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Exotic coach or football dinosaur?

David Moyes the football dinosaur . . . but it’s working

The Guardian have published an incredible article claiming David Moyes is the last of a dying breed of football managers who don’t actually want possession of the football.

In essence the newspaper argues that Moyes is so rare that he should be considered exotic. Certainly the phrase dying breed comes to mind in the world of possession based football. And having just watched Spurs’ last gasp win against Brighton, it’s hard to argue differently.

David Moyes is a winner despite his defensive football style

David Moyes the football dinosaur is the last of a dying breed

Barney Ronay argues that Moyes stands out as a rare breed in modern football, as he’s one of the few managers actively opting for less possession rather than more. Despite West Ham’s low possession stats, we’ve managed to perform decently in the league and even compete in Europe, emphasising clearances and goals from set pieces.

Ronay has written a fascinating assessment of Moyes

This contrasting style has made us cultural antagonists, as seen our game against Brighton earlier this season where we won despite having significantly fewer passes. That game was typical Moyes and it’s not the only time he’s done it this season.  Whilst Moyes style can often be boring as hell, it offers a stark contrast to the possession-heavy trend dominating the league.

The article is an incredible assessment of a man clearly swimming against the tide of a cultural shift in football. Moyes is clearly entrenched in his football beliefs and won’t be changing any time soon.

The Guardian piece can be viewed HERE.


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