Exclusive: West Ham Source Reveals Next Transfer Move

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The media and much of the Hammers grapevine currently seem fixated on West Ham’s rumoured pursuit of another winger.

Jota Silva, Wesley, Matias Soule, and Jhon Arias have all been linked with a move to East London despite the recent acquisition of Luis Guilherme. West Ham already have Mohammed Kudus, Jarrod Bowen, and Maxwel Cornet on the books; therefore, the purchase of another wide-man would seem to be a low priority.

So, Claret & Hugh approached our top source at the club to find out what is next for Tim Steidten and the Hammers’ recruitment team. Unsurprisingly, we were informed that buying another winger was not a priority and that the club is instead focused on attack and defence.

C&H’s top source revealed when asked if a winger was next on the transfer agenda: “Not at this point, our next priority is a centre back and a centre forward.”

The same source revealed to us last month that the club would be targeting two central defenders as well as other positions. However, for now, it appears that the club is going all out for that elusive striker too.

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  • Paul says:

    Hey All

    I knwn it’s not played a lot lately but what you guys think of a couple of strickers and trying the old 442 systom we can play around with it and form the 3 5 2. but i think if we get two strickers if one gets hurt we still have the other stricker. for 34m we can buy Toney and another stricker……….. just spit-balling

    Cheers Paul…… COYI

    • Gonzo says:

      Hi Paul, I’d love to see the old 442. Unfortunately I think it’s a dying formation due to teams tendencies to flood midfield.

    • Kevlar says:

      Which school did you go to? Or were you just ****ed and back from the pub?

    • Kris Krill says:

      We definitely need more Strickers, what ever they are?

    • Paul Taylor says:

      We all agree we desperately need a CF so who’s it going to be; most likely Jhon Arias or Samu Omorodion. Possibles; Youssef En-Nesri, Ibrahim Maza, Elye Wahi, Wesley Gossona. Probably not; Serhou Guirassy, Simon Banza, Jordon Strand Larsen. Unlikely Ivan Toney, Dominic Solanke, Hugo Ekitike, Tammy Abraham and Armando Broja. Other forward options Matias Soule, Jota Silver, Rwan Seco, Ben Brereton Diaz! Apologies for any incorrect spellings but the list and speculation seems endless! Hope very soon a definitive decision is made and we buy a 20 goal striker! Definitely not Raheem Sterling!!

    • Plastik Kat says:

      Does the stricker play just off the knicker and in front of boker, side to side?

  • IronItOut says:

    Wow, what an absolutely exclusive piece of breaking news! That whole article seems to be a waste of something, I’m just not sure what. More click bait to fill a void it seems. I’ll sleep soooo much better tonight after reading that exclusive!

    • Kip says:

      I’m.not being rude
      .but I have to agree…Mr Leyland just regurgitates old story’s from foreign papers…about 5 players a day …none come true ..I refuse to read his anymore…surely this site can do better with the so called connections to the club ……PLSE SOME TRANSFER NEWS THAT MIGHT ACTUALLY HAPPEN WOULD BE GREAT

  • Pongo says:

    Instead of bull**** and fake news ffs, anyone with a single iota of brains already knows a striker or 2 and 2 central defenders are what we’re after and what we need, and answer me a simple question, exactly when are we going to get all our transfer business done early as the clock is, ticking and times running out. Ps are we going to be after luca modric next.!?

  • Jordan says:

    Imagine getting triggered by an article. Clearly some weren’t hugged enough as children. 😂 Thanks for all your efforts Gonzo, keep up the good work.

  • Les says:

    Why did we get rid of scamacca under jlo he could be another frankly mac

  • Pat Kilner says:

    So sad to see the nastiness creeping into this site. Spelling isn’t as important as being able to voice an opinion without the fear of ridicule. And as for the constant criticism of this site, I was really grateful that it was able to continue after Hughes sad passing thanks to the efforts of Gonzo, Simon and Kate. Move onto other sites if you don’t like this one and please…..let’s stop all the nasty comments!

    • Gonzo says:

      Thanks Pat, I really appreciate the kind words.

      There was a point, shortly after Hughie’s passing when we were not sure whether the site would be able to continue. As Kate mentioned yesterday, Hughie struggled with the comments and they would get him down sometimes.

      We’ve opened them up again and in the main, the post have been fantastic and remained on topic rather than becoming nasty.

      Hopefully most people appreciate the decision to keep the site running. Hughie always said that he wanted C&H to be like a daily West Ham newspaper.

  • elduder says:

    let me guess, your top source is that grifter X


  • elduder says:

    that isn’t a jab at the site but that worthless grifter X

    of course if it isn’t someone with a patreon for grifting inventions then by all means let it be known

  • Ian says:

    is all very well griping about this site . but can’t you think that it could be POSSIBLE that the
    manager is actually taking a broader view than if they are just wingers ( as you refer to them )
    can we not try to see a bit deeper and enjoy the process?

  • Ian says:


  • Ian says:


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