Exclusive: DS admits £30m signing may be possible

David SullivanDavid Sullivan has admitted the Hammers could spend up to £30 million on a major player this summer but that it’s unlikely!

He wants to strengthen across the board but in exclusive comments to ClaretandHugh has made it clear “anything is possible” were certain situations to arise.

The issue was raised in a lengthy Telegraph article this morning by reporter Jason Burt who wrote: The club could feasibly bid £30 million for a player this summer as a statement of intent. It has been discussed.

They are determined to make a concerted effort to break into the top six and, who knows, maybe even challenge for one of those Champions League places. Although the general public may be unaware of what might be happening, other clubs are not.”

Now -speaking to us earlier this morning – the co chairman and chief shareholder has made it clear that, unlikely though it might be, it could happen!

He said:  “We could spend that amount (£30 million) this Summer but very unlikely on one player as we need five or six MINIMUM.”

However, he added: “Were the club to move on a few “lesser” squad players ANYTHING is possible.”


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19 comments on “Exclusive: DS admits £30m signing may be possible

  1. Well of course its possible.If the kitty was £50m it would be possible to spend all that on one player.Aint going to happen though.We will end up with £6/7m players,but a few of them.£25/30m is a poxy amount.Midtable team,midtable signings.Just how it is atm.Im sure they could have made a little more available.There again,until the window shuts who knows exactly what they will spend 😉

  2. What is the point of going for a top manager and then only giving him 25 million

  3. Is this the final gambit to lure a bigger name….

  4. I know we have to live within our means but dont expect to be able to attract a top manager from the elite group of managers & then tell them they have 25m to spend.You aint going to get them,simple as that.If you want a top draw manager then you have to offer them top draw kittys.They aint going to come to us when our kitty wouldnt buy a top class players left leg.

  5. Anyway, if it’s true that the kitty is £25 mil… well it’s not enough… I hope that’s just a rumor… Let’s see who is the manager and then I’m sure he’ll try to make the best choice for his needs.

  6. I’m sure we will have more to spend. Why would you tell the clubs you are buying from that you have £40mill to spend, they will try and milk every penny they can. So you create the rumour you have less to spend (£25mill)

  7. In my opinion the best managers do not need big transfer kitties to be successful. Yes it helps but some people eg Benitez need big transfer funds to be a success. I think most of us could be a success with what Man C and Chelsea throw around. The best managers are In the Clough mould like Eddie Howe who seem to make stars out of has beens and also rans. I think Emery has this gift but Bilic will also do well with not a lot. I’m optimistic. Here’s hoping.

  8. Who are regarded as our greatest managers? Greenwood and Lyall. Did they work with massive budgets? No. What a modern manager needs is a good philosophy,a great team around him including the youth set up and an eye for filling in the missing pieces not with a chequebook necessarily. There was loads written about the West Ham way yesterday but now those ideals seem to go missing when money gets mentioned.
    I’m after progress but more importantly progress with style,I’ve got no ambition to watch my club become a faceless corporation with no or worse invented identity and if that means winning nothing but always giving it a go then so be it.

    • Agreed, that’s why my vote went to Howe for those very reasons stated.
      I’m old skool WH, meaning a loveable rogue, with a sentimental edge.
      Coaching all squads from the kids upwards playing pass and move football is welcome.

  9. Im a selfish bast*ard.I am quite happy as we are if we can start playing some better football on the pitch & a cup here or there.I hate the though of us turning into a ‘big club’,people all over the world wearing Irons shirts.Me being questioned by other fans if i have only started supporting The Irons since they started winning things.It is my worse nightmare 😀

    • ahaha … lol Sam was the perfect man for your dream… 😀

      • Haha,well i dont mean people like you Matte in the hear & now.I mean when you Chelsea or Man City go to Asia & theres a million little people wearing their shirt screaming like lunatics,lol,atm we are like a band of brothers.We support The Irons not because of success but because of the passion we have for the club.I would be sad to see that diluted 😉

  10. I know where your coming from Ty,i get it 😉

  11. Ty we’re singing from the same song sheet you’ve put it perfectly

  12. Oh ok lads,i was expecting to be crucified for what i said.Glad that maybe im not alone in not wanting to share my favourite toy with strangers,lol 😀

  13. Never get crucified for telling the truth Tyson,I would love to think we could build a team without spending much money but I am a realist,yes we can get freebies but then you are going to pay big wages and under the rules it’s all the same,
    If you look at Man City the team is full of players that are mercenaries,it’s all about money and if they could get the same wages and play for Man Utd that’s where they would be,
    Wenger tried doing it our way,keep to the pay code and don’t break it,lost his best players to
    Others for money,then 2 years ago he saw the light and still not going silly money he is keeping players buying better players and getting results,
    It’s a two edged sword but hopefully we will get it right

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