Europa league game could yet be screened live

floodNegotiations are said to ongoing whether Thursday night’s Europa League game against will be televised LIVE on TV.

West Ham Media officer Rob Pritchard was asked on social media on Tuesday night whether Thursday’s game will be broadcast LIVE on TV he replied:

“Discussions are ongoing. We will announce as soon as confirmed on official platforms”

BT Sport won the UK TV rights for both UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League football, following a tender process in which BT won the exclusive live broadcast rights after paying £897 million to televise all 351 matches from both tournaments. The rights run for three seasons from 2015/16.

Another alternative being explored is whether West Ham can screen the match on it’s official website but this would need the agreement of BT Sport turning down the right to broadcast. The idea was shared with West Ham bond holders at a meeting with the club this week but it will be dependent on technical considerations as well as rights.

The match sold out today to 35,000 West Ham fans  but many more are desperate to watch the Hammers first game in Europe for nine years.



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  1. Slow down Sean, I can’t keep up 😛

  2. Doesnt Mystic Bradley know,he must have had a vision of it on a channel weeks ago 😉

  3. Haha,bloody hell,i was bored so i was reading the other forums.Now i know why GW dislikes that joehammer,what an obnoxious,opnionated tit.Never seen him in action before,lol,have now & once is enough for me 😉

    • Ty he’s a jumped little tit who believes in his own mind that by playing football manager it makes him some kind of prophet. I made the same mistake as you ,took a look there and was amazed that the hippo love in continues, the quotes that Bilic is average and a step down and who should fill the vacancy at Leicester. My inner peace is sorely tested when I hear of there names, I am no longer allowed to take the **** as it is deemed as obsession so I will just take Mattes hypnotherapy class at 9am and relax…

      • Aint obsession just a little banter.How can you not take the p*ss a little out of the formation & stat kings.But remember there is no clique,it is an all inclusive site with hundreds of regular posters,lol 😉

        • That is true they are the collective voice of all things West Ham, I bow to there superior knowledge of diamond formations, Payet’s inside leg measurements ,the circumfrance of the new seats at the Olympic stadium how trigonometry can be used to deliver the perfect corner.

          • On that last subject….any chance someone can explain it to Noble

          • Wouldnt worry about taking the p*ss a bit,its all taken in good heart on both sites from what i see.They can give out the p*sstake of this place just as much.Personally as a guy who uses both sites i find it funny.Bit of inter site banter does no one any harm.It makes me laugh & i enjoy it actually.Whats to take seriously.Even when i only used whtid i still though the wetpants name was well funny,its a classic 😀

  4. I hope the match is broadcast otherwise the radio will do…

  5. I shall be working away ( Sod’s law ) so if I can get to watch the game on TV that would be special . Plus a few pints of course . If not , then it’s the Radio and a few pints anyway .

    • A few beers sounds like a good plan Kevin.Think i will have to have some as well as i cant make it tomorrow either 😉

  6. Still on WHTID watch I see. 🙂

    • I drop by time and again Fobyac ,there are some good guys over there with valid thoughts just a shame that if they don’t conform with the authority there black balled or ignored its a shame really ,a collective of few dictates to the majority.

      • Lol,whats to argue about,they can dispute this clique thing as much as they want but they are.Just look at the f*cking threads.People who aint faces get theirs ignored,the happy clappy lot all get replies off their fellow masons,lol.That woman on there who has swallowed a dictionary can try & make out its inclusive as much as she wants but it aint as many know through experience.

      • Actually to be fair I think you can say that about a few sites.
        At the end of the day we are all West Ham Fans, we just see things differently, and long may it be that way.
        Of course I am always right though 🙂

  7. You are developing a slight obsession about us talking about wetpants.We are just having a laugh.They rib us as well.Get over it 😉

  8. Fobyac is the ‘comment police’,overseeing everyones input to declare it appropriate or not.I think i will go to my garden of tranquility,it is meditation time.A calm mind is required today i feel,lol 😀

  9. Om Mani Padme Hum Om Mani Padme Hum…..sh!t where’s my bell? I’m struggling with this meditating malarkey,can’t seem to find my inner peace,my chi is low and my chakras are all out of alignment

  10. Maybe we should just debate whether the game is going to be on tv.I have a spare 12hrs to do that today,lol.Keep on topic pls guys 😀

  11. Sorry 66,no time for sitting on sites all day.I am a busy guy.im actually sat on top of a roof atm,lol.My butt is squeeking,its official.I dont do heights well.Its just me,my phone,some new tiles & a couple of pigeons,haha.If you all dont hear from me again you will know why.Over & out 😉

  12. You want to stay on subject talk to fobyac at the moment he has a thing about Noble,
    He must have had a bet he will score the first Hammer goal of the season

  13. Be great if it was on the box,
    Here in Spain to early for European Football live,
    But the Irish Bars will have it if it’s live in England
    Even better a pint of Liffey and the Hammers what dreams are made of

  14. Sounds like a good plan Bubs,i will be at the game but if i wasnt that sounds like a good place to be 😉

  15. Seems too early for footie to be on,bloody Ashes aint even started yet.Its summer,my calender is in confusion 😉

    • I know what you mean, blazing hot and thinking about the football ,my body clock has gone down the kermit and the mother in law in tow for the week preventing my visit to the Boleyn, my peace and serenity is sorely being tested lol

      • Lmao,mother-in-law,wow thats painful.Scorchio temps & a mother-in-law in tow is a bad combination.I suggest a trip to Radai & his garden of tranquility or whatever the hell its called,lol

        • Thinking of treating the wife and mother in law an all expense paid trip to the Isle of Wight apparently weather nice there Thursday and Friday unfortunately I won’t be able to join them due to work commitments lol

          • Send them to france for two days,will probably be a strike & they wont get back for a week,lol

          • France way to expensive mate cuts in to my spending on lager and all things irons related lol… I’ll treat the 2 of them to all inclusive at warners caravan site whilst I meditate and cleanse my aura

  16. Good idea GW then go to Andorra and say the boat got sent a different route you know what Ladies are like with directions,

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