Exclusive competition: win a Rise of the Krays DVD

RiseoftheKraysThe eagerly anticipated The Rise and Fall of the Krays movie will be released on DVD on Monday 31 August – and today ClaretandHugh is delighted to be able to offer signed DVDs to two lucky Hammers fans courtesy of our exclusive competition.

Irons co-chairman, David Sullivan, has funded the film out of his own pocket and has provided copies of the movie– signed by himself and the film’s two stars– as prizes for visitors to the No1 independent West Ham website in the world!

David said: “I’d like to thank ClaretandHugh for letting its thousands of followers know about my movie ‘THE RISE OF THE KRAYS’, which is the most authentic and violent portrayal of these East End Legends.”

The movie has been described by one national newspaper as the “Best British gangster movie ever made” and it is available from from all good stockists.

To enter the competition online, simply click HERE


14 comments on “Exclusive competition: win a Rise of the Krays DVD

  1. With all due respect to the man maybe he should be energizing his time and money on the current transfer window which is counting down ever closer and we still seem well short of any of our targets (unless you believe the constant drivel that is fed to us on a daily basis)
    Leave the films to Hollywood mate and get our club sorted all this is making us look a laughing stock COYI

  2. The Krays were violent gangsters and murderers, not exactly what I want our club linked with. Sullivan has lost the plot and yes should be making sure we have the players we need, not want but need to make the last season in UP a good one!!

  3. Try surporting the club instead of complaianing about nothing

  4. Do you need to praise a movie by Sullivan to support the club as well now? Never saw that in my contract 😉

  5. The mafia were violent, the Krays were violent, loads and loads of movies about them and many others – so what!?

  6. Well you will never have anything said against Gold & Sullivan anyway Hugh.They are ‘friends of Claret & Hugh’ as you always tell us.You ripped Allardyce to pieces every opportunity you had but never a bad word about the board no matter what happens.They are teflon as far as you are concerned.

  7. Ah, so this was what he was doing when was supposed to be ‘flat out’ on Transfers – explains a lot!

    Incidentally Hugh, glorifying homicidal psychopaths is not what I expect from a West Ham fans forum – just my opinion!

  8. I agree with Michael. The Krays were violent psychopaths. Why is Claret&Hugh promoting this? I love this site. It’s one of the best WHU forums there is but you have let yourself down here a bit.

  9. If David Sullivan wants to invest privately in porn or gangster films fine. It’s up to him. But does West Ham united have to be associated with it? Embarrassing.

  10. But guess what. With a film like this no publicity is bad publicity right? Where can I get a copy?

  11. Now Sullivan is telling the media we were within 3 hours of getting Benitez as our manager. That Benitez was our top choice. Just the sort of thing Slaven bilic will be wanting to hear. Just like Andy Carroll wanted to hear Sullivan that we could have had wilfreid Bonny instead of him.

  12. If we preorder a copy of rise of the krays. £7.99 from Amazon. Co. UK will Mr Sullivan agree to pay us back by getting a top striker in the transfer market?

  13. some people need to get a grip, its just a movie. I take it none of you have entered the competition then – THE DVDs WILL BE MINE 😀 😀

    People on here have got into a negative zone.. peeps are moaning about the OS updates, the movie updates, people have even complained about the transfer updates. Whats Hugh supposed to put on this forum ?

    Lets all get back on the love boat and be a bit more positive, I know we have been disappointed with results lately & the injury’s-red cards are a pain in the neck… The transfer window is turning into a farce .. oh god your right its depressing 🙁

    COYI – 3pts today please we need a fix

  14. Thought this was a West Ham blog about football? Good to know that Sully’s still ‘working night and day to bring in new players’ and not spending time on promoting his movie

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