Fabianski outburst was unnecessary


I understand that my opinion may contrast to Hugh’s appraisal of Lukas Fabianski’s recent interview. However I can’t help but feel the outburst was completely unnecessary and poorly timed.

The Polish goalkeeper has been an excellent servant to West Ham, and one of our more successful transfers. Unfortunately father time catches up on all of us, and at 39 years of age, his first team place was always likely to be under threat.

Alphonse Areola has been incredibly patient, waiting two years for his chance to claim the Premier League keepers shirt. The Frenchman was selected as the cup goalkeeper, which ultimately yielded a Conference League winners medal. But Fabianski has been David Moyes first choice keeper since Areola first signed from PSG on loan.

Fabianski’s grounds for complaint seem to be the nature of his exclusion from the team. In essence he didn’t like the way he was dropped, or the way it was communicated. The keeper complained that he was only informed on the Thursday before the game against Bournemouth (Saturday) that he would be on the bench.

Personally, I don’t see the problem. As I understand it, Moyes always reveals his team two days before a league game. This allows for preparations during the final training sessions. It’s not as if he promised Fabinski that he’d play against The Cherries then went back on his word an hour before the game.

It sounds like standard procedure to me, so I’m not entirely sure what the complaint is? Perhaps Fabianski assumed he’d be first choice again this season? The rant was completely unnecessary in my opinion.

There are numerous reasons to be concerned about David Moyes management . . . but this wasn’t one of them.

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  • Pessimist says:

    Loris is leaving Spurs and he is younger than Fab. Time to bring our other Keeper in as well, or if they are not good enough, find a new Keeper to give Areola some competition.

  • cas22sie says:

    Change of manager desperately needed ,change of defensive tactics is what’s required,another long struggling season I think.

  • Willtell says:

    Fabianski is 38 not 39. Agree with the sentiments though

  • jumbojones says:

    I agree. It’s no way for a professional to behave. If Fab had a problem then he should discuss it with Moyes not via the media. Full stop.

    That said, he joins a worryingly long list of players who are airing their views either on tactics or training methods via the media at a time when focus should be on the season ahead.

  • stevec2476 says:

    Could not agree more, when you are on that sort of money per week at least act professional.

  • Rasputin says:

    It may be true that Fab’s words were unwise in the circumstances, but to my mind the situation shows how badly Moyes handles his players. When a manager makes a call about who the number one keeper is going to be for the upcoming season, it’s simply unthinkable that he wouldn’t sit down and explain the situation to both keepers – either together or separately.

    Fabianski’s interview makes it very clear that this hasn’t been done – which is inexcusable. Moyes has a track record for bad man-management at Man Utd, Real Sociedad and Sunderland – if you add that to his lack of tactical ideas, transfer intransigence, substitutions and so on, I really do think it’s time for him to go.

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