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European Super League is about greed and more greed

European Super League talks are happening, according to BBC Sport.

Manchester United and Liverpool have reportedly been approached over the possibility of playing in a new competition worth around £4.6bn.

The proposals would see the Champions League replaced. Greed is at the very core of these proposals because let’s be straightforward about this – this is all about snaffling away the top clubs to eventually play in a European Super League week by week.

After we had the Project Big Picture talks on the table, we’re approaching the final nail being hammered into the coffin of the English football landscape we all know and love.

Yet again, it’s a cabal of top clubs, the richest of the rich, the biggest of the big, shaping the football in their unscrupulous terms for their own benefit.

United and Liverpool have been approached and so have various clubs from across the continent; Wall Street bank JP Morgan are said to be the the financiers, and the league would see 18 clubs fight it out before a play-off between the top two to see who wins the trophy.

The chief executive of the Football Supporters’ Association, Kevin Miles, gave a genuinely brilliant quote to BBC Sport to sum it all up.

“The latest reports of plots, allegedly involving Manchester United and Liverpool, to create a European Super League, expose the myth that billionaire owners care about the English football pyramid, or indeed anything other than their own greed.” he said.

That couldn’t be any more bang on.

This would again see clubs forget about the fans who are currently stuck at home, watching their teams on the television. They’re even being asked to shell out £15 to watch them on a week-by-week basis!

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It’s a nonsense.

The Champions League, nee the European Cup, has been around for donkey’s years. It has a genuine heritage. We all dream of proper Champions League nights at the London Stadium.

Replacing it with nothing short of a closed club, the kind of place you can’t enter if you’re wearing the wrong trousers, would be a disgrace.

What does it do for fans, too? Are they expected to travel to Spain or Italy or Germany or Holland or France every other week? Because you can bet your bottom dollar they won’t be placing major breaks in the middle of this schedule.

The sheer cost for the average match-going fan could be eye-watering.

Are you surprised?

Football and greed have been grubby bedfellows for far too long, but this is the most odious example so far.

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About Dave Langton

A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

12 comments on “European Super League is about greed and more greed

  1. FIFA, could stop this by banning any players that take part from all there comps.

  2. summed it up perfectly. What has become of the game that the Swiss nicked off us and now control? Quite pathetic. I was sent a link to the big batch revisit recently where we beat boro in the 74-75 season. No THAT was football at it’s u sterilized finest.

    What a shame that FIFA/UAEFA and now prob the PL wany to ruin it further.


  3. No prob. Just tell them they are finished with anything to do with english football. Dont think most people would care. Goodbye good riddance.

  4. If these so called big clubs want to go & play in a European Premier League then let them but they can’t then play in the Premier League, you can’t have it both ways. I for one think the Premier League will survive & still command the larger audience. I firmly believe they’d soon rue the decisions they make.

  5. Let them go!! Charge a extremely high levy on any players bought by them from ours and other League including other European leagues. Maintain the league’s as is with euros cups and then when they come back with their tail between their legs tell them to jog on. It’s them who are ruining this game. It’s the competitiveness of our leagues which make them so exciting and popular. Fans watching the same few teams winning every week will get so bored. It could be the best thing to happen..yes the money will.drop a bit for awhile but money will always find away to make more

  6. Is anyone surprised by this.
    It’s been bubbling along behind the scenes for a number of years.
    Remember all these owners of the big clubs are Americans.
    They have franchises, they don’t care about picking clubs up and moving them to the other side of the country.
    Their sports don’t do relegation, they are not worried about competition, funnily enough that’s where they are heading with this.
    Owners( if I’m not wrong) Man U , Liverpool, Arsenal, Villa. Chelsea’s owner can’t get in the country, so perfect for him and Tottenham keep telling everyone they are a big club, funnily enough just done a deal to support American football at their ground.
    I wonder who is driving this…
    One other point, Man City, PSG etc are all owned by the same company, how does that work …
    I would like the whole of football to turn their backs on Man U , Liverpool etc. Their supporters will get bored of it, Man City don’t fill their ground in the champions league, imagine every week…. boring.

  7. And also those teams would not be permitted to purchase players during the windows from any Prem or lower league teams.That would end their progression pretty quickly.

  8. Problem isn’t the greedy clubs, it’s Fifa.

    The clubs are in talks WITH Fifa. The clubs only really have the power that Fifa allows.

    When you look at American owned clubs you know they are going to go after the money even at long term cost. It’s just part of the culture and we can’t expect anything else.

    But Fifa on the other hand as commander in chief of world football should be seen to be ethically leading the way.

    Instead it seems like a long list of accusations of corruption, as well as money chasing antics.

  9. Agree with comments let them go give us our game back we watch football because we love it which ever team you support from the national leagues to the premier They seem to forget that so let them go and leave us with the best leagues in the world

  10. Agree with most that let them have their super league but they will never be allowed back in any way shape or form in association football in any of the European countries. As soon as players realise they will never be allowed back and their careers are even shorter and more riskier let’s see how that fares. Imagine football when any team could win the league each season, not saying that would happen of course but getting rid of all the super clubs would be a great start !!!

  11. They go, then, oh no, UTD, or Liverpool are marooned at the lower end of the table, no chance of winning, I’m sure the TV audiences would plunge and the whole thing would be shown for the rip off farce it would become. Without relegation and promotion, no ability to qualify for anything, just the same opponents year after year, the fans won’t support this I’m sure.

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