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Ex-Hammer warns many pros could end up skint

David Bentley has warned other footballers they could end up skint if they are not careful with their money.

The former England winger retired at the age of 29, after playing for the likes of Arsenal, Spurs, Blackburn and a loan spell at the Irons. 

He now has money in a number of bars and restaurants, and he insists most players are too focused on spending what they earn to be able to make their wages last.

He told the Daily Mirror: “Players are ­mismanaged and they don’t have the large amounts of money ­people think they have.

“When you’re looking at global wealth, footballers are well down the list. They only have a 10-year period to earn their money and it’s something I’d like to help ­players out with because a lot of the time they are being ­misrepresented.

“It’s because of the lack of knowledge they have of ­managing money. I say to people that the years before I turned professional were my university years – all players are focused on then is making it as a footballer.

“So the money they earn when they’re playing has to last until they are 80-odd and a lot of ­players don’t think about that.

“They’re spending more than they should be spending given how their wages average out over the course of their lifetimes.

“They have to be managed properly and they have to take a personal view on it and keep ­control of their spending.”

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One comment on “Ex-Hammer warns many pros could end up skint

  1. Always makes me chuckle when told they only get 10 to 15 years to earn their money. After retiring from the game at 30 odd why can’t they find work in a different field? How pampered can they get. Most have to work until almost 70 years old. Even average players now days are earning 35K a week. Some of us don’t earn that in a year. That’s approx.1.75 million per year. In 2 years they have earned what the average man earns in a lifetime. Just can’t find any sympathy for them. Poor loves.

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