Exclusive: Gold talks Bilic


gold_2446989bDavid Gold doesn’t believe any Irons fan will criticise himself or David Sullivan for shooting at the top when starting their search for a new Hammers boss.

Having said that he’s delighted to have Slaven Bilic at the helm as the club looks towards the most important season in many years.

He said: “We were all in the right place at the right time.”.

DG  – in an exclusive interview with ClaretandHugh -made it clear that in the Croatian former defender the club has employed one of the most impressive men he’d met in several years.

He said: “We started at the very top and I don’t think any fan will criticise us for that. The top guys come with a greater guarantee of success but when for various reasons they weren’t available there was no sense of Slaven Bilic being among a second tier.of candidates.

“It was very clear at the interview this was a man of great charisma. He’s a big guy in every sense of the word. He knows the club and has a West Ham experience – that ticked a very important box. He’s one of the most impressive men I’ve met in several years.”

DG added “It was clear he knew what we wanted. He had done his homework and it became clearer and clearer that he was the man for us.”

DG revealed that next season’s expectation is the top ten and that although  “settling in time” is considered an issue by some, as far as he and David Sullivan was concerned it was all systems go from the start.

He said: “He’s a manager. He knows the expectations and the top ten is mine. From there we go to the Olympic Stadium and push on for honours  – Europe and the rest.

“We have our man. We believe he will be here for several years or beyond and become a top Premier League manager.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • stuck on 99 forever says:

    I have an excitement back again.When Allardyce was appointed it was a means to an end but it was one of the most boring appointments i can imagine.This one however has me looking forward to a more positive future 😉

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    cant wait for the new season. ( but then I never can )
    If it’s true that he intends to include some ex-hammers in his staff, it would be even better.

  • rads says:

    Yeah,this is exciting.Cant wait to see who comes in as both backroom staff & transfers.Should be a good month or two.Certainly interesting.Would love to see Dicksy & Slav on the touchline together.I bet any player not pulling his weight would look across at those two giving him the evils & soon find an extra yard or two of pace,lol 😉

  • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

    The more I hear the more excited I am with watching this bright new era progress. Slav had a true desire for this job and I don’t care about all the other candidates,coach league tables and stats,he is THE man for us. The way he speaks it’s as if this is his calling and his previous league management was his apprenticeship. New era,new hope,new season,bring it on!

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Yesterday Bilic became our new manager… I wake up the next morning in another world: modern, very colorful, young, happy. Prehistory is behind, no more dinosaurs, no more caveman, no more greyness and melancholy. The possible purchaces are exciting: young, skilled… no more clones of robots who mean nothing to me. Yes, it’s only been a day, but it’s a very different thing. Now it’s time to cut out the dead wood (Nolan, O’Brien, Demel, Jarvis maybe Carroll and Dowing) so that new life may grow.
    ahah.. I’ve been up partying all night with our friends of the other site… they loved this song, it was their favorite one.. lol 😀

  • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

    In other DG news he’s praised Celtic for introducing safe standing areas. I hope this is the start of a campaign for us,I think the atmosphere at UP has rarely been that good since we were forced to become an all seater stadium.

  • WestGoaHam says:

    It was a great birthday present for me.

    • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

      Congrats,for the rest of us it felt like our birthday and Xmas both together

  • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

    Chicken,I can’t see lil Kev fitting into them trousers anytime soon lol

  • Tony gore says:

    I hope harry redknapp is not included?

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