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Exclusive: DS confirms Sakho promise

Sullivan and Sakho in happier times

Sullivan and Sakho in happier times

David Sullivan has confrmed that Diafra Sakho has personally pledged to make himself available for the start of the season should the Hammers  require his services.

David has confimed after ClaretandHugh ran an exclusive story earlier: “He’s given me his personal pledge. Your story is accurate”

Sullivan and the striker have spoken about his problems and although there is no way back, the pair have agreed that there will be no bitterness or acrimony over the imminent departure.

The co chairman was responsible for bringing Sak in on a permanent deal when former manager Sam Allardyce wanted to make it a loan deal.

And although the current problems could be done without, there’s enough respect between the co chairman and striker for neither to want to cause uneccessary issues.

Speaking to CandH David said: “I have his personal assurance that if he is still with us at the start of the season he will be available to play

” Yes, he wants to move on but there won’t be any issues. He will play  as was explained in your story earlier.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • cheddars says:

    thats more like it……i still love the guy and hope he gets the chance to prove everyone wrong because he is the 20 goal striker that we are after

  • mattefumi27 says:

    The situation regarding Sakho is really strange… he is (or he was, personal opinions) loved by WHU supporters, Slav seems to hold Sak in high regard and so does DS… it was said Diafra was missing France, but it turns out he wants to play for WBA… so, what’s the problem? Money? Don’t worry Sak, we’ll have a whip round… lol 😉

  • johnboy says:

    Is it the 1st of April !!!
    Sully you are a complete and utter dork !
    I have no faith in you whatsoever ! You are a laughing stock to pull a stunt like this !
    Who said he is going to play Bilic , ?? Or you !
    I wonder how long Bilic will put up with this clown !!
    So sakho is bigger than the club , its official ???
    He’s clearly hit a panic button , a PR stunt in the selling of sakho , everything is OK,
    Bolloxxxs!!!!!! Pacify the fans ? Not with squad , plus plus plus,
    What a disgrace , has he no shame !!!

    • ComethTheMoment says:

      Come on; tone it down, eh Johnboy? There are some seemingly bizarre and crazy things going on…Sure; I am gobsmacked we haven’t made a RB a priority to release Antonio to attack further up etc etc – (In fact, I’m pole-axed with disbelief!!), but hey, let’s give ’em a break, yeah?

  • HammerHerb says:

    What the hell are you on about john boy – did you just read a different article to the rest of us? What stunt? Who says he’s bigger than the club? What panic button? I think you have an issue with Sullivan. Read the article again – he’s just confirming what has been reported. Get off Sullivan’s back!

  • sparrow says:

    Ffs he has a contract. Sully should tell him his wages will only be available at the start of the season if he is around. He earns more in a week than I get in a year and he decides what he will and won’t do. He shouldn’t be paid if he don’t do what is reasonably asked of him, like go on training trips. If the first team squad have moved to Rush Green he should be left to rot at Chadwell Heath all season with the development squad unless he changes his attitude.

  • ComethTheMoment says:

    Despite all this, I’ve gone off Sakho big time. There is ONE thing he is consistant about: pulling sickies….Personally, he can go f*ck himself. ‘Amalfitano’ him! Send him to rot in the Academy…and hope the youngsters don’t listen to his tales of woe…Hmmm…maybe the Academy is too good for him…Keep him away altogether…till he gets bored and begs to come back…

  • mooro66uk says:

    I am so bored of reading Johnboy’s rants against our board,DS in particular. ffs give it a rest your doing everyone’s head in.

    • Bob says:

      Take a tip from me,just bypass his comments & move on to the next.It works for me.Its only ever the same **** anyway moaning about Sullivan or Brady.

  • bubs says:

    If Sak is happy playing for us at the beginning of the season why does he not just play now bang in the goals like he did when he first arrived and then ask the 2 Daves to look at his wages again maybe a bonus system linked to goals and wins,
    Not move on to a second rate side where he will not be number 1 striker anyway,
    When he scored and played well for us we gave him a pay rise,
    Get on the pitch come off the transfer request, apologies to the fans and become a legend
    If we can’t do any better bring in 1 forward and settle Enner back down as he never once complained about not playing and has never asked to leave,
    John is unhappy because we have been false hope for months about a big signing,
    Let’s get back to playing football we already have a great squad just need a replacement for Emineke

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