Exclusive: Kilman Medical Booked But It’s Not Done Yet

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With Max Kilman seemingly set for his West Ham medical, Claret & Hugh have spoken to a top source at The London Stadium who told us ‘It’s not done yet’.

There appears to be some negotiation remaining although it is understood to be final details and not related to the overall transfer fee or players wages.

Whilst the club were keen not to talk money, it is understood the transfer is more than the reported figures of £40m. Wolverhampton were believed to be asking for £45m although it’s not clear what the final breakdown will be.

It is believed that the final transfer fee will exceed that paid to Frankfurt for Sebastien Haller and make Kilman the second biggest purchase in West Ham’s history.

Whilst the transfer is expected to go through, the club were keen to add a note of caution by informing us there was still some work to do.

It’s very much a case of watch this space but reports of Kilman signing tonight appear to be premature.

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  • Jh says:

    Honestly, of course it’s not done yet , but how can we at C&B try and put a negative spin on it…hmm ah yes the fee, as everyone is moaning we paid too much at £40mill let’s say its probably more .

    • Billy.Birder says:

      Nice to see some positive comments on here. Yes we probably have paid over the top. What do people expect when you nick a club captain from another premiership side — especially one with a long contract? It was what we demanded for Declan and any Gooners who said it was too much at the time have shut up since.

  • John Ayris says:

    Usually nigh on done when a medical is underway. He’s a good age and was on a newish contract are the reasons for the high fee.

    Will go straight into the starting eleven very likely as captain, plus keeps the guvnor happy.

  • Phil McDonald says:

    Probably £5m too much but that’s an investment in the new manager and gaining a captain rather than an armband wearer. I doubt a medical would have been booked if there is much doubt.

  • Paul Taylor says:

    What’s not to like, protracted as per usual after lowball opening bid don’t know why it’s taken this long as it was clear from the outset Wolves were not selling for less than £40m. Best buy a number of quality players in key positions and reassess in January, next a proven 20 goal a season striker. Can’t wait for USA tournament matches to start so we have some idea where the team is and how they’re shaping up. Good vibes so far.

  • Mak Bond says:

    Good business if gospel he’s not irreplaceable plenty of better and cheaper options out deh so get busy Boss.

  • Peter the Dutchman says:

    It’s the price to be paid if you want anything badly enough. Arsenal paid 50m for Ben White a few years ago and all he’s done is get a bad tan, so there are reasons to be optimistic.

  • Essexirons says:

    Keep up with the positivity vibe guys, doing a great job

  • Bonzo says:

    It’s been reported in sky sports news all day that he was having his medical. Not done but that he was having it.

  • Rich says:

    Great signing from what I’ve seen of him, will find out if too much or not after a season or two I guess.

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