Palace. Could be said to be more honest to the true values of the game but just would not be the same.

  2. Spurs maybe British owned but their owner is a tax exile in the Bahamas. He made his money on betting against Britain in 1987 crash of the pound! So far as I am concerned not British in sprit or actions!

  3. Totally agree. How can they even call themselves a European super league. There are 56 countries in Europe, not just 3. I hope the premier league kicks them out and then roll on West Ham being top of the prem and champions league every year while Arsenal and Tottenham fans get to see their teams fighting each other over who will be bottom of the new j p Morgan bank league.

  4. kick out all teams involved , reseves womens , youth ect and delete all thier records from the past

  5. Hugh, I agree with you 100%
    I would probably put it a bit stronger. But I do wonder, just wonder if we, us West Ham fans would feel different if we were so called top/ big six and included , if our thoughts would maybe, be a bit different? Its a very sad state of affairs. People are dying, losing jobs, homes etc and football is front page news.
    Incidentally I personally wouldn’t want us to have anything to do with it, even if invited. I’m just putting it out there mate

  6. This has been coming for a long time since the creation of the Premier league and the Champions league. I understand that the break away clubs have a war chest ready to take the games governing bodies to court and ensure they can stay in their domestic leagues. We know this is all about greed and a sense of entitlement. If they get away with this then I will probably turn my back on a game that I have loved for 57 years. Money talks and they have plenty of it, not sure how many fans they will have left though. A sad but predictable day for the beautiful game.

    • Simply put, if Uefa and the FA change the stipulations for being in their tournaments that include a need to sign up to ECA (which the English six have already resigned from) before they can be included and that proposal is voted upon and accepted then the clubs could be excluded.

  7. If the Premier League, FIFA and EUFA stick to their guns and outlaw this greed-driven ESL monster, then the clubs concerned will soon find out that they have driven into a cul-de-sac.
    No entry for the English clubs into the FA Cup. Their players banned from representing their countries, which may lead to mutiny. Their games being of no interest to the wider football world apart from maybe armchair viewers and gambling syndicates in the Middle and Far East. After all, who in Britain, apart from supporters of the rogue six would watch ESL games, certainly not me.
    Have any of the six even considered the fate of their supporters, now faced with away games in Europe several times a year, and all the expense and travel time involved. The answer of course is no.

    The solution is to immediately re-shuffle the English leagues, omitting ‘the six’ and restoring some decency to our game. We will still have some very big clubs, among them our own favourites…we might even win something!

  8. spurs 🙂
    you are cracking me up

  9. Obviously any ban will be met with legal proceedings by the clubs being excluded.
    These 12 clubs obviously want the billions on offer from their proposed “Super League” and to continue to claim TV, cup competition and any other monetary rewards available by also remaining in their respective domestic competitions.
    I say let them have the option to remain in their respective domestic competitions.
    However every club must register their their chosen league competition. Anything outside the domestically based leagues, i.e. the “Super League” should not be a recognised in the UK as an authorised competition under FIFA, UEFA and the FA (also the Spanish and Italian domestic governing bodies to follow suit). Any participation in a non recognised league when registering as a Premier League team will constitute automatic disqualification from the Premier League and associated competitions.
    As such if an English “Super League” team wishes to compete in the Premier league they must pay a registration fee to enter each league and cup competition.
    However registration must be made in the first year of the formation of any “Super League” and if not made or not renewed season on season, registration can only then be made to enter domestic competition at the lowest tier of the professional league (i.e Division 2 in England).
    If they want to have their cake and eat it, let’s make it the most bitter cake there has ever been to swallow.

  10. Eufa have had a part to play in placating teams with this greed in that they allowed teams to play in the CL, lose and then drop into the Europa League giving them a second bite of the money tree cherry , or the implementation of coefficients to get in the league regardless of current status.
    What happened to playing in a knock out competition where you win or lose!
    The ‘big six’ other than Manchester C &U have not entirely shown themselves to be that this year and at the moment are below us and Leicester. Ask arrogant Liverpool how they fared v Aston Villa this year! The whole dream of football is that maybe this is your year, not guaranteed monopoly or success.

  11. They must be thrown out of Domestic Leagues. There can be no middle ground. If it happens the premier league must ban them from domestic football or lose credibility . I think i i would turn my back on the game if they were allowed to stay in Domestic competition.Like treating Domestic game as part timers. Saying we are too good for you. No way can that be allowed to happen.The biggest joke is Arsenal and Spurs. That confirms its about money and not ability.

  12. Sky Sports also have to share some of the blame for this situation by creating the ” Top Six ” culture. They have given these rebel clubs disproportionate air time both with live match coverage and also news coverage while the rest of the PL clubs have been pushed into the background like some supporting cast in a show. They have created a monster and it is now about to break it’s chains.

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