Exclusive: Sir Trev calls for Pellegrini patience


Trevor Brooking has told the fans to be patient and not expect miracles from new boss Manuel Pellegrini overnight.

Sir Trev – in an exclusive interview with ClaretandHugh – made it clear that he is delighted to see a world class manager arrive at the club declaring: “The time to judge will be at the end of his three years – not next season.”

He added: “The top six is so difficult to break into and Manuel Pellegrini has a lot of work to do first – strengthening a thin squad and recovering from two very difficult seasons.

“He is clearly a man with much experience but he will need time and I hope the fans give him and his backroom team that. It won’t be a five minute job.”

He is glad the club has gone to the next level on paying out for a top manager saying: “If it’s at the £10 million you are reporting then we are talking about the cost of a squad player while the boss is the most important person.

“If that’s the going rate then it’s good the Hammers have paid it and I think we can now look forward with some degree of confidence.

“He will know the culture of this club and clearly wanted to come in and enjoy it. With his knowledge of the game he will bring in players from various places possible at better prices than one might imagine because he will have great contacts and a good network.

“He has a reputation and I don’t believe he would have come if he didn’t believe he could do a good job bt as I said, we all need to give him time to get to grips with things.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • kevin says:

    Overnight success doesn’t happen . But at least we have a chance of a better future .
    Welcome aboard Manuel .

  • Moorehp says:

    Bang on Trev. Although his time at Seville shows he made champions league semi final, and 2nd in front of Barcelona in the Spanish league. Then after a short spell at real where he managed to acheive a then record points, went on to malaga where he pushed them to the last 8 champion’s league the guy just wants to score goals

  • Moorehp says:

    If reports are to be believed, he likes pace some of are players could be pushed out the door

  • Hammer64 says:

    As expected, Sir Trev hits the nail on the head. There are at least three warnings that the manager has to be given time. He says he is cautiously optimistic but that there is a lot of work to be done. Perhaps this statement could be pinned up all round the ground.

    It is great to see Hammers fans regaining belief, but most of us have been saying that the biggest mistake the owners made was raising expectations by promising too much from the LS move. It feels a bit like that again. Appointing Pellegrini is a good move, but it is only the first step.

  • Moorehp says:

    Bang on 64 if Pell o acheive what Burnley did that will do us

  • Moorehp says:

    Whoops Villarreal r Madrid malaga not sevilla

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    Good old Trev. Common sense as always. Judge after 3 years not after 1 year. Some hopes of that happening but hope springs eternal.
    As 64 says, it is only the first step. It’s going to be a process, and patience is required.

  • Clive says:

    Trevor Brooking is spot on as always. However this is West Ham so he knows there is no way pellegrini is going to be judged after 3 seasons. After all David Moyes was judged juried and binned after only a few short months.

  • bashammer11 says:

    You know it won’t be too long before those so called supporters on FB wIll be calling for his head.

    • Mary Millingtons Ghost says:

      Or websites running polls on his suitability after a few defeats?

  • DJHammer says:

    As long as we return to being a passing team of high technical ability, swashbuckling cavalier style football, I’ll be ecstatic.

    ” Bow bells are ringing for the claret and blue (repeat)
    When the Irons are scoring, and the east side is roaring, then the money starts pouring,
    for the claret and blue – claret and blue!
    No relegation for the claret and blue, just celebrations for the claret and blue, one day we’ll win a cup, or two, for West Ham and the claret and blue!

  • Hammerkip says:

    I don’t think patients will be a problem even with the most impatient fans (me) 😁 as long as the funds are there that’s the biggest thing for me …like Tony Gayle said the coffers at West ham are full so let’s see if they will again do as they promise and spend big this summer.. If they don’t then even the most patient fans will get the hump..getting pelegrini is great but let’s hope Sullivan and co think that alone will keep us happy ..

    • Mary Millingtons Ghost says:

      Yep, agree with that Kip.
      With the £40 odd mill profit from last season I would think a budget of £80mill ‘could’ be available, subject to moving some of the deadwood out and the Daves putting their hands in their pockets.

  • mooro66uk says:

    Without our “impatient ” fans, MP wouldn’t even be here.

    • Hammerkip says:

      That’s right mooro ..the moaners who had ago at us moaners owe us moaners an apology..ha ha ha we got it done though.😂😂

  • Hammer64 says:

    Yes agreed MMG & Hammerkip. But even with the money it has to be controlled. If we are seen to be desperate we will end up paying fortunes for second raters. There is no need to go mad. Sorting the defence out is definitely the priority, plus some ins & outs in midfield.

    But it’s not just the results that we have to wait for. The style that he seems to want might take time too & he might find he has to pick his battles a bit. So many of the lower 14 play defensively based counter attacking football & are set up to feed on sides trying to attack them. But the good thing is this has been sorted early, so he has a good pre season to start the good work. Hopefully not too many late transfers- doesn’t the window close before the season starts or did I dream that?

    • Hammerkip says:

      Yeah good point 64 there’s no need to wait til the laat min with transfers as we normally do by hoping to get players on the cheap then as always it goes pair shaped or we get guzumped…let’s get our targets early and get them all together for pre season..also if a player has a buy out of say 25mil I hope Sullivan doesn’t offer 10mil as he has done before because it’s just a waste of time all round and just gives other clubs the hump and they won’t do business with us ..not saying don’t try to save a bit but not by 15 mil ..I think you right with the money available mmg I would even say it’s closer to 100 especially with the sales as well

    • Mary Millingtons Ghost says:

      ‘Moaners of the world, UNITE!’

      Yeah agree with that fellas, I wouldn’t want to s***k what cash is available just for the sake of it.
      It’d be nice if Manny has the same effect Moyes had on Arnie on the squad, but personally think there are a few positions requiring replacement/reinforcement, and seeing as a Championship striker goes for about £10mill nowadays (if Huggill is anything to go by), I don’t think parsimony is an option anymore, especially when you factor in last years profits!
      Agreed we’ll probably raise a few quid when Manny decides on who the deadwood in the squad is H64, but as we’re not exactly overloaded with cover in all positions they’ll also need replacing.
      Interesting times appear to lie ahead chaps.

  • Clive says:

    Trevor Brooking would also rather the inpatient fans didn’t turn up at the ground or took their so called “support” elsewhere but you can’t have everything. It’s now boom or bust. The arrival of Pellegrini has raised the overrealistic expectations of the impatient fan higher than ever. So It will either be a massive success or it will all end in tears.

  • mooro66uk says:

    As stated above, without the impatient fans Pelligrini would not be here. Fans who wanted change have taken a lot of abuse from a lot of posters on this site. Impatient,whinging, whining,moaning,keyboard warriors,malcontents,idiots are just a sample. Now that our protests have finally brought about change for the good, everybody is over the moon and exited for the future. We who pushed for change, however, are invited to take our support elsewhere. How nice of you.

  • clubhammer says:

    Sir Trevor is correct it will take him time to rebuild the team,also he will need the acting of the board ,we will win a few and lose a few games but we will all see the improvements he has made so give him time and money needed to carry out this rebuilding process after all it’s what is needed at West Ham remember we need to walk before we run ,coyi into the future with a smile ⚒⚒⚒😊

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