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Exclusive: West Ham Call Fake News on Steidten Claims

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Reports that Tim Steidten could face the sack from West Ham are completely false.

Claret & Hugh have spoken directly to top club sources this evening, and the West Ham board’s backing for director of football Steidten could not be clearer. They remain full behind the director football and have complete faith in the direction of the club.

Another club associate has also described the story as “mischief-making and fake news.”

West Ham are still scratching their heads at where the latest series of reports have come from, but it is clear that West Ham is unified in its transfer strategy. In fact, the club has never been less fragmented, with head coach Julen Lopetegui, Mark Noble, and Steidten himself all aligned in their vision for West Ham.

C&H have been told unequivocally this evening that the club is completely unified in their transfer approach and everyone backs Steidten’s judgment.

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  • Londo says:

    completely unified until it comes to Sullivan signing the cheque…we all know how this is going to go

  • John Ayris says:

    There’s so much fake news, speculation and exaggeration that I believe very nearly nothing until it has happened.

    • Pongo says:

      You will be alright then because nothing is going to happen other than players leaving, no new signings of any significance and sullivan pocketing all the cash, he is so tight he squeaks when he walks.

      • Hammeroo says:

        Pessimistic much?

        • rollercoaster hammer says:

          he only comes here to moan. i think it’s a medical condition called transferitis. lots of Wh fans have it. the window isn’t open and they want the full roster now. there are rumours, they get reported and everyone gets upset cos they’re only rumours or they don’t get what they want straight away. been reading these stories every transfer period and it’s always the same but they just can’t learn the lesson. i take it all with a pinch of salt and when the window closes, we’ve done good business or we haven’t. stop wringing the sweat from your undies over your own heads, folks. sit back, watch, and enjoy the ride ⚒

      • Phil Thompson says:

        You talk some crap.

        Kudos £35m, Alvarez £30m, Ward-Prows 30m, Macroponas £19m, Emerson £13m.
        Sullivan is very very wealthy & he signs the cheques but is careful.

        • rollercoaster hammer says:

          don’t forget Paqueta. what was it 52 or 54? short memories WH fans. if they hate Sully they aren’t going to remember when he forked out. anyone remember all the money he gave the charlatan Pellegrini.

  • The Demon says:

    The window doesn’t open for another week – sO anything you read is just BS…

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