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Exciting market moves on cards IF we win tonight

slav4Slaven Bilic may again give the thumbs up to a move for Carlos Bacca – should the striker show an interest in joining the Hammers – after tonight..

The club believe entry into the Europa Cup proper tonight could have a bearing on Bacca’s attitude towards finally agreeing to come to the club.

And Bilic – despite his reservations about ‘dragging players to the club’ -admits: ““He’s a good player, he’s an option because we tried to sign a player in that position even before the ­injuries. He’s a centre-forward.

But I’m the manager, I don’t negotiate, I say to the chairman and to Tony Henry, we talk and then they do it.”

An offer of around £96,000 a week plus bonuses – around double his salary at Milan – has been on the table for weeks.


So it may well be that there will be a lot more at stake than imagined when the team step out at The London Stadium tonight with the possibility of a very exciting final week of the transfer market in prospect should they win.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

28 comments on “Exciting market moves on cards IF we win tonight

  1. If Bacca was really interested he would have joined weeks ago!!!

  2. Oh come on, not this Bacca crap again. How many times do we need to be told by the player that he doesn’t want to sign for us? Where did this ‘latest news’ come from? Mr lazy cnt from Red top rag daily lets rerun the same load of bolloks every other day?
    If this story about going for remy comes from the club insider, he should get a slap. ‘If no one else wants to sign for us then we might go for remy’ sure makes a player feel welcome.. i’m a little bit concernd that two players that turned us down a few times already over last couple of years & chased the big bucks only to sit on the bench ever since, are now back on our wanted list.

  3. Rumour in Italy is that we have agreed a 5 year deal with Zaza about £22m plus 2.5 in add ons, I guess we will find out later this week but I would be very surprised to see Bacca as he doesn’t want to come and Bilic only said this week I don’t want players who umm and err, he wants players that want to play for us.

  4. I’m pretty sure that bilic quote was taken form an interview where Bony was discussed a couple of days ago….

  5. I’ve got that Deja Vu feeling – we’ve defitely been here before!

    Lacazette, Bacca, Bony, Remy, Zaza – Uncle Tom Cobley and all – I’m bored with all this cobblers – West Ham are becoming more and more like Arsenal, humming and harring about and getting nowhere. In the meantime we’ve got no attack, playing rubbish like Valencia as our main striker – get on with it – get some quality in and get rid of the dross – stop messing about and get on with it!

  6. Bacca is a dead parrot isn’t he.Still I have had my daily fix of reading moaning through my app on West Ham Till I Die & feel in a great mood.I should really buy those guys a few crates of beer for convincing me that compared to others in life im a bloody cheerful person Lol

    • Lol Tone.They are a site for oldies.You know what happens when a group of oldies get together.They end up talking about how crap the weather is,who has been ill or who has died recently.Wet Pants is the equivalent of an oldies coffee morning where moaning is the aim of the game 😛

    • Wait till the match thread and have a read Tone you’ll come of it thinking your the happiest person on earth or want to invest in a noose and a bottle of cyanide.

  7. GW I went to one of them this season.Never again buddy.I don’t get why fans need to be so down on the club all the time.Is the site historically anti Gold,Brady & Sullivan.It comes across that way.Perhaps not,maybe it is just a case of birds of a feather flocking together & the contingent of our grumpy fans end up there.Aint sure to be honest.

    • Tone we could sign Messi, Bale and Ronaldo but if they didn’t deliver a perfect cross to the China doll up front they’d be ripped to bits! At the end of the day we’re all Irons fans but after Terence ****ing Brown I don’t know what they’ve got to moan about? Other than there beloved slug not being there anymore:)

  8. Not sure what is goin on here. Wasn’t Bilic given choice of bacca or ayew? Opts for attacking midfielder, gets injured we now need a striker!
    It is clear we need a fit 20 goals a year striker- who doesn’t-if we can afford it I am with mr Miller. Jfdi!

  9. If we get through to next round rumour has it it’s worth £20 million and even more after that,
    Si maybe Slav has been told he can have the money if we get through,
    I just hope we get the RB off The ?Gooners as he wants to come Debauchy or something as cover,
    I think Remy might be the best option on offer now if Bony is only here till January
    Maybe a loan / buy option might be available,

  10. In Spain at the moment they are saying Zaza is on his way for £21 million up front and £55 k per week wages,
    Everyone has agreed and if we win tonight he could join by the weekend after Napoli drooped out of the market for him,
    But my donkey is always starting rumours,
    Also read Biggins could leave for £15 million,that I don’t believe unless the Villa owner is mad but it would be great if it happens,
    Love to change my donkeys name again I think he liked being called Jenks the best

    • Maybe have a word in his ear bubs , ask him if he could be our negotiator maybe he could dangle a carrot and get someone in ?? Lol.

  11. Seems like bacca was just resting ? Lol.
    And bilic pulled the plug because he want players that want to come ( nobody evidently )
    All a load of bolloxs?
    The point about Europe is valid but its the same players that didn’t want to come in the first place ??? We will go for ?
    Just make sure the lemon goes before the window shuts ! Steal 12 million and play with what we got ? Carlton could be enticed back !! Lol. If only Carling done farce ??

  12. I expect Biggins will start again tonight unless Calamari does.

    • Maybe both ? Calamari and lemon go together well ?

      • Lol I bet some people come on here & ain’t got a bloody clue who we are on about lol.Biggins,Calamari,Bambi,Lemon.But it’s better than being grumps all the time 😉

        • Haha yes rick, its a crack , all harmless fun , some take it to seriously some times !
          Me inc ? There’s some easy touches to wind up lol.

  13. F**k Bacca. Get Bony or Remy in on loan.

  14. Bubs donkey will have its claret & blue sombrero on in the bar tonight

  15. What happened to that weird Monty Python sketch then? Haha

    • Its dead ?
      Just like Europe ?lol.
      I think the lumberjack song is up next ?
      There’s a few on here lately that could get into it lol ( smiley devil )

  16. We’ll win tonight and have a decent striker signed before the window shuts – simples.

  17. You are misquoting Bilic. Unintentional I’m sure but he said those words recently in response to a question about whether he would like to sign Wifreid Bony.

  18. And Bilic said he took the offer off the table about 3 weeks ago.But other than that it is all correct 😉

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