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Ex Hammer Criticises Fans

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Former West Ham defender Jonathan Spector has expressed his belief that David Moyes’ time as manager is coming to an end. While acknowledging Moyes’ past successes, Spector feels the recent decline in form necessitates a change.

Spector criticised some fans for seemingly forgetting Moyes’ positive contributions, particularly last season’s achievements. He acknowledges Moyes’ overall effectiveness but believes he’s no longer the right fit for West Ham.

Despite the lack of an official announcement regarding Moyes’ future, West Ham is actively looking for his replacement. Reports suggest they’ve approached several high-profile managers, including Ruben Amorim, Paulo Fonseca, Herr Flick, and Julen Lopetegui.

Spector acknowledges that regardless of the circumstances surrounding his departure, Moyes will leave a positive legacy at West Ham. He took the club from a relegation battle to European competition.

While the future direction of West Ham under new leadership remains unclear, their proactive approach to finding a replacement for Moyes suggests a desire to maintain their upward trajectory.

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  • Len Scannell says:

    I don’t understand why so many ex-pros think WHU fans forget what Moyes achieved. Clearly they go by the media & pundits repeating cliched crap. WHU fans haven’t forgotten and look forward to saying goodbye to Moyes.

    WH fans they do see the bigger picture of failed players; players signed but not played; boring negative tactics; the aging team; backwards progression and lack of youth players involvement in spite of them being high achievers in PL2.

  • Hammeroo says:

    Well said, Len Scannell!

  • Dave says:

    Jonathan who ?

  • Dfbutcher says:

    As a life long west ham fan I’m getting ****ed off with old has-beens telling me to be careful wishing that my team might conceivably play attractive football , to quote Dorothy in the wizard of Oz “I wish I wish I wish” and im tapping my heels together as well?

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