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Exclusive: DS plans to be at Europa Cup clash

small_320_David_SullivanWest Ham’s co charman and chief shareholder David Sullivan is feeling fine after what he describes as an operation to correct a  heart flutter.

Speaking to ClaretandHugh from his hospital bed this evening he revealed that the surgery he has undergone has been successful.

He said: “They are just trying to remove a heart flutter. It’s a small three hour operation.”

And as an artist in downplayng situations David revealed he’s looking forward to the game against Astra Giurgiu at the London Stadium on Thursday evening.

And although the game is set to be shown on BT Sport, DS will not be watching from the armchair if he has anything to do with it.

He told us: “I’ll be at the game on Thursday evening hopefully.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “Exclusive: DS plans to be at Europa Cup clash

  1. Wish you well,of course,but I suggest you spend more time on the transfers.You’ve lost Jaanmet tonight and I suspect Zaza will also go elsewhere.Best make a quick move for Bony or you’re gonna lose him as well.Way too much dithering.

    • Hope none of your family or friends never get ill Noaksey they won’t expect much sympathy, show some respect!

  2. I think his health might just come first don’t you?

  3. Janmaat may have a medical at Watford doesn’t necessarily mean he will sign for Watford, I remember quite a few times we agreed fee’s with players they had medicals then signed for other teams. We don’t even know if DS and Slaven are interested in Janmaat although I would hope they were certainly £7.5 million is good value these days and he would be an assett to us and solve the need for Antonio to cover RB, back on topic get well DS !!

  4. Jeez Noasky have a word with yourself,,feck me.

  5. All the best comrade!!!!

  6. Ffs it ain’t like he’s had major life threatening surgery ! He’s had something on par with the game operation ! Lol. He wished him well and I hope he hasn’t let janmatt through his fingers !
    He’s going to be at the game so no problem is there , hell probably have a little flutter on beltway and get some funds in to buy a descent right back to go with byrum and Antonio.
    Me personally I have to go into one of those scanning tubes tomorrow morning and as a coincidence its looking at my heart with some dye **** and checking how my treatment has gone for number 3 in the alphabet I’ve been cursed with which I’m winning by the way !
    I definatly don’t want no sympathy or welcome it , please feel free to have a crack as its better than feeling sorry for yourself .
    I only hope they can find the whereabouts of my wallet is , got no money in it except some ten Bob notes that evidently are no longer in circulation ? Fekin news to me ? Lol.
    Loved the boots he was wearing though ! Payet ish ?
    Speedy recovery Dave , keep off the caviar and shampers for a while !! Bad for you’re health !

    • Hi Johnboy,
      Best wishes for you “C’ treatment.
      I also had my issues with a really nasty lymphoma, back in 2003/4. Lots of heavy chemo and a stem cell transplant to go with it. I was given a pretty bleak prognosis, but hey, look whats happened-fully cured.
      Never give up mate; sure that all of us WHU’s wish you the very best.

      best wishes from maxie (down-under)

  7. Well if you think that kind of comment is acceptable good luck mate.For me it was just a pointless one.Actually let’s be clear about this,my uncle died having this same easy peasy surgery as you seem to put it.Yeah I know it ain’t major but any operation to do with the heart has possible complications.But thanks for that Dr.Johnboy lol

    • Let’s hope mine goes all right then ,?
      Its a different approach when its fatal !!
      This ain’t !
      I’ve lost two cousins in the last year under 50 ? What’s you’re point ,
      You don’t even know the man , then brought uncle in ??
      And I guarantee he don’t give a s# it about you ,
      But that’s life a ?
      Ott melodramatics ?
      According to DR johnboy ,

      • Good luck Johnboy hope it goes well, I had that ink stuff before can’t remember if they injected it or I had to drink it, reading your words brought a funny taste in my mouth.

        • Never swallow 32 ! Haha . . They’re injecting it ? No grub nuffin ? I like me porridge first thing ? Lol. By the way did you ring the number for the bubbles bar to find out the crack ?
          My old woman chucked my free pint flyer ? Silly old moo ?

          • I haven’t yet mate no, will check it out later, I will look it up on the map and let you know once I have been there.

      • ****ing in hell Johnboy do you read nothing people say sometimes before ranting.I said my uncle had the same as Sullivan.As for him not giving a **** well it’s good your now his mouthpiece.But good luck anyway with your procedure,maybe they can put a filter in your gob as well

        • Miss read it rick it was sully that don’t ? Never good a English in school maybe I should have gone ? I wouldn’t insult you or you’re family ?
          But you’re pushing it with the personal remarks ?
          Draw a line and leave it ?

          • I agree Johnboy.Youre a good guy you just caught me at the wrong moment so sorry & good luck for tomorrow 😉

  8. Johnboy is in Holby City every week.Aint you seen him in it Rick lol 🙂

    • Made my debut in emergency ward 10 ! The first patient I treated was a bloke called Carroll,
      He was having trouble picking up 100 k a week but badly strained his arm after picking up his bonus after the arse game ?lol.

      • **** me don’t say that John you will get fed a load of stats about how Sakho,Dimi or Manu are injured more.I bet a pound to a pinch of sh*t over the same time span as we have had the bubble wrap kid that neither of Dimi or Manu get injured as often or miss as many matches.

  9. DS on the phone is a dreadful, sickening and worrying sight. WHU is driving him into the ground. GIVE IT A BREAK DAVE, or it will be an early grave. We are good enough to go…Burke can make a fine reserve RB.
    You want a 20 goal striker? It’s under your nose; play Antonio on the RW and you’ve got it…Fletch or even Martinez can cover up front…at least till Jan, if not longer…
    You have looked after WHU and given everything to the cause. Time for you to look after you…
    Go and get some fresh air, some surf in the distance, sun though the palm trees, sunlight dancing on the waves…and take your family and leave your phone behind…
    You are not good to anyone in an early grave….not your family, not WHU….

  10. Well done to the Sullivans. Father and son have finally pulled off a publicity stunt between them which is good publicity rather than bad. 🙂 Best wishes and a speedy recovery. 🙂

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